Monday, November 23, 2015

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

Wednesday is the Full Moon. On this night the energy is high for manifesting and bringing in energy to fulfill things. The day after the full moon starts the shift into a waning energy with the peak at the dark moon for banishing. Take these few nights before the full moon to start bringing in the energy you would like to come into your life. On the full moon night do your ritual for manifesting.

Wednesday is also the beginning for the Celtic Tree Month of Elder. This is a time of transformation; death of something in you and a rebirth. Within this month Winter Solstice occurs. Mother Earth is cycling down into a time of death (shedding what is no longer needed).

Thriller Thursday will take a break this week as it is Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving all!

With the full moon this week it is the perfect time to talk about manifesting. Last week we talked a little about self –reflection and it all kinda goes hand and hand.

One of the things I always need to remember is choosing my words when manifesting. It is important to avoid using the word want. The word want means that you have a lack of something. When you want something it means you do not possess it. So then when you put into your list and say something like, Universe I want blah blah brought into my life, you are actually telling the universe I have a lack of blah blah and the universe responds by “yes you do” and you will keep having a lack of  it because you keep saying you want it.

Tricky right?

To manifest you can do a few things. I write out a list of what it is I’d like to obtain in my life. I lay out all the characteristics that are important to me. Then I take a few minutes every day to review the list and ask the universe to raise or match my energy with what it is I’m trying to bring in. 

Now I have friends that manifest by giving thanks for what it is they wish to obtain in their lives as if they already have it. If you are grateful for something then the universe will give you more of it or make sure you have it.

I have done this as well. I would start by saying Universe I am so happy and grateful for blah blah …It has, “ABC”. Thank you!

On the nights of the full moon I burn a list of the item I wish to bring into my life and all the characteristics it possesses. I ask sister moon in all her magical ways to please assist me in granting my wish. What I say may change month to month but it all has the same idea behind it.

Intent is everything so make sure your intent is pure to what you are focusing on bringing in. The old saying “Be careful what you wish for”, can be true.
There is no right or wrong way of manifesting. It is simply putting out to the Universe or God what it is you’d like to see in your life. 

There are a few good books out there on manifesting. Check your local library to see what you can find.

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Have a great week.

Blessings All,

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