Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thriller Thursday ~ Ghosts and Grief

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We have been talking ghosts and ghost stories every Thursday. I have been sharing “Ghost 101” as I know it and some stories to how it all ties together.

Today let’s talk how grief can tie a ghost to being earthbound. While in England this last spring, my group of friends and I went to Wells Cathedral.

Wells Cathedral is the seat of the Bishop of Bath and Wells. It dates back prior to the year 1175 but has been used since then as the seat. The cathedral itself is still in use for services. 

The group ended up splitting up for a bit at our time at the Cathedral. Rob and I did a group tour to gain knowledge of the history of the building. Vicky and her group went at their own pace and took in the cathedral. 

I was in awe of all the art work not only in the design of the building but in the stain glass windows, the pews and ceiling throughout the building. To my surprise there were tombs in the floor for the building throughout the hallways and Bishops and other higher-ups in the church were entombed along the walls of the cathedral and in the mini areas that had alters. I was in constant amazement as to how huge this cathedral was and all the different areas within there were.

It started in a small round private worship area that was circular in shape. Vicky was actually exploring the area as Rob and I were wrapping up our tour. Vicky asked me to come and check out this area. When I walked into the private area I felt an overwhelming feeling of sadness and despair wash over me. Vicky asked me to step out a minute so we could discuss what I was picking up. As I stepped over the doorway and out to the hall, the feelings immediately left. Vicky shared she felt there was a woman stuck in there. I told her what I had felt and we both stepped back into the area. When we did, I took a few minutes to ground, center and do my ritual of preparing to communicate or what my friends call “Tapping In”. Once I was ready, a young woman started to come into my view. She was sobbing as she was curled up in a ball in the middle of the marble floor. I began to describe to Vicky what I was seeing. I slowly approached the woman and asked her why she was there. She said she had lost her husband and sons when raiders burned and pillaged her small village. She had thought she escaped with her infant son, but men found her hiding, took her baby, killed him in front of her and then abused her and killed her as well.

I asked her why she was here in the church and not with her family happy on the other-side and at peace. She said to me she had gotten confused and frightened with all that was going on around her and the sadness she had for her husband and boys. She was crushed spirit-wise seeing her body lying broken on the ground she thought of the Cathedral and it being a place of safety. She said she didn’t remember how she got there, just that she was there.

I then explained to her, she didn’t belong here and that she was in fact deceased like her family and she belonged in the light with them. Still grieving and wiping tears from her eyes she looked up at me and said she did not understand. I had to take a minute to figure out how I was going to explain this all to her. I began by telling her that I was very sorry for the loss of her family who she loved very much. I also told her I couldn’t imagine what she had been through and the pain she must have suffered. I explained to her that when she crossed over to Heaven or the other-side, however she sees it, that she would see her family and be healed from all she suffered in her life. She would experience pure unconditional love and all the grief would come to an end.

I then asked the angels to help by bringing her family with them to help her cross over. I saw her face light up as a small boy jumped into her arms. I could hear him scold her for taking so long to find him again. He smiled at me and then they both faded into a stream of white light.

Vicky and I took a few minutes to discuss what had happened. Then we both channeled Reiki to the area before we grounded and cut cords from the situation.
I still have a hard time believing this woman stayed trapped in the church for hundreds of years grieving for her family and scared to move on.

Have an amazing rest of the week!

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