Monday, November 28, 2016

Psychic Children and Abilities...Reading of the Week.

Hi All,
How has your week been going?
It's been pretty crazy with Thanksgiving and all.

Dates this Week:
Tuesday November 29th is the New Moon.  Remember is to do your ritual.

Card Reading for the Week:

OK here we go.  Pretty positive things in this week's cards.

Flow of Prosperity:  There is no need to worry about money problems.  Your prayers with money have been heard.  Focus on the abundance of instead of lack of in the form of worry.  When you put worry out into the universe remember that is what the universe will kick back.  Spin it by thanking the universe for what you have and put out there that everything bill wise is paid in full.  This will attract a way to make all that happen.

Work Your Magic:  Use your abilities to help you in your current situation.  You have the ability within you to resolve what it is you are asking about.

Find the Blessing in Your Current Situation:
OK for some reason I am feeling like a lot of  us are burnt out in our careers or the direction in which our lives have gone.  We need to look at it in a different way and think about what we have gained on this path.
The book says every opportunity is a lesson to grow. When you curse a situation you block it's energy flow and things fester and grow worse.  If you see the blessing than supportive and healing energy can flow to you.  This card is coming to you because you need to find the unseen blessing in the situation.  Some of that paragraph is copied from the book that came with the card deck.  Some is paraphrased.

Meditate:  Yep OK I hear this one.  I so need to get back into a few minutes a day.  This card is a wake up call to get back into practice because your mind, body and spirit need this time.  It doesn't need to be a formal meditation. Just sit quietly and focus on your breathing and relax.

Clear and Shield Your Energy:
Huge for this time of year.  We are out shopping with crazy people looking for deals bumping into them and all the chaos that goes with the Christmas Holiday Season.  Remember to clear your aura frequently and shield yourself so that people can't become energy vampires and suck off your energy.

This week I wanted to bring up being different as a child.  But I'm not sure where to go with this because it can be a huge topic.  Children are very open to the other side until they start talking to friends and family about their experiences and figure out not everyone is able to do what they are doing.  Mom may not see grandpa standing there trying to tell her something.  A child may be sitting on a couch having a conversation with and imaginary friend who to them is sitting right there and he or she sees the person just as if that person was in a physical body.  Maybe the child is an empath and sucks up all the emotions that surround him or her.  This can be difficult because the child may not know why they feel anger or sadness or are just hyper with joy.

As such a child I think the worst thing is turning it off.  This can happen with a family that has no idea what is going on and chalks everything up to cute he/she has an imaginary friend.  Perhaps parents or one parent doesn't believe in ghost or psychic abilities.  My son has turned his abilities off because he does not believe in being able to communicate with the dead, angels or guides.  I feel bad because one day his abilities are going to slap him in the face with a huge wake up call and he will be forced to deal with being different I feel.

Parenting a child with abilities is difficult.  The first step is being OK with you child being different.  Next you have to figure it out.  What are the abilities that are coming out?  Start reading up and researching abilities and how to foster them if your child is OK with working through it with you.  
Start simple.  Teach meditation, grounding, clearing one's energy and shielding.  The basics are important for future situations.  Protection is a skill that will be used daily.  If you are not able to teach your child then research people out there who can help.
Speaking from experience I was one who shut my abilities down and had to work very hard to get them back.  I was a child who was very afraid of the dark and places I could feel had a trapped ghost. I had no clue about hands on healing or prayer healing and that it could actually work.  I had no explanation as to why I could heal animals with prayer or later in life why my son recovered from a minor illness over night because I was fearful of him being sick and prayed to Mother Mary for a speedy recovery.  I remember asking childhood friends about seeing things or healing and being made fun of and that folks is when it all shut down. After being called baby enough by classmates for being an emapth on top of all my abilities that it was time to shut my mouth and lean on prayer to calm my fears.  I don't remember how many times I said the Hail Mary to fall asleep because I was afraid.  It wasn't until I was in high school and then college I started reading books on crystals and healing with them.  Reiki training came later in life.  Reiki explained a lot to me as I gained knowledge I understood what I was doing when I was a kid.
Sometimes I wonder if I would have been better off knowing I was just different and not a baby or a freak child and could have learned skills growing up to help me understand.
Every child is different.  Sometimes I think maybe being older was better so I could understand but then I wonder how much fear could have been put to the side and never felt because I would have understood and had knowledge to protect myself.
If your child had abilities I encourage you to educate yourself and help your child through them.  There are many great resources out there. If you have a friend or a family member like me that can mentor your child through if you are not able then I encourage that relationship as well.  There is nothing more difficult than being the only one in the family with an ability and having no help in understanding it or yourself.  I am not blaming my parents in any way.  Back when I grew up people were not open to psychics or healers so what options would my parents have had.  Plus I was it.  As far as I know there was nobody on both sides of the family like me or with abilities, nobody that could have understood or helped.  My children know what I do.  They know they can come to me if they have an experience that freaks them.  
This is just the tip of the iceberg with this subject and I am by far no expert.  But I can help get you in the right direction if you need help just email me.

Have an amazing week.
Blessings All,

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Reading for the Week.

Hi All,
I was really pressed for time this weekend and I didn't include the reading for the week.  I thought about it last night and figured I should continue with it as some of you may be looking for it every week now.  So here it is.

This week we are going to use the same Masters Deck as last week because I like this deck for general readings.

Interesting cards today for the week.  Let's break this down.

Yes:  This means the time is right.  All the manifesting you have done or the work you have done has created open doors for you and this card says it is time.

Drink More Water:  Is all about taking care of you.  We need to stay hydrated for our energy to flow and stay balanced.  Water helps flush toxins not only from your body but from your aura as well.  Drink up.  My chiropractor says take your body weight and half it and drink that number in ounces a day just to keep hydrated.  Then for every alcoholic or pop or coffee you have you need to drink another 8 oz to counter act.

Peace Offering:  I think this one speaks to all the chaos in our country.  Mr. Trump an apology to the American public for some of the mean things you've said during the run for the White House would go a long way into helping our country heal from this election year. I think it would really help heal some hurt feelings.
On a smaller level this could mean making peace with yourself and things in your past.  This is a time of year for going within during the winter and doing healing work of your own.

Write:  This could mean write to be creative and public or for yourself healing in the form of a journal.  But write and get it out.

Spiritual Law of Attraction:  What you are putting out energy wise is coming back so make sure you put out the energy you want back at you.  Manifest positive things and remember the word "want" means you have a lack of so avoid the word "want" when manifesting.

So there you go the reading for the week.
Enjoy and Blessings All,

Monday, November 21, 2016

Ghost and Thanksgiving.

Hi All,
This week is Thanksgiving.  A time for self reflecting and giving thanks for all the blessings we have.  Most of us spend time with our family and friends over a big meal. The holidays are always a stressful time of year.  Remember it is not selfish to take time for yourself.

It started out as a simple request to go out for Italian food.  We drove to the Postmark Grille in Hudson, WI.  We sat at the bar and ordered some beer and then our food.  The food was fabulous.  After we had our meal.  We were sitting waiting for the check and watching the Wild, when a man in a fedora and a trench coat stood besides me and said, "The guys should not be wearing hats inside.  It's rude".  I asked out bartender if she knew anything about the history of the building and told her what I saw.  She didn't as she was newer to staff and not from the area.

So does this stuff happen all the time.  I wish I could tell you it's like being the Ghost Whisperer. However, it's not always so.  But it does happen when I'm out once in a while.   When I am with a client that wants to communicate with someone from the other-side it can be interesting.  I usually start out with a card reading and have the intent of communicating with a person.  Most of the time it works and we can successfully have a conversation with a crossed over loved one.  Some times it does not happen.  Why?  Well there are a few reasons a crossed over loved one may not communicate.  It could be the crossed over loved one isn't comfortable with me.  Hey we are all people and not all people get along when they meet.  Have you ever been around someone whose energy is just horrible and you can't even think straight around them because their energy is horrible.
Now it could be that the person is just busy.  I mean on the other side life goes on.  Your loved one is busy doing things over there while they wait for their soul group to catch up and be with them again over on the other side.  It could also be that the person isn't strong enough yet to communicate or maybe he or she just crossed over and they are not able to communicate yet.  Once we cross over to the other-side we are busy with our life review and looking at everything we learned and lessons we may have missed.   Then we have to figure out what our next move is.  Are we going to stay over there and chill for a while or do we want to start plotting our next incarnation?

I have been the way I am since I was a child.  I have always been able to sense spirits in places.  I have also been able to do minor healing with prayer on animals when I was a child.  Now I am a Reiki Master but I've evolved my energy work.  I can communicate with the dead and I can answer questions you may have about the path you are currently on through communicating with your guides and angels.  When I meet new friends people should know I can't just read and tap into all your dark secrets.  I have to have your permission to read for you.  When I have your permission then you ask questions and I give you the messages from your support team on the other side.  I can't just tap into your energy and know your habits or dirt.  Plus I don't want to know.  I will say I can't read for everyone.  If you do not believe or have an open mind about what I do than don't bother asking because your guides will tell me if you think I'm full of crap.  When this is the case it doesn't even pay to try to read because nothing will come out right.
However, there area exceptions.  My brother would be one.  My brother was a huge non believer for a long, long time.  It wasn't until our Uncle died that he became a believer.  That story is pretty personal so I will not go into it.  He needed to become a believer because well he has me as a sister.  And because I have been doing this for so long it's just a part of me and half the time when I am talking and I know things that I shouldn't it just comes out.  Half the time like when I am out to eat, I ask and talk to people in the area I am in because I want to know.  People I am with either get use to it or stop going out with me.  I was told by a friend in the biz that you always speak when spirit gives you because it is not yours to keep or judge.  It is information for the people around you.  So I have gotten over the shyness of not saying anything or the "if I say this or ask this they will think I'm strange" and I just flat out ask.  Besides sometimes if I don't open my mouth and say something I am left with a spirit who makes me second guess my choice to not say anything and bugs me for a while.  Kinda like the movie Ghost where He is singing to Whoopie to get her to do what he wants.

So that is a little of some Ghost stories and a little background on not being so closed minded about meeting a psychic in social situations.

Have a great week all,
Happy Thanksgiving.
Blessings All,

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Readings in Wisconsin Rapids December 3rd.

Hi All,
The following link is where I will be doing readings on December 3rd from 11 to 3pm.  I will be donating all the proceeds to the First Ward School in Wisconsin Rapids.  My friends own the school which is haunted.  This was one of the first places I went to when I was involved with a paranormal group from Stevens Point, WI.  Justin, his mom Judy and Heather his girlfriend are some of the best people I know. 
Here is a link to their go fund me.    Click Here  School Video

Click Here to see the coffee house page.

You can email me for appointments or find Heather Bram on Facebook to book.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Super Moon and Card Reading for the Week.

Hi All,
I'm sorry this is going to be short. I am down with a virus of some kind.

There are no dates to discuss for this coming week.
Sunday was the Super Moon in which the moon with be the closest it has been to the earth in almost 70 years.

Card Reading for the Week:
This week I have gone with the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

We start with Aengus Twin Flame Card.  When this card came up I hear the words "look at it a different way" .  Now when this card comes up the usual way to look at it is that this card is confirming that the person you are asking about is the one you should be with.  But to look at it differently let's spin it.  Twin flame love is about intense feelings that are instant and love is deep between the two.  This is what is known.  It is also a relationship where the two may not end up together if they don't clear out their emotional baggage so that they can be together and understand each other.   When I went to the book on this one the interpretation that stuck me most was this one "Keep your heart open, stay positive, and follow your guidance to manifest your prayers about your love life".  

Stay Focused  Kuthumi
Keep to your intentions, priorities and stay your course.  In this process keep your integrity and your truths.  Keep a positive outlook on your dreams so they can manifest.

Nurture Yourself  Mother Mary
Huge this time of year.  We have been very stressed out and we are coming into the holiday season that stresses people out even more. It is very important we remember to take a few minutes a day or whatever time we can find for ourselves. It is not selfish to do this.  If you do not take care of you, you cannot take care of others.

Detach from Drama  Pallas Athena
Sometimes easier said than done.  But really focus on you and your immediate surroundings and deal with that.  Drama is easy to get caught up in, but what happens when you do?  Do you get stressed out?  What is the purpose of the drama or the person that is creating it?  Step back from drama and you will find your energy in a much better place.

Listen  Manjushri
"Take time to listen to your own guidance." (from the book included with the cards)  Listen to your heart and your breath as you quiet your mind to hear your inner voice when you ask a question.  Trust yourself.

It has been a crazy high stress week with a lot of Hate thrown in here in the US.  I am not going to get on a soap box at all.  I just want to say let's give this a chance.  I know there was a lot of hate said, I know a lot of people were hurt by the hateful things that both Hillary and Donald said and that those hateful words caused a lot of fear.  Fear that is real to many on so many levels I can't understand.  But I do see how the Hate is effecting people I care about.  Nothing good can come from fear and hate.  I am not sure what needs to be done.  All I can do is speak for myself.  I am focusing on sending healing prayers to our nation and prayers of guidance to our leaders.  I hope that by sending good vibes in the form of prayers or Reiki to help shift the energy to positive it helps.

Have an amazing week.
Blessings All,

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Readings to help friends.....

Hi All,
The following link is where I will be doing readings on December 3rd from 11 to 3pm.  I will be donating all the proceeds to the First Ward School in Wisconsin Rapids.  My friends own the school which is haunted.  This was one of the first places I went to when I was involved with a paranormal group from Stevens Point, WI.  Justin, his mom Judy and Heather his girlfriend are some of the best people I know.
Here is a link to their go fund me.    Click Here  School Video

Click Here to see the coffee house page.

You can email me for appointments or find Heather Bram on Facebook to book.

Monday, November 7, 2016 you believe?

Hi All,

Dates for the Week:
Tuesday get out and vote!
All I ask is that you look in your heart and vote with the one you think you can live with.  I don't like either party's choice but if nothing else I will vote for the one who will make the change I believe in.  

Friday the 11th is Veterans Day!  Remember those that have sacreficed!  I could go off on an entire blog on how to support our troops and remember our fallen soldiers that made our freedoms that some take for granted, ours to still have and be proud of.

I was going through some photos taken in Gettysburg and noticed a lot of orbs.  Now there are many theories out there about orbs so let's just say this is my opinion here today and I'll post some photos and let you make up your mind.

Now I have been on a paranormal team where one member would absoulutely discredit any orb in a photo because the orb could be a bug or dust partitcal in the area.  Now I don't disagree. However, I beg to dispute on a case by case

Here is my reasoning.  If I point to an area of a haunted location and say to a person with a camera take a photo of that area there...and a orb is in the photo than that to me is proof that something is there with us.  But I also look at the orb to see what it looks like.  Confused.

Some of the works out there I have read on orbs say that an orb that is dust or a bug has layers like a cross section of a tree and you can see the rings.  Some say if it is a spirit orb you should be able to see a face in the orb.
Most will discredit orbs because it is hard to not have a contaminated area that has no bugs or dust or some play off the flash.

Here are some samples and you can judge for yourself.

 Orbs in the street.   So for me because they are not bright and look like they have rings they are probably dirt or bugs
 This one to me would be a spirit because I felt something behind me and this one is bright.
 The orb is up by the right side of the roof.  I'd have to say not spirit.
 This one was funny because a girl along side of me and I took a picture at the same time and both looked at our screens and said "Dust" and then we laughed.
 Spirit.  Ok look at hte white shed to the right of it on the green garage.  If you make this photo bigger there is a woman's face to the left of the orb.
 This one looks like it could be dust but I had a feeling someone was standing there and in the very next photo of the same place on the camera there is no orb.
 So most of this is dust but look at the bight one that is glowing in the middle of the sky.

Small orbs in the grass... I'm thinking could be dust or bugs but this is a highly haunted creek bed so I'm not sure.

Do you see how people in the paranormal field could discredit an orb as evidence.  Now when at the Folsom House I will not discredit and orb because the house is a museum the filtration system in the building is top of the line and there is no dust in the place.

Reading of the Week:

This week I used the Healing with the Faries deck by Doreen Virtue, PhD.  I don't usually use this deck so this is different for me.
So it looks like we are all healing this week.
Miracle Healing: Your prayers have been heard and answered.  Surrender your problems, fears or worries to your higher power and angels and be healed from the situation.

Magic of Nature:When we are stressed what better place to go than into nature to spend some peaceful time to quiet our minds and destress and  balance ourselves.

Quiet Time:  Find a few minutes a day to just sit and be.  Have everything turned off and just focus on yourself.  Great time to meditate.  If you look at the fairie in this picture she is by water out in nature and she is alone.  She is just being.  Secluded and just with herself.  Sometimes we need this time to just reset ourselves.

Make Music:  Here is your permission card to turn up the radio or make some music.  Get creative with it and let go some of your wound up energy through dance or playing an instrument.  Music can be a great way to not only let go but to get your mind going in creative directions.

Stand Your Ground:  Make a choice based on your honest feelings and do not let outsiders sway your choice.  You are the only one that needs to be at peace with the choice you make.  Therefor your feelings on the matter are the only ones that count. Nobody else is you know matter what you are being told.  You are the one you have to answer to.  Follow your heart.

So there you go.  
Have an amazing week.
Blessings All,