Monday, January 30, 2017

Visit to the Salt Room in Woodbury, MN

Hi All,
I had to write about the Salt Room in Woodbury, MN.  One of the ladies that has group with me once a month set this amazing hour up for all of us.
Click here for their link.
I had no idea what I would be in for.  Our group had not meet for a long time and we were catching up.  Well I arrived and signed in.  I was greeted by Gloria.  Very nice woman with a ton of great information.  Gloria I will be back to buy some stuff. 
If you like your salt lamp you should give this a try.  We took off our shoes and rolled our sleeves and pants up a bit.  Gloria said as much skin exposed the better.  She taught us how to breath to get the most out of the salt solution they pumped into the air once she closed the door.  But honestly just laying in there chit chatting we had enough intake of salt.  The floor had three inches of salt and the walls and ceiling was covered as well.  The lights were dimmed and we all talked while we had our hour session in the salt.  It went by fast.  The rooms have chairs but we had yoga mats in ours which was fine by all of us.  We laid on the floor and buried our hands and what we could of our feet in the salt.

I can say I slept amazing.  I was tired on the drive home.  I felt completely relaxed.  One of the ladies with had not had a good night sleep in months.  She said she rare ever slept more than 3 hours and her sleep was not restful.  She reported the next morning that she slept amazing after her session.  She also had a rough itchy patch of skin from stress that would not heal.  Well the next morning it was almost gone.

After looking at the sight the benefits to skin and lungs are huge.  I will be going back for sessions for sure. 
I encourage you to look into this and check it out even if you do not have health problems.  Try it just to relax and meditate.
Blessings All,

Reading for 2017 Detach from the Drama

Hi All,
This week I stumbled on the YouTube video of Doreen Virtue's reading for the year 2017.   Click here for the link her video.
For this year there was a lot about what is your truth or what feels right to you.  Detaching from all the drama and chaos.  Watch it.  Doreen brings in some good advice.

Dates this Week:

Thursday is Groundhog Day!  
Ah groundhog day.  The one day a year we let a rodent tell us how many weeks we will have left of winter.
If the groundhog sees his shadow 6 more weeks of winter. *Sigh*

Thursday is also Imbolc.  The day of Brigid.  The day we celebrate the return of light.  
Imbolc Blessings to you all!

Reading for the Week:
Creative Expression:  
Let go of all your expectations of how to express yourself and just do it.  What is it you like to do to express yourself?  Write, paint play music or dance?  Just do it!

Honoring Your True Feelings:
Do not discount what you know to be true in your heart.  This has come up twice in two different videos I was watching this weekend.  Basically what both people said was your body can tell what is untrue or true by the way it feels.  Use that knowledge to help you when you are wondering about an answer.

Family Harmony:
Forgiving your family for any wrongs or even making amends if you were the one who did the hurting.  By drawing this card your family is healing.

Inner Child:
Inner child here is a subject that books are written about.  Take time to honor and listen to your inner child for he or she can help you heal.  Your daily child needs attention so meditate and get in touch with your child.

Peace of Mind:
This card says to mediate or yoga with being kind to others and self care to help with peace of mind. So basically practice healthy living and you will have a peaceful mind.  This is really one of those you need to figure out for yourself.  Peace is what you make.

Looks like we have homework to do this week.  
Have an amazing week all.

Monday, January 23, 2017

What's up for the rest of this month?

Hi All,
How has the new year been going for everyone?  I have been starting out the year with some changes to what I eat.  I am on a cleaner eating plan.  Processed foods are easy but just not all that great for the body.  Sugar can be as addictive as drugs.  Here is an article I thought was pretty interesting.

I have been doing a cleanse that my chiropractor suggested.  If you are interested click  here for the link to the website for the Standard Process 21 day Program.  I did this back in September and I have to say I learned to cook some new foods and lost about 10 pounds.  I am doing it again because I fell back into some bad habits when trying to fit my supper into my busy schedule.  Check it out.  Maybe it can help you tweak your habits.

Dates to Remember:
Friday this week is the New Moon.  Get your ritual going and I bet the weather will be nice enough to be able to burn your intents outside under the moon.

Saturday is the Lunar New Year.

When looking at my Witch's Datebook by Llewellyn's an article on Hematite was on the page.  Hematite is one of my favorite stones to work with and thought this was interesting.  I use hematite for protection.  When I was visiting friends in England, one of my friends gave us all identical hematite pendants.  I wear mine when I am at expos and when I feel I need a little extra energy or protection.  A few years ago I was at an appointment with a healer and she was told not to wear hematite, I forget why, but she was surprised that it was my favorite and that I carry and wear it frequently.  In this article in the datebook it says that it can help you improve mental performance and technical skills.  Hematite also transforms negative energy  helping the wearer to achieve balance and self-control.  
Reading for this Week:

This week I used the Fairies cards because I felt drawn to them.
Follow Your Dreams:  Our schedules are so busy sometimes it's hard to know or remember what our dreams are.  Is your dream what it was you wanted to do for a career?  Maybe your dream is what you are passionate about but just don't have the time to follow it.  This card reminds to you take a look at what it is that you desire in your life.  Is it change?  Take time to meditate on your heart's desire and make a list of the things that are important to you.  Find a way to work towards them.

Stand Your Ground:
This dose not always mean conflict.  It could mean just flat out saying No to work taking over your already limited family or you time.  Ah as I read the description in the book that came with the set, it says to be honest with yourself as you know what your desires are, yet people may be trying to sway you to give up your desires.  This card tells you not to cave in and your original decision is valid.

Awakening Your True Self:
This is a time where your old self is back.  What did you do?  Where you in a relationship where you gave up your personality and ideas because of your partner?  This card tells you, you are healing and you are getting back to you.  Your thoughts, desires, opinions.  

Romantic Partner:
This could be a new partner.  If you are in a relationship this could mean the coming of a new time together.  The two of you will start a new chapter.  A rediscovery of  you, the you that the two of you have become.  This will be an exciting time.

Body Movement:
What is it your body needs?  Take some time in meditation and ask your body what movement it needs to be healthy.  Does your body crave Cardio activity, Yoga, Meditation?  Now is the time to figure it out and make it a habit.

Well folks that is all I have for this week.
Have an amazing week.  
Blessings All,

Monday, January 16, 2017

Welcome Back!

Hi All,
     Well I have been toying with the idea of doing a video blog or at least a reading of the week video.  My day job has been so busy and bleeding into my personal life time that I have not been able to devote time into figuring this out yet.  It's on my list of what I would like to do.  So hopefully in the next month or so.


Dates this Week:

This week energy wise Saturday the 21st is the beginning of the Celtic Tree Month of Rowan.

The new year of 2017 is upon us and some of us have been feeling a negative cloud hanging over us.  November and December of 2016 we saw many events in the world news that effected the shift of the human race.  Then lucky us, we started this year off with Mercury in Retrograde which for me has brought out a lot of stupid behaviors in people and communication not being clear.

So what to do for those of us feeling this.

Get in the habit of meditation.  Yep I need to start over with this because I have dropped the ball as well as some of you out there.  To make something a habit you must preform it 21 days.
You don't need to invest a lot of time.  Mediation can take as little as 5 minutes a day.  Take the time to quiet your mind and focus on your breathing and just let everything go.

Clear your energy.  You can do this with a quick visual mediation seeing your aura healthy and glowing without leaks and tears.  You can also do this by cutting your energy cords many times during the day.  My Reiki Master taught me that this should be done every time I use the bathroom.  You can also ask Archangel Michael to sever all that is draining your energy.  Ask your guides to give you an energy tune up during the day severing anything that is draining your energy.

Stones.  I carry stones or wear stones for healing.  It changes depending on the day and what I feel I need help with.  Red stones will help you stay grounded. Black and Silver will give you help in protection.  You can also give your stones an intent for whatever it is you are needing.  I wear one generic healing bracelet but when I am not wearing it I keep it in a window.

Smudging.  Nightly and or morning smudging with sage or palo santo will help keep your energy free of negative intruders.  It also helps raise your vibrations.

Oils and candles.  Aromatherapy can help.  I burn high vibrating oils or candles with scents that vibrate higher to ward off negative energy in my home.  Lavender, Lemon, Cedar, Dragon's Blood are some of my favorites.

Salt Lamps.  Love mine.  I sit next to mine at night when I am settling down after supper.  This help my energy to unwind.  Salt lamps are great for cleaning up your energy from negative exposures during the day.

So there are some ideas to try to help shake any negative energy you have been in.

I put writing this on hold for a while and went to workout.  While at the Y I came across this video on Youtube that I want to share because it speaks of the light, and free will.  I think with all the negative people have been telling me they have been going through give this a watch and maybe you break it up and watch and come back to as it is long over an hour.  So click here to access the Matt Kahn's video.

Well all this week I  am going to skip the reading of the week.  As this had gotten pretty long.
Have an amazing week and next week we will get back on track and hopefully have a video link to a reading of the week as well as it written out here for you.

Blessings All,

Monday, January 9, 2017

New Look....

Hi All,
Sorry I did not put a blog together this week.  I had some new ideas roll through my brain this weekend and I want to get those moving for next week's blog and the blog going forward.
So next week look for a new topic and new looks.  I want to spill the beans for the new reading of the week but I really want to make sure I know how to get it all together before I let the cat out of the bag so to speak.
Thank you all for staying with me.  I promise better things next week.

Have an amazing week and new things next week.
Blessings All,