Monday, October 24, 2016

Dates, Reading of the Week and a Little More.....

Hi All,
I need to start out by saying that I am very bummed that I cannot figure out a way to get these EVP's to work here on the blog.

So let's just get on with the blog this week.

This week on Sunday the 30th we have a new moon.  
Monday next week is Halloween or Samhain which we will talk about in a bit.
Tuesday November 1 is All Saints' Day.
Saturday the 6th is daylight savings time.  Awesome!

Card Reading for the Week:

This week I went back tot he Healing with the Angels deck.  Interesting lay out this week.  Lots of different things going on for many of us that kinda goes long with Samhain and the beginning of the Wheel of the Year.

Friendship was the first card that came up.  In this card we see three little angels surrounded by music a pair of doves and another bird on the branch all by itself.  Although the friends are all together they are all doing different things.  The one in the middle doesn't seem interested at all in music as she is sitting with a bow and arrows while the other two are reading music.  This card is about your friendships and some moving out of your life as your taste changes so to speak.  When you start to raise your vibrations with healing work or getting into what spirituality means to you, you start attracting like minded people and letting go of some that may not be in line with what you are working on.  It's all good changes in friendships are a natural cycle.  

The next card is Self-Acceptance.  Here we have an angel alone looking at the flower.  This card can mean a few things.  First, stop being to hard on yourself for what you believe are your flaws.  You are loved as you are by your spirit team and should look at yourself though their eyes.  Not always easy.  Be honest with yourself yet not over critical or harsh on yourself for how you feel about your body, mind or spirit.  Self-Acceptance comes with loving yourself as you are.  When you learn to love being you and with your own company than others will flock to your energy.  So in general stop being so hard on yourself.

Power.  This card is about coming into your power.  You see in this card the angel with what looks like storm clouds behind her and she is blowing out what could be the wind of change.  Her right hand is manifesting what looks to be this storm of change.  Know that you are safe during this time of stepping into your own power and making changes to your life.  In the book that comes with the deck it says to give the angels your fears about coming into your power and use your power with love.

Healing.  In this card there is an angel who is playing with a woman's hair as she sleeps in the lap of the angel knowing she is loved and supported. We heal through sleep.  Listen to your body when you feel run down and needing more sleep.  Also if you look at the background of this card they are laying around trees and there is water maybe a river or a pond.  Nature is the perfect place to check out of a busy life and heal.  The trees and water will help you relax and heal your spirit.  
In the book it says this card shows you that a healing has occurred and it is now time for you to let this worry go and be healed from it.  When I read this card for people I usually see this as a situation in which the person is going through a healing.

Romance is the next card.  So once you've gone through all this Romance will be the outcome.  For those of you who are not in a relationship this card tells you that a romance is in your future.  So listen to your inner guidance so that you are in the right place to meet this person.  Your angels will bring the two of you together so there is no need to go looking.  
If you are in a relationship this could mean a renewed sense of romance in the relationship.  

A few different things happening in this reading but all and all it comes together.  It also can go hand and hand with Samhain and the energy.


I am just going to remind you that this day is the beginning of the Wheel of the Year.  A very powerful night celebrated throughout the world.  A night to honor crossed over loved ones.  A 24 hour time in which the veil between the worlds drops and communication is easy.  Be on your guard, noises you hear through out your house my be someone trying to communicate.  Because this is a time of death and rebirth it is a great day to put in the past all that has happened this year and to start a new year and move forward into a more positive you.  Celebrate and enjoy!

Have an amazing two weeks.  Mystic Monday will post after Halloween as it falls on Monday.
Blessings All,

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturday and EVPs

Hi All,
I am very frustrated as I am trying to get EVPs posted and I'm having a horrible time with it.  I upgraded my sound organizer and after listening to it I need to go back to my old one on my old computer.  So it's going to take me a little bit longer than I thought but still wanting to get these published here before Monday or on Monday.  I am very sorry these won't get posted today as I'm still half way through listening.
Blessing and Thanks for understanding.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


I will not be posting a blog for Monday on Halloween. 
I hope to post by Saturday the EVPs from last weekend's visit to Folsom House.
So keep checking back and I will post to Facebook and Twitter when I have this up or a link to them.
Blessings All,

Monday, October 17, 2016

EVPs from Folsom House Update

Hi All,
Tonight I have been listening to some of our recordings and so far we have 2 EVPs from yhe bedroom of a little boy. I hope to share by the end of the week.  Nothing is ever easy and tonight I had to find softwear for my new computer to listen.

Again I hope to have it all gone through and posted by this weekend.


Folsom House Museum

Hi All,

This week was pretty busy for me.  Did everyone see the super moon on Saturday?  I so didn't remember it when I booked Becca and I at the Folsom House.  

Cards for the Week
I have changed decks once again and these are my Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.  I don't really use this deck much.  Something drew me to it today.
So card one is the Breaking Free card.  This card is about leaving any habits, patterns that you may be suck in or areas in your life you are not truly happy in.  Take the leap of faith and just get out of the hamster wheel.  
Be Honest with Yourself.  Is this truly what you would like in your life?  Time for a list of pros and cons.  It will only work if you are honest.
Raising Your Standards.  You have learned what it is you do not like or wish to have in your life.  Now it's time to raise the bar to attract what it is you would like to achieve or have come into your life.
Financial Flow.  This says you are tapped into the universal abundance.
Letting Go.  Stop trying to solve a problem or make a situation work.  Let it go and it will turn out as it should.  

I hope these card readings for the week are helping you get guidance for what could come your way.

Folsom House
Last week I put up some photos of Folsom House in Taylors Falls, MN.  Becca and I were invited back by Chad who runs the place to have a private session with the house and the ghost that are there. Here are some photos from this Saturday night.  We were also invited back for an late night early morning investigation as Chad has told us the place becomes more active as the night turns early morning. 
Now I do have a voice recorder I have yet to listen to so I hope I can figure out how to share what is on there if I find any evidence as I work my way through the recordings.
So here are some photos.  I will say we had flashlight interactions in the downstairs parlor and we had pendulum and card interactions upstairs in one of the bedrooms.  Oddly enough it was the bedroom that the hallway door, which creeps out Chad, opens to.

 Hallway leading up to the bedroom where we had activity with the pedulum and cards.   This hallway and door creeps out the manager of the property.  He feels like there is always someone standing there.

We started at 5pm.  This is a photo of the side of the house.  Look in the left window. 

These two photos were taken downstairs just off of the dining room.  I can't put my finger on what it is about the back corner but I felt like someone was sitting there the entire time watching us.
We did not get any activity in this room with the flashlight.

I will say there were areas all over the house where I was cold or felt a breeze. I was assured there was no way that could happen as the house was a museum and had temperature control and we were also told there is never any dust.  Keep that in mind as we look at orb photos.

 Card spread done with Becca.  She shuffled the cards every time she pulled one from the deck.  This is what came up.  I will try to upload the recording of this later this week.  In this room we did get the name Anne.  We believe she was an older woman connected to the family of the house.  Possibly a great aunt to the family.  In this room there was a new beginning with a couple who were newly weds.
This is the attic.  Now I did use a flash but there is a small orb in the lower middle of the post.  There is a lot of reflection going on off the metal duct work.

 This is the parlor two rooms.  In this area we had the most activity.  If you look right above the flame there is a small orb.  Now this could be from the flame however I've never seen something like this before.
 There is an orb on the ceiling in this room.  Right above the piano.  Now the window in the back became a focal point for us.  We have a picture of a man standing between the window and the table.
Again these two rooms gave us the most activity.  We had great flashlight interactions.  They didn't like women using swear words so we kept our language clean.  When we ask if it was because we were women the light went on for yes.

There is an orb on the top of the window.  On the white line above the second rectangle of glass.  I think I deleted the photo of the man....dang it!

Well that is all I have.  So more in December from this house.  We have been invited back for a wee hours stay.  

So here is video from after being at Folsom House.  We headed to the local bar.  Some bar we were at the last weekend and had discussed a video show of Two Drunk Psychics.  Now just know that we are never drunk when we work and we only have one drink after.  I am a huge believer that alcohol will lower your vibrations and allow anything to come at you and attempt to communicate so I do not drink while I read or do any metaphysical events.  After I only have one because alcohol can be a little stronger after doing energy work.  But the title sounded fun and really one drink is pretty good for relaxing after.
We have a video from after the visit that I will post as soon as I can figure out how to get it to download.  

No dates that are interesting this week.
Have an amazing week All,  I will try to get any EVPs uploaded this week
Blessings All,

Friday, October 14, 2016

Saturday 10/15/16

Hi All,
Becca and I will be investigating the Folsom House in Taylors Falls, MN.  We were invited back to have the house to ourselves to explore and see if we can figure out what is there.  Stories will be posted on Monday.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Ghost Walk.....Great Stories from One Night.

Hi All,
I have so much to tell and some photos to share so let's jump in and get started.  Let's not forget the Reading of the Week.

Sunday the 16th is the Full Moon.  Time to do your ritual.

Cards of the Week:
This week I chose the Ascended Masters Deck by Doreen Virtue, PhD.  I bought this one a year ago I think.  I like it.  It introduced me to some Masters I didn't know about.

Here we go.  This week we are being guided to Retreat into Nature.  What does this mean?  It means to go for a walk by the river, a lake or in the forest and just be one with mother earth.  By being out in nature you will destress and recharge your energy.  
Go Now.  This card tells you to basically leave the situation.  Are you in a relationship with someone friend or loved one who is toxic?  It could be time for you to just do something to move toward and outcome of positive so just do it.  Take the leap of faith.
Priorities:  Make a list of what it is you would like to accomplish and get it done.  lol.  This is the time to work on projects that you enjoy.  This could even be making yourself a priority.  Take 5 to 10 minutes for yourself during your day.  Meditate, walk, whatever makes you feel better and make it your number one priority to get done during your day.

Ghost Tour
Saturday night my friend Becca, who has done guest blogs here, and I went out for well the day.  We started out with a class on Druids and what it means to be on that path, then we went to Taylors Falls, MN for a Belly Dance event and a Ghost Walk of Angel Hill.
I highly recommend the Ghost Walk at Folsom House in Taylors Falls.  You will not be disappointed.

Spoiler:  There are actors that will scream and run at the crowd. Now if you are like me I can deal with the "real" dead but the living pretending to be dead to scare me ....No thanks.  I about had a heart attack when a guy ran from a house past us.  

Our Folsom House tour began outside the house.  Now there were two other sensitive people with Becca and I and I will share what we all expereinced and I go.  

Outside the house when we arrived and were waiting for the group to gather.  I felt a noose being put around my neck and I kept seeing a noose.  I also saw a dog running around outside which followed us inside and stayed by my side the entire time we were in the house.  At the end of the night we talked to Chad the manager and he did say there was a man in the neighborhood that hung himself about 100 years ago.  Now this house where this man died was the next house we ended up visiting on the walk.  Becca and I both sensed a little boy in the upper window of this side of the house.
The tree and light photo above, was an area we sensed a man standing watching us.  We think he could have been the creepy guy from the next house on the tour.

 This was the first room we enetered in the house.  To tell you the truth I'm not sure what the story was in this room because I was getting to sick and ended up with a coughing episode that was so bad my friends thought I was going to spew.   We entered this room and the bits I understood from the tour was a woman who had just given birth was drugged for depression which made her worse. I believe the mother and baby passed away.   Here is what I picked up just from the energy in the room.  I walked in and started to feel very sick to my stomach and light headed.  Then I felt a heaviness in my chest like someone was pressing on it.  Finally it ended in a coughing fit that lasted a few minutes and was very harsh.

 This bedroom wasn't so bad and there was a feeling of peace here.  This was a room where a soldier had his wife laid out in final resting on the bed with a veil over here.  (actors)  I didn't catch all that was said in this room as I was recovering from the room next door.  You'll have to book the tour. :)
 This room had a lot going on.  To the left of the table there was only one spot that felt cool and made all four of us feel like someone was pushing on our chest making it difficult to breathe.  The room to the right of this one was a dining room where a man lived and was not a nice person to children.  There was a little boy in the corner of that room curled up and all four of us experienced the room spinning counter clockwise like a bad ride where you expect the floor to drop out.  We didn't say in that front room long.  The room above had a few ghost walking through but nothing to bad energy wise.
Same room as above.  The door on the right goes out to the room that was spinning.  I couldn't take a photo in that room because the energy was so bad.  The man ended up taking his life as the story goes.
After leaving the house we walked the neighborhood and visited outside some haunted houses.  The owners shared their stories with the tour to be included.
 This is the house where the man hung himself.  He was known to be a not so nice dude.  He is the one we believe was hanging out in the street and the yard of the Folsom House bothering us.
Looking down the road to where we were headed next.  Becca was grabbed a few times on her backside as we stood on this street in front of the above house.  Again we believe it was the not so nice dude.
 This house had some interesting stories.  One of a delivery driver from recent times reporting a little girl standing upstairs on the porch.   One of an old woman who walked through the kitchen.  I'd love to get into this house to see if the old woman was residual energy as she had a pattern from walking where the original door was to the outside lower porch.
 My apologies for the quality of the photos.  When I left for the day I forgot my voice recorder and my camera that I take on haunts.  This photo I challenge you to look and tell me what you see.
This one as well.  There is someone hanging out in the corner.  

When we made it back to the Folsom House we had the chance to investigate the nursery off the room I got sick in.  We weren't able to pick up anyone that wanted to manifest and talk but we did feel like someone was there wanting to talk.  We have been invited back to a private tour and I will post what we find there as we will be able to walk through the entire house.

I hope you enjoyed the little stories with the photos here.  More to come.

Have an amazing week.
Blessings All.

Monday, October 3, 2016

New Weekly Features

Hi All,
We are starting a brand new set up here on Mystic Monday.  Please comment and let me know what your thoughts are.

As always we will start with dates for this week.
Monday is Rosh Hashanah.

Now for the new.  Every week I will pick a card of the week from one of my decks.  I'll explain the card and then you can figure out what it means to you for the week.  This week I am using the Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards.

Card of the Week

First week of the new and well 3 cards came up.  Now I picked this deck for the first week because it was my first deck ever.  I love this deck.

Step 1:  I shuffled the deck while asking for guidance for the Mystic Monday fans for the week.
Step 2: Read the cards to you.

This set is all about out growth with the the old year ending this month and the new year starting on Samhain or Halloween.
    The first card is the Dream card.  As you look at the card you can see a woman peacefully sleeping while sitting in a forest.  The dream card for me means to pay attention to your dreams.  If you wake up from one, keep paper near and write it down.  Review your dream journal often to see if there are patterns.  You may feel that you have traveled or you may wake up more tired than when you fell asleep. This is because your angels and guides are taking you places and educating you as your body sleeps.  
    The second card is the Divine Guidance card.  On this card there is an angel standing on clouds raising her hand as she lets go or is calling a star in the shape of a heart.  Divine Guidance tells us that at this time we are being guided by our higher power.  This is a time to listen to your gut instinct or your intuition.  
     The last card is Spiritual Growth.  In this card we see an angel surrounded in darkness with a small bit of light around her crown chakra as she has her head tilted toward her divine.  She is dropping some feathers signaling a release of something.
     So when we put all these cards together,  this means this week, we should pay attention to our dreams and our intuitions as we seek spiritual growth that will help us to evolve ourselves and our souls.  The dreams and our intuition will help guide us in our search for spiritual growth.  When we grow we release things in our lives that are holding us back.

This week I wish us all luck on our journey.  I am starting over on my training as I have been lacking in mediating daily.  

Follow your inner wisdom.  When you are at a point in your life that you need guidance, close your eyes, focus on your breathing, ask your higher self or guides for help.  Then just listen and trust the guidance you are  being given.

That's all for this week.  Next week I will have some fun stories to tell as we get close to Halloween as well as the Card Reading for the week.

Blessings All,