Friday, April 29, 2016

Blog troubles.....Sorry all.

Hi All,
Well Savannah brought it to my attention that the Blog never posted Monday and then I had to go in and manually post it I think it was Wednesday.  I also had run it through spell check but I'm not all sure that worked either.  My Monday morning and day was so busy I didn't have a chance to check in with it to make sure it auto posted.

This weekend I will be talking with Savannah to figure out how to double check to make sure the blog is posting.

I am sorry that this happened.

It is my intent to start up Thriller Thursday again this summer. I just have to find some haunts and get over there to investigate and then report.

Saturday stop in at 29 Pines in Eau Claire, WI and see me.

Blessings All,

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Throat Chakra and things.

 Hi All,

Before we get started I want to say that I will be at 29 Pines in Eau Claire, WI on Saturday the 30th for the Spring Psychic and Wellness Fair.  There will be vendors and free classes going on all day from 10 to 5pm.  Stop out and see me.

I am looking for haunted locations to look into to for investigations this summer around Wisconsin and Eastern MN that I can feature on the Thriller Thursday blog.

Thursday the 28th Mercury goes into Retrograde until May 22.  Mercury effects communications, listening, understanding what someone is saying.  It can also effect electronics.

Sunday is May 1st and Beltane!  Happy Beltane Every one.  Beltane is a celebration half way between spring and summer.  Here is a real good article on Beltane

The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is blue in color.  It sits right at the base of your neck.  Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Aquamarine are all great stones to use when working with the throat chakra.  I like to use Blue Lace Agate as well.  I just really like the energy of Blue Lace Agate.
The htroat chakra is all about speaking your truths and not holding back.  Unbalance and problems with the throat arise when you are not being truthful or you just are not speaking your mind on an issue that may be bugging you.  
When I see people who's throat chakra is off balance and I say something about it, it usually is a situation where the person is not telling someone else about how they feel in a situation or the person is not setting clear boundaries.  We talk while I channel Reiki to the area and usually I will get more information from the client's guides on what steps could be taken or what options the client has.  Then I balance the chakra and they have their homework to do in the form of taking care of the situation that is causing the unbalance.

To balance this chakra you can do a mediation to clean it up and balance it.  You can also ask your angels and guides to do it for you when you are in meditation if you are not good at visualizing.  I have problem with meditation sometimes so mostly I will put a blue stone on my throat chakra and leave it there a few minutes with the intent to clean up the chakra.  

In a mediation look at the chakra and take not of how it looks.  Is is bright or dull?  Is it spinning at the proper speed or does it feel off?  See a brilliant white light coming down from the universe and going into the troat chakra.  This white light spins through he chakra spinning it and cleaning it.  See it either speed up or slow down so that it is spinning at the right speed.  See the white light inside the blue sphere blasting clean all the dull areas.  When you feel the chakra is balanced and clean you can send the white light down the rest of the chakras exiting out your feet and going into mother earth to be recycled.  When you are finished you may need to ground yourself to shake off any extra energy.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Heart Chakra

Hi All,
I hope everyone has been enjoying the warm weather that has finally hit the mid west.  I know I have been trying to get projects around the house done.

This week Friday the 22 is the Full moon.  Friday is high time to manifest.  Write out your list of what you would like to come into your life and then burn it to release your intent into the universe.

Last week we talked sacral chakra.  This week we are talking about the Heart Chakra.

The heart chakra has two colors associated with it.  They are green and pink.  The heart chakra is about all the types of love and also about abundance.  Self love and unconditional love are two of the biggest things I have had to work on in my personal work with this chakra.  Also when working with this chakra the inner child can come in as a partner to help you work through clearing up energy associated with love.  Letting go is also wrapped up with this chakra as is trust and compassion.

Stones for helping with this chakra work would be green or pink in color.  My favorites are Rose Quartz and Malachite.  Bloodstone is also a good one.  I use 6 and lay them out around the body and put a pair one rose quartz and one malachite on my heart chakra when meditating to clear issues.

Healing this chakra is not an easy thing.  There is a lot of homework you must do.  Self love is huge here so you may have to dig deep to figure out how to love yourself because you cannot be truly successful in loving someone else until you love yourself unconditionally.  Spend time out in nature and with animals.  Take things as they come and let go of what is not serving you highest good.  Not all easy tasks.  Meditation can help you release any old injuries from past lovers.  Cutting ties and shutting doors on past loves also helps.  But also look at those past relationships as what did I learn about myself?  On the facebook page I posted a great video about twin flames.  This video also talks about self love.  Watch it he has a lot of good points. 

I am currently reading Using Your Chakras by Ruth White.  She breaks down all the chakras and not only how they work alone but how they work in pairs to keep your energy healthy.  I am also still working through reading Energy Medicine by Donna Eden.  

Again to clear this chakra in meditation visualize a green glowing ball of light in the middle of your chest.  This is your heart chakra.  Take a good look at it.  Is it dirty?  Is it spinning properly?  Bring down a ray of universal white light and beam that white light into your heart chakra and scrub that chakra clean using the white light to clear it.  Then see your chakra spinning in perfect balance.  If you feel a little light headed after remember to ground yourself.

That's all I have for this week.
Have an amazing week.
Blessings All,

Monday, April 11, 2016

Willow and Second Chakra

Hi All,
This week the only date is Friday begins the Celtic Tree Month of Willow.  It runs to May 12.  Here is a little bit about Willow.

Sallie (Willow)
From what I could find on Willow.  Willow tree is associated with many Celtic goddesses and is known a the goddess tree.  It is linked with moon cycles, intuition and emotions.
Call on the Willow when you are working with emotional issues and healing those.
This is a time to follow your intuition.

The Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is the second chakra located just below your navel in the area of the reproduction organs.  Where the root chakra was about survival the sacral chakra is about emotions.  Associated with this chakra are not only emotions but pleasure, enjoyment, intimacy (sex), creativity and abundance.  The areas of the body that can be affected by the chakra are the digestive system and eliminating of waste, the reproductive system, and the lower back and hips.
The color of this chakra is orange.  Citrine, fire opal and carnelian are some stones that can help balance and clear the sacral chakra.  The element linked to this chakra is water.

To clear and balance the chakra you can use a crystal from the list above to put directly on the chakra during mediation.  You can also rotate a crystal above the chakra for a few minutes with the intent the crystal will clear and balance your chakra.  You can also hold your hands above the chakra and channel the universal white light to the chakra seeing the chakra become clean and clear as it spins in its own speed and is balanced.  Some people use pendulums to check the chakras.  If you hold the pendulum above the chakra and it spins nice and even the chakra is clear.  If it is very slow or back and forth then you need to clear the chakra.

I tend to use stones to help me balance and clear my chakras.  There are many meditations out there you can also use but basically you want to visualize your chakra a bright orange ball spinning at just the right speed.  You will know what feels right.

Have a great week.
Many Blessings All,

Monday, April 4, 2016

Rough week....Chakras on hold....Let' chat

Hi All,
Let's get some dates out of the way and then chat a bit on things going on in the Universe.

Thursday is the new moon.  Which means we are opening new doors and beginnings.

Ok let's talk because there is one thing I want to cover personally and then hey let's talk show and what I learned and then let's go a far as to talk they crazy things that have been coming up the last two weeks and maybe it will click with someone and you guys can comment so we all can understand what is going on.

Personal Note:  Ok I may get on a soap box.  Parvo virus in dogs.  I lost a new puppy this last week to the parvo virus.  The most horrible thing I have ever had to deal with.  I felt so bad for puppy as she was very sick and it was very hard on her little body until she finally gave up.  So here is my soap box.  Please learn about this deadly highly contagious diseas and get your puppy their round of Distemper shots.  Our poor little girl was too young and had too many things she was fighting off in ther young short life to be able to fight parvo.  In general, parvo has a long life out of body.  So when an infected puppy does its business outside and another puppy sniffs that area, the "sniffer" puppy can come down with it.  Yes just by sniffing!  Parvo can last a year in the soil or in your carpet.  So thank god I had hardwood floors.  The only thing that kills parvo for cleaning your house is good old bleach.  I had to wash everything in bleach and throw out three throw rugs.  My plan is another puppy some day so better safe then sorry and throw it all out.       This is a really good article I found and posted to facebook.

Off the soap box.  Thank you for letting me get that out.

What the heck is going on in the Universe?
Here is what I've been asked about this week .  Vivid Dreams that are predicting break ins and not o nice things happening to people.  A vivid dream is a dream in which what is going on feels so real you wake up wondering if if actually happend.  A friend of mine called to say that people around her were experiencing these kinds of dreams and well I have some people around me too.  So I'm putting it out there to you all what do you think is going on?  We have been through a lot with energy lately, we had the full moon, spring equinox, I beleive we had twin comets pass by the earth and a lunar eclipse.  That's a lot going on.
Talking with other sesitive people this week it seems like our vibrations are on the rise again and things are shifting.  This could explain the dreams and maybe a peek at what's to come.

Hayward Expo:
The interesting thing about the expo this weekend was I did about half energy work and half readings. Usually at expos I do one or the other more.  I also did a lot of educating people and helping people so they could use the knowledge they gained to help those around them.  I will take this opprotunity to say please email me when you have quesitons and I will do my best to have an answer, find an answer or hook you up with someone who can help you.  If you want to learn Reiki, Yes I have prices on my website, but please contact me because I will do by donation or pay what you can.
At this expo many people had stuff they just had to let go of.  Past life stuff, current life stuff.  When talking to friends this clicked because we are in an engery time of dropping our baggage as we rise to fit into this new energy that is hitting all of us.  I'll keep my eyes open and try to post articles on this as I find them or am sent them so that we can all stay informed and know the signs in our own energy that we are going through this.  If you run across an article please email it to me and I'll post.  I'll try to post them here as well as Mystic Monday Facebook page.

Here is what I am suggesting we all do to help our energy and body as we shift through and it will help us clean up our energy.   Daily meditation which will include a mini chakra balance.  Then cord cutting and releasing people that are not serving your highest good.  Cord cutting needs to be done every time you feel your energy being drained.  I will admit I don't do this enough.  I am horrible with eating foods that are good for me so that's going to be a goal to help my body with this shift.  Sleep, 8 hours.  I know right.  But it is important.

Cord Cutting:
Work head to toe.  Bundle up energy cords like you would make a pony tail.  I do this at all my chakras since this is where people tend to plug in and steal your energy.  Front and back.  Then raise your arms straight over your head and bend your hand at the wrist so your finger tips touch each other.  You are going to use them as a knife to cut the cords.  Breathe a deep breath  in and as you exhale forcefully drop your hands down your front and then inhale and raise them up and then exhale and forcefully run them down your back.  Cords will be in a circle around your feet.  Step out of the circle and it will dissipate to mother earth and she will recycle it.

You can also ask Archangel Michael to come down and cut your cords with his flaming sword in a meditation to release them.

OK next week we will get back on track with chakras.
I try to plan a blog but things come up and I'm inspired to go a different way sometimes. :)
Have a great week.
Blessings All,