Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Walk Ins

Hi All,
I have been wanting to write this but life just got in the way.

A few weeks ago I was doing a reading for a friend when the topic of a walk in came up via the person I was channeling.  I am by no means an expert on this subject.  I just wanted to present the little information I have so that you can think it over and maybe it will click for someone reading this.

What is a walk in?  Well this is going to get kinda hairy explaining so I will try to keep it simple.  Soul 1 let's call this soul Bobby.  Soul 2 we are going to name John.  So Bobby dies and instead of crossing over sticks around to watch over family and friends.  He isn't ready to cross over fully for whatever his reasons and he is attached to one person who is still alive.  He pops in and out of her life and checks on her.  He is around making sure she is safe.  Eventually that isn't enough and Bobby thinks about stepping into another body because he really wants to be part of the life he left behind. This is where John comes in.  John has a "near death".  Let's say John was out swimming and gets in over his head and can't make it to shore.  In the second it takes for John to decide he is done and this is an exit point in his chart that he can take and does, Bobby enters Johns body as John's body is dead for a few seconds as John exits.

Ok you still with me here.  Now Bobby is in Johns body.  John's friends are able to revive him but he has this memory loss or fog and can't remember anything or them.  He is taken to the hospital looked over and is fine yet he has some memory loss.  Bobby, the soul in the body, doesn't remember anything from his life that he died from or why he wants to be here.  He is having problems figuring out what he is doing.  He can't remember anything and the people around him are strange and yet he has some memories of this John life as the body's cellular memory is trying to help him remember the life he is currently in.  Time goes by and John aka Bobby never really seems to feel like he fits into his life.  From what I understand this can go on or something like and event can change that and make everything click for Bobby so that he remembers things.  He may start having vivid dreams of this life in his own Bobby body.  He may walk into places that Bobby would have frequented and experience a De javu.  The point is Bobby as John has come into John's body so that he wouldn't have to wait the entire process of  being born and growing up again.  He came in to figure out how to fit back into his unfinished business.

Now I can't tell you how it ends because I've never know this to happen personally.  I can tell you during a reading this idea came up with the spirit I was channeling to my client and that this spirit was already crossed over.  So there was some way on the other side he was charting with the guides of another soul already alive so he could do this.  I don't know when or how this will work out if it does.

I would love to hear stories of any one's experiences with this.
That is my thought for this week.
I am looking at a few trips this summer to blog about with photos.  I have a few parties booked as well.
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Monday, May 22, 2017

Later this week....

Hi All,
Later this week I am going to post a blog about Walk Ins.
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