Monday, November 16, 2015

Mystic Monday ~ Reflection

Hi All,

Let’s take just a few minutes to remember those that were killed needlessly in Paris… Innocent lives snuffed out early…Why? Was this France’s version of our 9/11? 

Mystic Monday blog came about to educate people about one’s self. We are always talking here about ideas of working for the greatest good or working to learn from one’s higher self. Many times we talk about soul lessons and what it is we have to learn from people and situations in our lives to help our soul evolve. So with all this in mind I pose some questions for you to ponder. I can’t answer these for you and I don’t want to get started in a way that I’m standing on a soap box spewing what I believe we, as a world, should do to these terrorist. So let’s spin this and ponder this from a different point of view. 

Okay, let’s fall back on my Catholic up brining. I was brought up to believe in Heaven and Hell. I was also taught God is all forgiving. Then I started educating myself and studying the other side and different ways of thinking about things. Some in the psychic circles believe in two different tracks for the soul. One belief is that there is a light track and a dark track. Souls from the light side are souls that are always evolving to bring good into the world. Now this doesn’t mean that all the souls from this light circle are good to the extreme. Some go through life as the average person doing good things here and there for people. When they cross over they go into the light.

Now there is the dark side. This is the track where souls are just horrible. They work to bring dark and negative into the world. When these souls die they cross over into the darkness.

I’ve never heard of a “gray area” where a soul could come from one track and cross to the other. But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. 

I’m not saying I believe this, but I have read it from respectable psychics. Now we can also look at karma. We all come from the light and we all cross back into the light and it doesn’t matter how horrible we have been because in the end it is what we learned and then we reincarnate to make up for our mistakes. 

So I leave it as that and just present some different ways of looking at the other side.
As for the people who lost their lives Friday, how can we justify those that were lost? How do we stand by as a world and not hold people accountable for the horrible killings of innocent people? 


This week I was talking to some of my friends who are intuitives. We were discussing how things in our lives are coming around and it is our time to look at what we are learning from these things. One friend said it had something to do with Saturn making an exit soon, and when it does, if we haven’t learned we will repeat the patterns in two years. So this got me to thinking of how many times I have repeated things over the last few years and had it come full circle again because I truly believe the person I’ve been on repeat with would become the person I knew he could be. But it’s all about choices and free will. I have no clue how planets or astrology figures into things so I am now reading up on all this in a 101 sort of way. Please forgive me for not being accurate.

During this time I encourage you all to look back over the last year or two if needed and see the patterns you are stuck in. Then step back and take a real good look at those patterns. What are you gaining? Are you happy? What are you getting from them? Are you giving more than you are getting back from someone? Is the situation going as you would have wished it to be so that all involved are happy and loved? If you are not receiving what you thought and you are not happy most of the time in the situation then why repeat it? Learn from it, move on, and manifest what it is you would like to come into your life. I’ve learned to start asking the universe, “How does life get better than this? How can I get…? And because I am single and seeking the one to share life with I borrowed this affirmation from a friend. “I am seeking the man who is seeking me”. However, I add to it when I burn my manifesting list with the moon phases. When I have thoughts of a person who is in the pattern I keep repeating, I ask things like, “That’s an interesting thought”, that way I can table it until I feel like looking at it or meditate on it usually that night.

I hope this gives you some things to ponder this week or do some homework and look at patterns you have been repeating and are they going to change.

Have a great week all!


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