Monday, November 30, 2015

Mystic Monday
November 30, 2015
Releasing Unwanted Energy
Hi All,
Bare with me the next few weeks as Savannah isn't editing this until after the holidays again. So this might get a little messy. Lol.

We have been talking about manifesting lately and techniques to help out with raising vibrations to match that what it is you’d like to bring into your life.
This week I’d like to introduce ways to get rid of unwanted energy.

Let’s bring in the moon phase. The waning phase of the moon is prime energy for banishing and bring about endings.  During this time from the full moon to the new moon work on removing blocks and anything you would like to exit from your life.  The dark moon is the peak time for removing and closing doors on things in your life. 
With the dark moon I will use the same ritual I use for manifesting however, I just make my list for everything in my life I would like to be done.  When I burn the list I visualize the entire situation being healed and over with.

All of what I am presenting doesn’t need to take up a bunch of time.  Things can be done within 5 minutes.  Everyday devote a little time to seeing the situation you want removed healed and gone. 

Now if the situation is a person there are a few things you can do.  I’ve heard of writing the name of the person on a small piece of paper and then putting that in a ziplock in your freezer with the intent the person leaves you alone.  I’ve also had recommended to me putting the person’s name on a paper.  Then, give the name the intent the person will stop bugging you and go away or sealing the person’s energy.  When the jar pops the situation is healed or done.

For major situations when a person’s energy is not going away and is persistent in bugging you, you can bind their energy.  You’re going to need a photo and black thread or string and a candle.  Light the candle and call in your guides/angels.  Remember keep this positive as you don’t need karma ties to this person.  Ask your guides /angels to help you protect yourself from this person’s energy.  Then take the photo and see the person surrounded in a green healing light.  Next bring in the person’s higher self and tell him/her that you do not wish to be bugged by his/her energy any longer and that you are trying to heal from the relationship or situation that has come to pass.  To end the attack from his/her energy you are binding their energy back to him or her with the intent that the person also be able to heal.  See the situation healed and roll the photo up and tie it with the black string.  The color black helps to bind the energy.  Now you can take this a step further and burn the photo rolled and tied.

Now there are a few meditations you can also do.  You can visualize a place where you can meet the person’s higher self and talk to the person who you are healing from.  You can do a different meditation where you visualize what is bothering you or what needs healing and because you have internalized it by thinking of it or holding it in your heart chakra, see yourself reaching into your body and pulling issue out in a shadow form.  Above you see the dark moon in the sky.  Release the shadow with the intent of having it healed to the dark moon.

Every time you spend time thinking of the situation that needs to be done with, cut your cords and ask the universe to take it and heal it.  You can also ask the question: Universe how does it get any better that this?  Or how does it get better than this.  People I know do this and it manifest ways to bring in something better out of the situation.

Now these are only a few ways to get things moving in the right direction on your own.  If something feels like you may not be able to handle it on your own with self-healings or things mentioned above, you may want to see a Reiki practioner or someone who does energy work to help you be done and heal yourself from this situation.  Often things we want out of our lives are lessons we have to learn to move forward and are things we need to learn and get rid of to take back our power to move forward.

New Year’s Eve is coming soon and this is a great time to leave stuff that is no longer serving your highest good in the past and create new goals for yourself.
Have a great week.
Blessings All,


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