Monday, September 28, 2015

Autumn Energy & Severing Energy Ties

Hi All,

Happy Mystic Monday to everyone! Did you see the moon last night?

Amazing right?!

Let’s get started with some dates:

Wednesday September 30th Celtic Tree month of Ivy begins. Ivy has kind of adopted me I think and has become a totem for me. I call upon Ivy a lot to help ground me, to pull out any unwanted energy and to wrap myself in healing earth energy. This plant is truly amazing.

Saturday October 3rd, I will be at the Enchanted Boutique in White Bear Lake doing Angel card readings. Call 651-600-3769 to book your appointment or go online to the Enchanted Boutique’s site to schedule. 

October 23rd is a Friday night and Jenny has asked me to help her out with the Ghost Investigation class she is teaching. The class is $50.00 and you will learn how to use basic investigation equipment and we will be field tripping to put your new skills use. It will be a safe environment where Jenny has investigated in the past so no worries. 

October 24th I will be at the Enchanted Boutique for a Mystic Monday book signing. Stop in pick up a copy and I will sign it for you! I will also do readings as they are requested.

So is everyone felling a little off? Well remember we did just get hit with equinox energy on top of a full moon and a lunar eclipse. It’s only normal to feel like you’re in a cloud with all that coming at you energy wise. Remember to ground and if you need more help wear grounding stones (gray, black, red or hematite) to help you keep your connection to earth. I have been putting two grounding stones in my pockets to help out. 

Fall is a time of year when things start to wind down and settle into the rest period that winter is. Just like doing some spring cleaning it’s not a bad idea to clean out the energy from the summer and recharge yourself to get ready for the fall. A good house energy clearing is an awesome thing to do. I start in the basement, open windows so the old energy can escape. I light Palo Santo and get it to smoke pretty good then fan the smoke to smudge the area. I do this in every corner and every room. Then I work my way up to the main floor of the house opening windows as I go so lower vibrating energy can leave. I usually say a prayer of intent to keep only the energy that is for my highest good in and only allow that energy to enter my home. All the guides of my family are welcome. When I am done with this I will bless a bowl of salt that I have mixed with some protection and higher vibrating oils such as lavender and lemon. Then walk clockwise around the house as I spread the salt. I end at the starting point of my door that is used at the entrance to the house.

Let’s shift brains now!

Have you ever heard of an energy relationship? This is when you are physically in a relationship with someone and that relationship ends for some reason and then you just can’t shake the person in the non-physical realm. This is when that person pops into your thoughts when you haven’t been thinking of him or her. Or when you are out and about and the universe sends you things to make you think of that person. Now some of this is you and for you to take responsibility for but some is them. The person might be getting his or her feeling met by you because you are in a relationship or it feels like a relationship on other non-physical levels. Dreams can be a big one. What can you do? Well you need to get into a meditative state and look at yourself and the person who you are in an energy relationship with and see where there are silver energy cords tying both of you together. Then you need to have a good heart-to-heart talk with the other person’s higher self and tell them why you are severing the cords between you two. At this time you can set boundaries of how you would enter into a physical relationship which would lead to an energy relationship with this person again, but only if they do whatever it is you are asking. So then pull the cords out of your Chakras and not only cut them but cap off the end somehow and send them back to the person that connected. You may have to burn the end to cap it or put a metal cap on the end. Once this is done you are freeing your heart from the person and letting him or her go. You are then free to find love or whatever in a different person. This may bring the person to you physically so make sure you have your boundaries of what it is you will be expecting from him or her going forward or game off no relationship. 

Now here is the important homework with this. You need to cut cords every time you feel or see something that reminds you or makes you think of that person and send the energy back to them.

This is not going to cause karma for you as you are taking care of yourself and ridding yourself of something that is not healthy for you.

Well, today I threw a lot at you for thought or practice. If you have questions please drop me an email to ask or comment here and I will answer as quick as I can.

Have an amazing week!

Blessings All,

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thriller Thursday

Hi All,

I hope you enjoyed Mystic Monday this week! We will continue Mondays as days to help your energy, connecting to Mother Earth and stuff like that.

I want to mention quick I will be at the Enchanted Boutique this Friday night, Sept. 25th from 7pm to…well…whenever, lol. You can call 651-600-3769 to make an appointment. I will be doing readings and reiki.

Saturday October 24th I will be doing a book signing at the Enchanted Boutique as well. 

Get into the Halloween spirit with us October 23rd as Jenny and I teach a Beginner’s Ghost Investigation Class. We will go on a field trip to test your new skills after class. Call and get it today. Cost is $50.

If you have an amazing ghost story or experience, please email it to me and I’ll be happy to share it here. If you are currently going through life with a ghost haunting your home or space, drop me an email and I’ll see what I can do to help you or find you the right help. My email address is

Ghost Investigation from a Medium’s perspective:

When I was active with a team from Stevens Point, WI., I would go into a place not knowing the history. I would take a notebook with me and the team leader would do a walk through with me asking me questions and using simple tools to see if we had something worth investigating further. I would always walk through first with just paper and a pen. I would write down everything I was experiencing or being shown. Then I would tell the team where I thought points of interest would be. Later when I walked through with the team I would use my camera and voice recorder. However, if I started with using equipment I would become dependent on equipment and it would be harder for me to actually connect with what was there to communicate.

One place we investigated not only had “mob” energy as it was used for their women, but I picked up on dogs playing fetch and running all over the property. I thought this was interesting because the team had no clue of any dogs on the property. The history they had on the building was a stop for the mob when gangsters were on the run up to northern Wisconsin. Well as our researcher talked with the owner she was told the building did at one time house dogs as it was a kennel and they did train dogs as well before it was a pub. 

For me most of my information comes in either pictures given to me by whoever is around or I hear them talking to me, telling me things about the area of the property we are standing in at the time. Once in a while it will come as a knowing or a feeling of how something happened. 

Because ghosts are energy and everyone is different, every ghost communicates differently. Some can manipulate energy easily and therefor can talk or appear as  if I was talking to a live person. Some have a hard time so they show me a picture in my mind’s eye of what they are trying to get across. Interpreting can be very difficult sometimes so I never judge what I am given for information and I always tell the client an accurate description of what I am being shown so they can figure it out. 

Once in a while I will cross a ghost over. I will only do this if the ghost feels ready to leave. I always treat a ghost as I would want to be treated. I wouldn’t want someone coming into my space being rude or yelling at me so I don’t. I usually start off stating my name and why I am here and ask if there is someone that would like to communicate. If I don’t get a sign then I move on. Provoking a ghost to communicate only pisses them off and they may just follow you home to torment you as you did them by invading their space and being angry. If you are there to truly help then there is no reason to get nasty. If a ghost lets me know they are there but doesn’t want to communicate I usually ask for a sign if they would like to talk to someone else in the group while I leave. That has worked well and the group that I leave behind to communicate usually has a good session. Most however are so happy to have someone that can communicate with them with little effort that they want to tell you what it is they need and then cross over. At least that has been my experience. Some are happy right where they are and that is okay if it is what they want and the owners of the property are okay with it as well.

If the owners are not okay with it then we have to take time to do a session to figure out how all parties can be happy. Even though the light is a place where all ghosts should go so they can cross over and have peace, some might resist and want to stay even when they are not wanted.

Things moving. Yes ghosts can move objects and put them back at incredible speeds. When I started my day job I was in the office all by myself waiting for the cleaning crew to arrive on a Saturday morning. I entered the building, got settled and started to type a newsletter. As I sat at the desk downstairs, upstairs in the classroom above me I could hear tables and chairs move across the floor. Well me being me I went to the stairs and yelled up them, “Could you please stop. I’m trying to work. The cleaning crew is coming shortly and it would be nice if things up there were as they should be.” I went back to the office a little freaked out; sat down and started to type again. Again I heard all the tables and chairs being dragged across the floor. This time I actually walked upstairs talking the entire climb up saying, “I’m coming up and I’d like to find things where they belong. There is no reason for you to be upset as I am just here to get a little work done and the crew should only be here a couple of hours and then the place will be yours again.” As I peeked into the classroom everything was normal. Nothing out of place, no sign of anything ever being moved. I walked back downstairs and prayed the crew would get there ASAP because I really didn’t want to be alone there anymore. 

October should be an interesting month here for ghost stories as we lead up to Halloween! 

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Have an amazing week everyone!

Blessings All,

Monday, September 21, 2015

Tools for Energy Work

Hi All,

I am writing this early as I will be gone this weekend on a mini vacation back to Lake Superior.  I’m guessing I will have more for Thursday when I am back and near the internet to send this all to Savannah to make pretty.  : )

Dates for this Week:

Wednesday the 23 is Fall Equinox.  Big day for energy!

Sunday the 27th is the Harvest Moon.  Be sure you do your full moon blessing or ritual.  I will be.

Friday the 25th I will be at the Enchanted Boutique at 7pm.  Reiki and Readings.  Stop in and see me.   
Call them at 651-600-3769 to schedule an appointment.

Looking for like minded people in Western Wisconsin to hook up around New Richmond to discuss metaphysical topics and learn from each other.  Reiki share at the end of the meeting.  Email me at I have limited spaces to fill.  I have a few interested and we are picking a night.

OKAY, let’s pick this up where we were last week and talk tools to help you with you energy.
How many of you had a hard time with all that visualizing last week with meditation?  Yeah, I can have problems too with all that.  So here are some different ways to keep yourself clear if you need more of a physical without visualizing in meditation way of doing things.


You can use incense sticks, loose leaves or dried herbs bound up with string.  I use Palo Santo sticks.  I light Palo Santo with my candle let it burn a little and then blow it out to get a good smoke stream from it.  Then I fan the smoke around my body front and back, top to bottom.  I would do the same with a sage wand or loose leaves.  Smudging helps raise your vibrations and clear out any negative energy you may have picked up.
Oils and Sprays:

Essential oils, such as lavender and lemon, can help clear your chakras and auras the same as smudging does.  There are many mixes of oils people have created and infused with energy that can help.  When picking oils do a little research on what you want to use the oil for, then pick out what you like the best.  You can use the oil by mixing it with a carrier and putting it on your charkas or points of your body to help release blocks and clear your energy.  You can also mix the oils with a high proof gin or vodka to make a spray or rubbing alcohol and water with a few drops of the oils.   You can also purchase manufactured sprays from new age stores or a distributor. 


Gem stones or rocks you have picked from a lake or river can help with your energy.  I have a pretty good collection of different stones that I wear in necklaces, or put in my pockets.   I have a set that I use just for chakra work.  You can purchase chakra sets.  However, I recommend picking out your own.  Before using them smudge them and then set them with you the intent to help you heal yourself.  When using stones, I simply lay down and place the stone on my body where there is pain.  Or if I am doing it to clear my energy I just put a stone on each chakra.  Then as I lay there listening to music I just focus on my breathing or well, fall asleep.   After a session with your stones, make sure you clear them by putting them in sunlight or smudging them.

When nothing seems to help me when I’m working I call a healer friend.  There is nothing like having someone else walk you through a meditation.

Remember before you do anything say a prayer of intent.  Tell the universe or the power you believe in what it is you are looking to achieve with your session.  When you are done a prayer of thank you is always a good way to close a session.

Good Luck!

Blessings All,