Monday, March 30, 2015

Blind Faith

Hi All,

Let’s clear out some dates to talk about and get down to business!

Wednesday the 1st is April Fools’ Day.

Friday the 3rd of April is Good Friday, which means Sunday is Easter.

Saturday is the Full Moon. Start manifesting what it is you wish to attract into your life!

So this week a friend of mine brought up the subject of faith and blind faith. We had a pretty good discussion so let’s bring it here for this week’s topic and put out there some “Things that make You go Hummmm”…..

It started out with a question, Are we supposed to have blind faith as to things will just work out?  You want to be somewhere in your life and you can see the outcome but your gut may tell you not yet. Now there is no easy answer and the road traveled is also not an easy one. It all comes down to your faith and what it is, or who it is, you believe in. 

Okay, here is my short version. I believe, like many out there, we along with our guides, figure out what it is we want to learn when we come here to Earth. We chart out our lessons for this lifetime with our guides, who will do their best to keep us on our path. Faith in what will be comes into play when you know you’re on to something but you’re not sure what to do or how you’re going to get there. Faith is knowing that it will work out as it’s supposed to and surrendering the issue at hand to God, Goddess, the Universe or who or what it is you believe in. 

Now this is no easy task. Your ego and brain make you think, If I do something to make things move will it happen quicker or be right?  And you play out different outcomes in your mind. This is the fear taking over. The thing is the more worry you put out there about it, the more negative you will attract. I’ve learned this one the hard way, if you try to push what you know to be true in your heart, then it will just end up being pushed away. So it is for your best to sit back and let it happen as it should (Divine Timing). One of the hardest things to learn. 

It is no easy task to not listen to your ego and all the self-sabotage (fear) it has to dish out. And what if your situation has another person involved?  Do you take up a talk about the subject with that person, or do you sit back and have faith it will work out? We as humans have free will. My suggestion is to keep surrendering it to the Universe and let the angels work it out for you. Ask your higher power to resolve your situation for your highest good and keep surrendering it all. 

Blind faith/Divine Timing— it’s all a wait and see game. Your gut or intuition will keep you on the right path. If you are considering a move but you’re not sure about it, or have a feeling that it’s not time yet then don’t push it. If you are in a relationship and it’s not moving the way you want it to and you know you’re not done with the person you are with because you care about him/her and you want it all to work out, give it some time and ask for help from your guides, angels and God. It could be a career change you are looking at and the company is in the field you want, but something just seems out of place, then wait on it. Listen to your instincts. I know I listen when I know things are right. Like for example; my last car purchase. Saw the car covered in snow and I swear the light of God came down and I had to get it. It was like Jake and Ellwood in the Church, light comes through the window and hits Jake and he’s like we’re getting the band back together. (The Blues Brothers)  Listening when you have that not-so-sure feeling about something is a lot harder though, isn’t it?  How do you tell the feeling of “it’s not right” vs “fear”?  Well that’s a personal one. I have no idea how to describe how fear feels to you in situations. But I can say that fear makes you second guess what it is you have a gut feeling about that is good. Okay what?  Well let’s take the car. Light of God comes down and I buy the car. I take it for a 5 minute test run and love it. Go to sign the papers and the fear kicks in. How do I pay for this? Is it the right one? What the hell am I doing?  That’s all the fear second guessing the gut that said this is the one. What if your gut is saying “hold off and wait”? Then I would have done some shopping around and looked at other cars and the right one would have presented itself. The bad gut feeling nags at you, something isn’t right, this feels like I shouldn’t do this yet. Where fear has you asking yourself questions. These questions that go through your mind have you second guessing your choice or justifying why you shouldn’t do something to keep you stuck and not moving in the direction you should move. You’ll know because fear feels a lot different than your gut saying “not yet”.

Blessings All,

Monday, March 23, 2015

Suggestions anyone?

If you are in Wisconsin, there is an expo I will be at the Spring Psychic and Wellness Fair on Saturday April 25th at the 29 Pines Restaurant and The Lodge in Eau Claire. It begins at 10 am with vendors and speakers. Admission is free. Judy Meinen and Maple House Arts are the sponsors. I will be doing readings and energy work, along with book signings.

This week is pretty quiet energy wise after all the energy we had hit last Friday. 

I have been kicking around the idea of hanging up the blog for a while and being done until I get back from England. I just feel like I struggle with what to write because I’m not getting much feedback as to what people would like me to cover. I felt for a little while that maybe I should blog what I have been going through with twin flame and soul mate growth but I wasn’t really feeling like that is what people want.

I am no longer with the paranormal group so I have no new interesting ghost encounters to talk about. When I started this blog I thought I’d talk about anything metaphysical, healing energy being a big part of that but I’m just not sure anymore. I feel like there are people out there with this energy shift we are making that need help with the adjustments and the basics of how to build skills, but also taking things above beginner level and growing. So I’m asking what is it I should cover?  What would you the reader like? Email me some topics. Would you like more self-help with your energy? Would you like me to touch on daily mediation and devotions?  More energy working know how?  Using cards or other tools to get messages from your guides?  Let me know.

That is all I have for this weekend because I as of now I am reading about nature energy and faery energy.

Have an amazing week.

Blessings All,

Monday, March 16, 2015

Dates and a little ghost story

Hi All, 

We have a few dates to get out of the way which will also bring a little information as they are pretty interesting dates.

Tuesday March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day!  Ah the luck of the Irish is upon us all. We all know to wear green or you could be pinched. Some fun facts about this day. So we all know that St. Patrick was the saint that chased the snakes out of Ireland, or so the story goes. But did you know that St. Patrick was born in Britain and taken as a child to be a slave for 10 years. He escaped and became a monk who then went to Ireland to teach the people about Christianity. It is believed the chasing of the snakes is a symbol of his converting the Pagans to Christianity. St. Patrick used the shamrock to teach the trinity. People wore shamrocks on March 17th, the anniversary of his death. It later turned into wearing the color green. Blue was the original color associated with St. Patrick. And here is my Wisconsin tidbit:  New London, Wisconsin has a Shamrock Club and every year they change the highway sign so that the town name reads New Dublin. I think I need a road trip to check this out. Any reader out there from New London, who could post a picture of the name change in the comments?  LOL

Wednesday March 18th begins the Celtic Tree month of Alder. The month will end April 14th. Alder can help you come to terms with things you have been avoiding. Alder is believed to help one gain access to the faery realms. Do you have anxiety?  Alder can help you relax. During this month express your hopes and dreams. Forgive your angers of the past and be accepting of yourself and others. A mouth wash made from the leaves and bark will cure the mouth of ulcers. Alder oil relieves muscle stiffness.

Friday March 20th is Ostara or the Spring Equinox. It is also the new moon. Time to do your ritual for releasing the energy that no longer serves your highest good! 

Ostara/Spring Equinox the day of perfect balance. The day that marks the coming of the spring and fertility of the land. This is the day the sun god begins his journey across the sky. His power peaks in June during the Summer Solstice. This is the season for fertility and growth. 

Ostara was the German Goddess of Spring; on this day she was honored and traditionally given offerings of cakes, colored eggs, and the rabbit was a sign of the goddess. It was believed she could transform into a rabbit.

Friday enjoy equal night and day hours and honor that fertility and new beginnings of spring and the warmth to come our way.

This week not much to write about since it took a while to go over all of the dates. 

Here’s a short ghost story:  I was in downtown Minneapolis this weekend and had the opportunity to go into a beautiful little restaurant and cafĂ© to get a mocha. The building has a history and is down by the grain belt building just off the river. While inside I was waiting for my mocha, I felt a child run past me and looked around for the little one. Then standing there taking in the decorations and such, I felt a man behind me and then a whisper in my ear. The friend I was with said the building dated back to the 20’s, maybe older. Well that explained it, the reason why I was being talked to. The person talking to me was somehow connected to the mob activities of the cities back in the day. I knew this from the vocabulary he used and the name “doll face”, that went back to the trip I had years ago on the mob tour through the Wabasha Street Caves in St. Paul. It was funny because my friend asked, “Well can’t you just turn it off?”  No I can’t, but I could shield from it all if I could just remember to do so when I go out. LOL. 

But then would it be so interesting when I go out?  

Have a great week all, keep practicing your meditation.

Blessings All,

Monday, March 9, 2015

Let’s talk 6th Sense

Hi All,

Let’s talk 6th sense today. I am always telling people what I do isn’t a gift reserved for a select few. Everyone has the ability to communicate or get information from the other side. Those of you that have been reading the blog for a while, or have seen me at an expo know my saying of:  “We can all do this, just like we can all throw a football. Some of us have to practice hard and will never be at the level of Aaron Rogers and some of us it will just be easy.”  

So okay let’s dig. What is the 6th sense? The 6th sense is that feeling you get when something is not right. It’s the gut feeling or the hairs on the back of your neck raising. It’s knowing something is there when your eyes aren’t seeing it. It is your intuition.

On and off throughout the years of writing this blog and then the Mystic Monday the Book, we have discussed ways of improving this sense and discovering how it works in you. 

Meditation is the key to developing this sense. You have to first figure out how you best meditate to be able to quiet your mind so you can pick up on the information you are receiving. This is something you need to find out for yourself. You may be able to sit and play music to clear your brain of all activity so you can ask a question to receive an answer. You might have to busy your body so your brain can disengage. Things like walking the treadmill or cleaning the house, something mind numbing where you can do the activity but your brain checks out.

After you develop this skill it’s time to start building a trust with the inner voice of your guides, angels, or higher self. You do this by asking simple questions and getting answers and then finding out if those answers are valid. Start small. 

After all this you branch out and figure out where you are the strongest. For me it’s always been healing and communicating with the other-side. 

When you know your area then start to study up on it and then practice, practice, practice. Use your family, pets, friends as your practice group once you’ve tried on yourself. Many of my intuitive friends have a hard time reading accurately for themselves and this holds true for me. I also have a hard time reading for someone who is close to me in which I hold an emotional tie to what it is they are asking. It is our (mine and my friend’s) belief that if you are too close to the situation you are asking about you may have a difficult time reading accurately. Healings go the same. I have my own practitioner I go to for healings because I focus better with someone walking me through it. 

My advice to start developing your 6th sense is use it to point you in the right direction of where to start, or what information you are seeking. Do some research and go with what you feel is for you. What are you drawn to? Then take some classes, read some books, find a group of like-minded people to get together with.

Have an amazing week!

Blessings All,