Intuitive Energy Sessions:   
Intuitive energy sessions include a mix of Reiki, Nemeton Energy System, gemstones and perhaps essential oils to help assist you in clearing and restoring balance to your energy.  If there is any problem area(s) you have, this is a great session to work them out.  Crossed over loved ones or messages from your guides may come through during this session.  Sessions start at $40 for half an hour.  Hour Sessions $70.  Sessions can be done via distance as well as in-person. To schedule a session please contact me at  Ask me about Pet Sessions.

Angel Card Readings: 
Angel cards are a great way to receive guidance from your Angels and Spirit Guides about a specific issue you are dealing with.  If you are at a crossroad in life or are in need of guidance this session can give you the information you seek to get you back on your path.  Sessions are priced as above. Half hour sessions run $40, Hour sessions $70.

Spirit Communication and Ghost Investigations:
I am often called to go to locations that have a haunted history to confirm is there is indeed a ghost on the property.  Once I am at a location I am able to feel and then pick up messages from the ghost (earthbound spirit).   To schedule a spirit communication session please contact me.

I am also able to put you into contact with a crossed over loved one that may have messages for you.  Please contact me for further information as each case is different.

Past Life Regression Sessions:
This session we will need at least a two hour appointment.  During a session you will be talked through a meditation that is designed to relax you and help you unlock memories from past lives.  You are always in control and can stop or more forward at any time in the session.  Sessions start at $125. The first session will take about two hours.   Please call or email for appointments.

Do you have like-minded friends?  Hostesses will receive a free session when they book a party at the price of $150.00 for 6 friends to be present.  At that price guests pay $25 per 20 minute session with Wendy in the comfort of your home.  Parties are a perfect excuse for a "Friends Night".  Angel card readings and Intuitive Energy sessions can be done at your party.  Please contact Wendy for more information at

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