Monday, January 26, 2015

Lets Talk Balance

Hi All,

I can’t believe we are almost through the month of January already. It’s crazy how fast it all seems to go. 

Let’s talk balance this week. Get ready because we are going to talk about everyday life and looking at things like your schedule to your own energy system.

First let me ask you this. How much time do you take to be by yourself during the day without any distraction? Or should I say where in your day can you fit 5 minutes of time where you can close your eyes and just breathe? If your answer is I have no time at all then let’s talk because I was that person. My Reiki Master asked me to start with 5 minutes and do you think I could even figure out where to get 5 minutes from? No I couldn’t.

Let me throw some ideas out there because we need to figure out how to fit in “me time” and create some balance so that we can start finding ways to bring some peace into our lives. Last March I believe I posted a blog on the water experiments and how negative and positive energy can affect how symmetrical or odd a water drop can turn into an ice crystal.  will get you a short three minute video of words, music, and pictures of how water reacted.

I share this to get you thinking about how much negative energy you come into contact with and how what you hear can have an effect on your body and energy as we are after all made up of water. However, I also wanted to throw this out there again just to get you thinking about how what you take in during the day can boost you or bring you down. Therefore getting your “me time” in can help recharge yourself and help get rid of some of the stress you face during the day.

Let’s start small. We talked once about energy cords that you put out to everyone you come into contact with throughout the day and those people then can plug into your energy sending cords to you. This week I challenge you to get rid of those cords throughout your day. Now, I hear it already. Wendy, really I work in an office and never have time to myself so that I can do this privately? How do I do this without everyone looking at me? You go to the bathroom don’t you? It takes seconds to do this simple cord cutting. If you are good at visualizing then just close your eyes for a second at your desk and get it done that way.

Start by bundling up all the cords to your front. Start at your crown and work your way down to your feet. You are going to place your hands at the back of your head and bring them to the front as if you were making a pony tail with your hair. Then I go down the body bundling energy at every chakra. When you get to your feet you will bundle energy from front to back and here I go in between chakras. When you get to the top take a deep breath in, stretch your hands up over your head and bend your hands at the wrist so your fingertips face each other. This forms a knife with your hands. Then forcefully sweep your hands down as you exhale big through your mouth and have the intent that all energy cords be cut and released. Now bring your hands up take your breath and do the same to the back. The cords that are cut will be at your feet, step out of the circle they make and they will disappear back to mother earth.
If you are good at visualizing simply take a minute to see yourself doing this and have the intent that you would like all these cords released.

Now, we need to find time in your schedule for “me time”. Can you get up 5 minutes early? Can you hold off your bed time 5 minutes? During your work break can you go somewhere, maybe to your car, and put on some soothing music to close your eyes for 5 minutes and do nothing but focus on your breathing?

Focusing on your breathing is the first step to meditation and calming your thoughts. So this week I want us all to take just 5 minutes to start the change and just focus on the inhale and exhale of our breath and what our body feels like at the time we are doing this. It is okay if your thoughts wander just pull them back to focusing on the in and out of your breathing. 

This is your homework for the week! Next week we are going to work the chakras and I’ll have some books and CD recommendations to help with this.

Until then have an amazing week!


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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What is a Medium?

Hi All,

What the heck am I doing on a Wednesday? Well getting back to basics!
We are going to go over what a Medium or psychic is and how we get our information. Then we are going to start talking how you can build your skills and listen to your guides.

So what is a Medium? To me a medium and psychic are interchangeable. Psychic though tends to get me some nasty looks because of the bad press in the 80’s and 90’s with psychic networks and scams. A medium is someone who receives information from the other side via spirit guides. Okay, those are in my words and not an official definition.

How does one get information? Well information comes across from Spirit via guides or angels or crossed over loved ones. It can come in the form of hearing a voice, a feeling of just knowing the information, a feeling, a vision which could be a picture or a mini movie, or a smell. There have been times for me when touch comes into play. This happens when I’m out on an paranormal investigation and I feel a light touch and get information from that, most of the time it’s a feeling that accompanies a touch (for me anyway).

Cards and other tools for divination purposes do not need to be used to get a reading. Most of the time when I use Angel cards it’s not for me as much as they are for you to see. I may ask you to share information but I never pry for information. If you don’t believe in what I do or aren’t invested in the reading I will sometimes be able to tell as your guides will tell mine you’re not into what’s going on. This has happened to me more than once. I’ve seen a wall in front of a client and I’ve had to say “I’m sorry I can’t read for you because what I am seeing is a big brick wall which to me means…”  I’ve also had one person’s guide sit in front of the client and shake his head “No” as I heard the words “Bull Shit.”  The client was dragged to a party with a friend who wanted a reading and the client herself did the reading to be supportive to her friend, but thought that I was full of it. It’s okay.

When I read Angel cards I will have you pick 5 cards after you shuffle the deck and think of a question you’d like direction with. I will not ask for the question until we have gone through your cards and have discussed the information I have been given. During readings I usually get information via visions or hearing it. 

Now, if we are doing a healing session that’s different; I may get a vision here or there. Most of the information when I am healing comes from just knowing or hearing.
Hearing information was a hard skill for me to learn to trust because you hear your own voice in your mind. So then your ego plays the game of “you’re making it up and you don’t know what you’re talking about”. However, a medium friend of mine taught me this. “Always speak what spirit tells you and do not judge it because it’s not your information to own. It’s for your client.”  It’s a hard thing to do because you’re wondering if the person you are with is going to look at you like you are crazy and you have no clue if you are right without their feedback. This is a big trust thing.

I will say it’s okay to doubt the information but still speak it because no matter how crazy you think it is, your client will understand it.

Okay, now how are you going to build this skill of getting information? Can you?  Yes you can because we are all born with the ability to do this. It’s a skill just like riding a bike or throwing a football. Some of us are better than others but we can all do it.

The first step is practice. Keep it simple. Ask questions of your guides for information. Things like, okay I have this list of things to do what order should I do them in? Then do them the way you are guided to do even if it has you running across town and back. Why? Because maybe you’ll meet someone you haven’t seen in years.

How do you know your guides? Meditation and asking them to show themselves to you and then don’t be afraid to ask questions to confirm for you to build a trust. There is an awesome book on how to that helped me get to know my guides and establish that bond. I highly recommend reading and doing the exercises in the book “How to Meet and Work with Spirit Guides” By Ted Andrews. It’s not an expensive book and it is one you will keep as a reference and go back to when needed. I have had my copy for years and love it.

So there is a little basic information to get you going this week.

Have an amazing week and Blessings,

Monday, January 19, 2015

A Course in Miracles

Hi All,

This last week for me has been an explosion of new information as I am reading through several books at the same time. It started with this nagging feeling of having to pick up Marianne Williamson's A Return to Love: Reflection's on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles" again and then it grew as I remembered how deep the reading would be so I started Return to Love, as I said last week. Then that started the idea that I should listen to the Marianne’s workshop so over to "audible" I went and downloaded it for listening to in the car on my commute to my day job. With all that said we are going to discuss some of that, or bits and pieces of it all, so far. But first as always, let’s get some dates out of the way!

Tuesday is the New Moon. Get out your pen and paper and write out everything that isn’t working or for your highest good. If not then meditate on it for a few minutes. When I do a meditation to release all that is holding me back I see myself on a high cliff and a big moon in the sky. Then I peel off all the shadow, dark negative things and toss them up to the moon to release them. I keep this up until I can’t think or feel anything else left. Then I hold my hands up to the moon and give thanks for this amazing experience and healing of all this energy I just released to the moon.
Wednesday the Celtic Tree Month of Rowan begins. Oh lovely, Mercury goes into retrograde until February 11th. That means watch out for things electrical going crazy. Here is an article from Llewellyn about retrograde.

Well with all that said let’s kick some ideas around or some of what I’ve been reading around and see if we can get some discussions going.

So the first thing that stands out in my mind that I came across this week from A Course in Miracles is where I think it was first said. “Love is to Fear what Light is to Darkness.”  When you do not like darkness, what do you do? You turn on a light and the dark goes away. So then if you fear something, you should look at it with love so that love can remove the fear like light does with darkness. Try it! I’m thinking that is going to be something that takes a while to work through.

Now this next thought is something that a friend of mine brought up to me as we are discussing and working through this energy shift that we as humans are going through. This goes back on what I was taught growing up Catholic, and what I’ve learned with communicating with the other side. The other side, Heaven—or whatever you may call it—is a place of joy, happiness and unconditional love. So if we as souls are supposed to have learning experiences to help our soul evolve, then how can we learn on the other side when we are surrounded by nothing but positive experiences? Therefore, to evolve ourselves we need to come back to places like Earth to help us have experiences to learn. It is here, or where ever we chose to learn, that we can have negative experiences that help us learn how to get past whatever it is we are working on. Thus we have many lifetimes repeating patterns until we’ve learned it successfully, or we have many lifetimes here to experience and learn different things because what we learned may not have taken as long. We also use these opportunities to balance out our karma with people. Because again if the other side is all positive and full of unconditional love, how then do we learn and balance? Now I am just presenting these things for you to think about. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, I’m just presenting ideas and hoping you will pick one up and think about it.

With that all said, I did pick up a copy of A Course in Miracles and I will this year try to read through it because there has to be something in there the guides want me to know. I believe this is the year that I will be working harder on seeing things in a different way, and it doesn’t mean I will be a pushover in situations, but I will be looking at things and reacting in situations I hope with a little more patience and understanding, instead of reacting with strong emotions. I hope that’s what I’m supposed to be getting out of all this stuff I’m being guided to read and talk about with like-minds.

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Until next week ~ Blessings All,

Monday, January 12, 2015

Let's talk Love

Hi All,

I have a blog to challenge your thinking today. Let’s talk about Love and returning to the spiritual beings we are. It sounds deep and it may even go there but, again this is just to challenge and get you moving in whatever direction it takes you.

We have talked about the other-side and my experience with communicating with the other-side. From all my experiences with readings for clients over the years and talking to their crossed over loved ones, the main message that comes across is that of unconditional love. 

We all have our spiritual support team that can look different ways depending on your spiritual upbringing. It can include Ascended Masters, Angels, Spirit Guides in human and or animal form, Gods and Goddesses, and so on. All however, have unconditional love in common. You will never be left alone know matter what it is you do. Your team will always offer you love and support. 

Crossed over loved ones have had in common the message that the other-side is all unconditional love. That love comes from the Source or God/Goddess you believe in. We need to remember this world we live in is a learning place and is not our soul’s true home. Our true home and state of being is with God and in love on the other-side. 

Another thing I have recently learned is, your soul group here on Earth that come into this life with you and your twin flame or soul mate help you with your lessons and keeping on track for learning love, giving and receiving, learning to love through forgiveness and banishing our fears through love. I am not saying everyone is here to learn just love. You have made your life chart on the other-side with your team as to what lessons you are going to learn to evolve your soul. But it seems to me that love is an underlying thing we are all moving towards learning and the different types of love there are.
Now since it’s a new year I have been doing research on myself and what can I use as tools to help me through this lesson of seeing situations and dealing with situations with love and coming from a heart energy instead of a heated emotional place or place of anger, which serves nothing.

Once again I have this nagging feeling to start reading A Course in Miracles since so many of my friends and fellow healers have read it. I’ve started this many times without success of getting through it, but I will try again because I am being nagged by a feeling there is something within it I need.

I have recently purchased “A Year of Miracles” by Marianne Williamson. This book has been a fresh look daily at how to bring love into your life and become closer to God or the Source. This book is wonderful and I look forward to picking it up daily.

So for this week I hope all that gets you thinking. Check out Mystic Monday’s Facebook page as I will be posting some articles there that should get you thinking more. Also, be one of our first 20 followers here on the new blog page and you could win a free 30 minute reading with me!

Until next week,
Blessings All,

Monday, January 5, 2015


Hi All,

Welcome to the new home of Mystic Monday's blog!

Tuesday is 12th Night. If you haven’t done so yet take down those Christmas decorations before this day is over, or according to tradition, if you leave them up it will be bad luck.

Last week we touched on New Year’s and the goals we make. Now I never do the resolution thing because I have a hard time keeping up with it after a few weeks. I would be the one to go to the gym and then just stop if I skipped a night. This year I am about learning how to balance life (work and home) and then really getting my practice up and running. I’d love nothing more than to go to more expos and do workshops around the knowledge I have collected over the years with intuitive healing, Reiki, Nemeton Energy System and all that jazz. Instead of making a goal that you may break I challenge you to figure out what makes you happy and do that and enjoy that in the moment. Focus on the little things that can then turn into bigger things! 

Over the last few months I have been watching videos and reading a bunch of different stuff on “love” and really moving into this energy shift the earth is going through where humans are moving out of the dimension we are in and going into the 5th dimension. What does this mean? Well the 101 version is, we will all be raising the planet vibration and that of humanity by living through our heart chakras. Now I’m introducing this idea and although I have been educating myself on waiting before responding to something and really thinking of reacting from a heart center place instead of an emotional or instinct defensive place. For me this isn’t easy. I am a Leo, which means I react before thinking and the roar is pretty loud when I’m defensive or ticked off. But it’s also about looking at things different and owning what I do, but letting go of things that are not in my power to fix or change. It’s a huge patience thing for me and being a Leo that’s not easy but I’m getting better at it.

Why am I telling you all about this? Because we are all human and our mistakes and successes are our lessons and opportunities for us to learn from them. 

So now I have something totally different to present to you for your mind to kick around and hopefully someone will comment and we can get into a good discussion. I’ll also post this on the Mystic Monday Facebook page so we can see if we can get a good discussion going for us to all learn from each other.

So here is my Thing that Makes You go Hummm….

Does a God or Goddess need to have a human life to exist? Are all the forms of Gods and Goddesses actually all the same God or Great Spirit?  

I had this discussion with a friend and was just wondering what you all would think about the same question. 

Thank you for stopping by! This will also turn into my webpage for events and services. I am also thinking about linking videos that I use for reference and on the Mystic Monday Facebook page. Also please check out the Nemeton Energy Group page on Facebook. This amazing energy system that connects you with Mother Earth and her energies is made up of a group of awesome people. 

Until next week.

Blessings All,