Friday, October 30, 2015

Hi All,
We are working on a back up plan for Swede Hallow since it might rain.  I should have something posted on the event page and Mystic Monday facebook page tonight as to where we will meet if it is raining.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thriller Thursday

Hi All,

Let’s jump right into the ghost story!

This past weekend I sat in on a Ghost Investigations class out at the Enchanted Boutique and was talked into going to the Real Ghost tours on Saint Anthony’s Main in Minneapolis, MN.

We arrived for the 9:30 tour. The staff gives you a backpack to use for the night with a flashlight, an EMF detector and rods. Then you set off on a 90 minute walking tour. We started by going outside to the bridge across the street. I suggest dressing for the weather. I always dress in layers because you never know how cold basements and what not can be. Anyway, under the overpass for the bridge the group was given a chance to use EMF detectors. Now I warned the tour guides that I am a medium and that I would stay to the back of the group so I could pick up on things. The guide was awesome and she really knew her history. She said that afterwards she wanted to compare notes. Jenny Davis and I started to conduct our own investigations with the equipment that she brought. I was armed with my flashlight and voice recorder, along with my notebook.

After a little time under the bridge and some pictures, we took off with the group to the buildings. The most active area was the basement. Now it is hard to get EVP’s down there as the next day there was a lot of background noise to get through to hear any whispers from the residents that haunted the building, however I did catch a few.
We entered an area where a little boy Jimmy hangs out. The guide was able to get Jimmy to play with the groups’ EMF detectors. Jenny set up her high-tech spirit box which also takes temps. The spirit around us can manipulate the box and the sound it gives off and then the lights also go off. I had the flashlight down and Jenny had her box on. The guide asked if Jimmy could manipulate the box and a few seconds after she asked, the box went wild with making noise and the temp dropping. The group continued off down a hallway that was an area used as a brothel. I lingered behind. My legs got chilled the height of a child, as if a child was holding on to me around my knees. The two men that were helping with the tour asked what I was feeling. I said Jimmy is telling me that I am not allowed to go down the hallway. He isn’t allowed to go any further than this entryway. As I crossed the door way the coldness went away so I backed up and crossed back to Jimmy’s side of the hall. Again my legs became cold. I told him I would be “okay” and then I continued with the two men on staff from the tour.

We entered the hallway where the brothel was located and the group had already started to communicate with the ghosts there. The ghosts were lighting up all the EMF detectors when asked questions. I was given a vision of a woman being strangled with a white scarf. She also said her name was Emily. I called out to the woman guiding our tour, “Do you know if there was a murder here?” All the EMF detectors went off. Then I asked, “Is there an Emily here?”  and again all the detectors went off. I then asked, “Emily were you strangled with a white scarf?”  and yet again all the EMF detectors went off. The tour guide took a moment and had the group surround the area with white light and happy memories. I began to help Emily cross over into the light. I simply asked an angel to come down and then asked Emily to think of her parents or a loved one who would appear to her to help her into the light. As far as I know she went. 

After all of this we continued to walk the building and then went down into an area of the basement where they were doing some remodeling and putting in new bathrooms.
In the hallway before the bathrooms Jenny and I were able to get some activity with the flashlight being turned on and off. Before going down the hallway I was looking toward the far wall and I kept seeing a shadow of the outline of a person walking across the hallway. I said to Jenny, “Do you see that?” We both looked down the hall. She’s like, “Well let’s go down there… you first.” 

Great. Me first! I was carrying a voice recorder and when I played it back the next day, at this point you can hear a voice whisper, “Go this way.”  That was said as I started down the hall.

More was caught on the voice recorder and we did have a good flashlight session. The ghosts in the hall were not real keen on the idea of having me around so I ended up leaving the group so the ghosts would communicate more with the tour. For some reason they didn’t like me being there as a medium. Which is all good, not everyone likes you in life, therefore not everyone wants to talk to you when they are dead.
If you want a great interactive tour I highly recommend going to the Real Ghost Tour. It will cost you about $25 and there is a lot of good history of the area given as well.

If you are in the Saint Paul area, Becca and I will be hosting a haunted picnic on Halloween from 11am to 1pm at Swede Hallow Park. We are taking donations of  $2.00 to help cover the cost of water and snacks.

Have a great rest of the week and as always Blessings All!


Monday, October 26, 2015

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

Thank you to all that came out to the Enchanted Boutique for the book signing! I met a lot of great people. 

Dates:  As always let’s get some dates out of the way : )

Tuesday the 27th is the full moon. 

Wednesday the 28th is the beginning of Celtic Tree month of Reed.

Saturday the 31st is Halloween. New Year!  Celebration of the dead, take this night to remember all the crossed over loved ones in your family.

Sunday is November 1st All Saints’ Day.  Daylight savings begins at 2am.

I could use this time to talk about Halloween but you know I think I do that every year so let’s just skip it. Celebrate Halloween how you feel is right for you. For me it will be giving out candy while watching all the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Halloween episodes or maybe watching Practical Magic or something. I will do a New Year ritual clearing my energy and leaving all the negative things in the past. I’ll also find a way to honor the ancestors.

So since we are not talking Halloween let’s talk about what happened this weekend. I will save the ghost story part for Thriller Thursday.

Saturday was the book signing event and the store was busy, I met some amazing people, sold a few copies and held a few sessions. I want to go over a topic we talked about in the store. I was talking with the owner and the new Tarot card reader who was hanging out.

We started talking about traditional Reiki vs bringing in other tools in a session. Then the topic switched to what a good healer does vs a person out to make money in whatever field of the metaphysical they are in. Saturday I had a client come in for a reading. She was able to work with her guides on her own and kind of giggled when the cards came up as she knew what she was supposed to be doing. When we got done reading for her I said you know I think what you really need is a healing session instead of a reading. So I ended up working on her energy with a Reiki session. The second reading I had for the day, the client was much like the first. The cool thing was after working with the second I walked out to the counter and the shop owner and the tarot card reader were talking and asked if the reading went good. I said yes, but I did put Reiki symbols back into her aura and the funny thing is I saw bright gold light every time I was channeling the symbols to pass into her energy field. The tarot card reader looked at me and said that explains the waves of heat I felt as you were in there. 

That was awesome. So what is the point to all this?  The point is, whoever you are working with will take the time to get to know what you need and get you to who you need to work with or what you need for your highest good. The tarot card reader told me about a woman she knew that did astrology charts. She said they had traded services and it was a good thing she did because when she got the chart she started googling some of the phrases that were in the chart and the entire chart was pasted together from different websites. This astrology chart reader was charging for charts that she didn’t even draw up on her own. We also talked about how a person who is out for money will also try to get you to buy more services you will not need. Use your gut and ask questions before you chose a person to work with. 

This weekend I was on the Real Ghost Tour at Saint Anthony Main in Minneapolis, MN. Read about the tour on Thriller Thursday.

Have an amazing week!

Blessings All,

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thriller Thursday

Hi All,

Welcome back to another ghost story Thursday!

Today I am going to take you to a popular sporting goods store in Wausau, Wisconsin in the first two photos. 

The first photo you see a streak of light at the bottom of the stairs. 

In the second photo it is the same stairs just taken as I rounded the corner from above to walk down the stairs after taking the first. Can I explain it? Nope, I can’t. 

But I can tell you what I think it is. I was called out with the team from Stevens Point, Wisconsin to investigate. The owner had had a psychic walk through the building once before and wanted to compare notes. I believe the streak of light is one of the resident ghosts staying ahead of the team as we set up and made our way through the building. At this store I was able to describe the man that haunts the basement and we were able to get him to manipulate the flashlight for the owner of the store. The man, who was in life the janitor of the place, would only communicate with men. He had told me several times that he didn’t want me in his space. I respected his wishes and left the area as soon as the owner recovered the flashlight and I had done a walk through with the team. The men on our team had some interesting EVP’s with him.

This building also shared a ghost with the building behind it. One of the town’s clubs is located in the building behind this store. In the 30’s there were tunnels connecting the buildings for bootlegging. A woman who I described as having her long dark hair in a up in a bun style and a floor length dress with petticoats and a high collar, walked the upstairs floors and then went through the wall to the neighboring building. The ghost I described to the owner was identified by the owner as a woman who was in charge of, or resided at the club just across the alley. 

The third picture is of the space where the janitor hangs out the most.

House Hunting…

There is nothing like the thrill of going out and looking for a new house. For me it took 2 years to find the house. My agent took me in and out of about every house he could get his hands on in my area and price range. One house I will never forget. I loved the yard and the look of the house. We walked into the main door and stood in the living room talking, when an elderly woman stepped out from the kitchen and yelled at me, “Get out of my house!” I looked at my agent and said we need to leave now and I’ll tell you at the next house why. 

The next two pictures are two of my favorites because they were a kind of you had to be there thing. 

The team and I were at the First Ward School House in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. We had put two flashlights in what is called the “Kindergarten room”. I could feel the presence of children in the room, so we started to sing, “Ring Around the Roses”. The first picture with the orbs I took as some of the team joined hands and circled around the flashlights. The second photo was taken as I sang, “We all fall down”  just seconds after the first. Now you can say it’s dust and I won’t get upset. I believe it’s the kids playing with us and all falling down. Again believe what you will, it makes no difference to me.

Next week we will talk about ghosts and photos from travels I’ve had. I might even have some new evidence from the class I am assisting with on Friday night.

Until next week’s stories,

Have an amazing week!

Blessings All,