Mystic Monday the Book

In 2011, I was asked by author, Savannah Rayne, to do a weekly spot on her blog…and “Mystic Monday” was born. Since then, each and every Monday I have shared a collection of beginner’s basics with our readers, including what I have studied, the knowledge I have gained, and what I have come to practice since my days of being a Reiki student. I am now a Reiki Master. Over many years, sessions with clients, and being with other practitioners, I have learned a few techniques and have chosen to share them here in this book to help you, the reader, find your path, get back on your path, or plant the seeds of ideas that may grow in your mind to wake you up to your path.
If you are a psychic, energy worker, or intuitive practitioner the ideas in this book will be pretty basic for you. I want to give you that warning, because I want to avoid any disappointment for the experienced practitioner.

People that are already readers and fans of the Mystic Monday blog posts will find this book is an extension of the blog or some blog ideas. I’ve taken a few of the more popular blogs and expanded on them a little to help you take the ideas and practices to a different level. At the end of the book I have included some of the Mystic Monday blogs that have been posted throughout the years.
So with that all said I hope you enjoy and learn a little something new while reading this book of Mystic Monday knowledge.

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  1. It is an awesome book. It is also available at Enchanted Boutique if you want a paperback copy and are in the Twin Cities area. Check out our website at for more information.