Monday, February 23, 2015

Meditation and self-reflection

Hi All,

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So last week we touched on ways I can sometimes communicate in hopes that it would help one of you figure out how, or with whom, you communicate with. In the past we have talked about ways you can receive communications and to not judge it but just tell who you are reading for what it is you are getting or write it down so you can look at it when you are clear.

How do you work on yourself? I will say for me it is much easier to read for someone or to work on someone in an intuitive energy session than it is for me to work on myself. One of the biggest reasons why is because when I am reading or working on myself I am just too connected or emotionally involved with what it is I want to work on or get information for. Now general stuff is not so bad. So if I get my cards out and ask a general question as to please guide me guidance or what do I need to know for today….I can pick about 5 cards and read and get information that will  help me out.

But things like asking about love and people around me and gaining information doesn’t always work so well. Doing self -treatments with Reiki or Nemeton Energy System, if I keep them general to just keeping my energy clear I am successful, but if I want to go deeper and look at issues that I may need to work on to move forward it doesn’t always work very easy and that’s when I call in my own person for a session and make a trip to a fellow intuitive healer to get my stuff worked on.

The place to start with when working on yourself, is finding your style of meditation. Can you sit and focus on your breathing and then clear your mind to seek your answers, or do you need to busy your body like walk on a treadmill to let your mind wander to seek your answers?

When practicing Reiki or energy work the first thing to do is to learn how to use the energy and you do that by practicing on yourself. When I stated Reiki training there was a period of 30 days of self-treatments I had to do before I could start practicing on friends or family or well my pets…lol. 

So here is your challenge for 30 days to clear your energy. Keep reminding yourself to cut your cords during the day so things do not tap your energy. Then figure out your style of meditation. Meditation and self-reflection time is key when working on yourself. 

For the next couple of weeks let’s just figure out how we meditate the best. I am in the same place. I’m getting back to basics. I am finding 5 minutes a day or more to just be and let my mind go so I can hear the inner wisdom. I need to remember to cut my cord more during the day to keep my energy healthy from all the people I come into contact with. Then self-energy work.

So let’s touch on that next. Now if you’ve been a reader of the blog we have talked about setting up your space. Turn off the phone; turn on some relaxing music, light a candle. Then focus on drawing the universal white light into your crown chakra. See this brilliant white light enter the top of your head from the universe and slowly descend and radiate throughout your body  taking away any energy that no longer serves your highest good with it and exiting out of your feet and traveling down into Mother Earth so that it can be recycled and given back to the universe.  Now, you can direct this energy by visualizing it traveling to your hands and then place your hands over areas of the body that you may feel are stressed or are carrying pain. Keep your hands in that area until you feel it’s alright to move on. Work from top to bottom and direct the energy out your feet or you can direct it out the root chakra and into Mother Earth. 

After doing this you may need to ground. This is where you see yourself as a tree. Your feet become your roots stretching down into Mother Earth as far as you are tall. Your body becomes your trunk and your arms your branches. See the Universal white light enter in your branches and travel through you and then push it down through your roots and see Mother Earth take it away. 

If you feel a bit unbalanced you can draw on Mother Earth energy see it red in color and pull it up through your roots and up your trunk and out through your branches exchanging it with the universe. 

Good luck this week finding your style and starting your work. 

Blessings All,

Monday, February 16, 2015

Spirit Communication

Hi All,

Let’s jump into some dates shall we?  

Tuesday is Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday!  

Wednesday is the New Moon and Ash Wednesday oh and it’s Celtic Tree month of Ash. 

Thursday is the Chinese New Year and it’s the year of the sheep.

Ash trees are very magical. Yaggdrassil the world tree in the Norse culture is an ash tree. The Ash is also sacred to the Druid people. Traditionally the Yule log is of the ash. So there is a little Ash tree trivia for you.

The new moon is the perfect energy for releasing all that built up negative energy that you’ve been holding on to. It can also be stagnant energy that is bothering you, or any energy that isn’t for your highest good. So cut your cords or make a list of things that aren’t worthy of your time and burn it. I often use a meditation of seeing myself standing on a cliff by the ocean with the moon high in the sky and I peel off or dig into my heart chakra and pull up and out shadows that are the items that no longer align with my higher self. As I hold them I toss them up and release them to sister moon asking her to take them and heal them. Then you can’t just leave that space that the energy held in your heart chakra empty so you fill it with the universal white light or I use energy from the Nemeton Energy System. When you fill the hole left you are also healing the issues you just let go of and creating in that space, energy to help you move forward. 

This week let’s talk spirit communication on information. But first, while we are on the subject I should plug the specials for March. Buy a reading and get a reading half off. This will also include intuitive energy sessions. Now all readings and sessions can be done via distance so don’t be afraid if you live outside of Wisconsin.

Okay spirit communications. This can include talking with your guides, angels, guides of other people and well crossed over loved ones. We are all born with this ability. Yes you have it! You just need to figure it out and practice it. Now, I always tell people we all have different levels of our ability just like we can all toss a football but not everyone is at Aaron Rogers’ level. So just practice. Practice on yourself first and then move onto friends or family that will let you. I think the hardest part for me was figuring out what to listen to and then to fall back on Rule #1 and just speak what spirit tells you without judgment. If I could tell you how many times I was afraid to open my mouth and tell someone what I was hearing because I thought that just doesn’t make sense at all….you’d be shocked. But when I get that way I just remember my friend Alma telling me Rule #1 and take a breath and speak it. And I’m always shocked at the client’s reaction to what I say. It always holds meaning for them and well, it is theirs so it should.

There is one person I cannot read for and he I believe is too close to me emotionally for me to read. He’s like Bella to Edward. LOL. He has this shield that doesn’t let me in and only once was I able to read him because he truly wanted to know his guides.

For me it works like this. I say a prayer of intent to work for your highest good. I usually use cards. Now the cards aren’t for me as much as they are for you. Cards are a great way to start the communication between your guides and me and establish a little trust between us or whoever you have that wants to get you a message. When you are shuffling the cards I will ask you to think of a question you would like advice on and not tell me the question. Then we will lay out the cards you picked and go over them. 
When we look at each card I will get information on the card and then put together all the information as a whole at the end. Then you can ask questions. If you want to talk to a crossed over loved one, we can ask at the beginning of the session for that person to be present. Many times for me when I go to my healer or a friend that reads for me, a crossed over loved one of mine (same person every time) shows up to tell me I’m on track or just offers me his love and support.

Now walking into a house or a place that could be haunted is another matter. I always, always put up some kind of protection with my guides to allow communication with what is there but to not let it attach or follow me out. When I’m on a site I respect what may be there. After all a ghost that is haunting an area is a person that has reasons for being there and not moving on. I would never walk up to someone on the street and be disrespectful so why would I use taunting or anger to get the ghost to prove to me that he or she is there? 9 times out of 10 I will be given some kind of proof for the current live owner of the property and that person will understand what I am talking about.

So I think that’s enough for today. If you have questions please contact me and I will do my best to answer them. Stop by the website this week and check out the new layout. I am currently working on changing it up and updating everything.

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Have an amazing week. 

Blessings All,

Monday, February 9, 2015

Soul Mates & Twin Flames

Hi All,

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This week there is nothing in the calendar to observe other than Valentine’s Day. 
So with Valentine’s Day in the air, let’s talk soul mates and twin flames and make you think because I have conflicting information that I’d like to present to do just that and make you think. Maybe someone will even strike up a conversation and comment so we can kick this topic around.

Let’s jump right in. 

Soul Mates:

A soul mate is someone you have shared many life times with. This can be someone who is not limited to being a romantic connection to. What I mean is, a soul mate can be a best friend, a sibling or parent or yes a romantic connection. You usually recognize this soul right away. Say you meet a new person and you feel an instant like to them or have a feeling of knowing them already. Chances are you have found a soul you have a connection with from past lives.
Now the common belief is that a soul mate is the one person that you belong with romantically and when you find this person everything is right in the world. However is there just one? I mean if you have had several life times, wouldn’t you have several soul mates? If you are with someone and it feels right and then after a time the feelings go away and grow apart does that mean that person was never your soul mate or is it possible that person was the person you were supposed to be with at that time?
Again this is all food for thought.

Twin Flame:

I’ve been in this talk of twin flames and doing research and healing because of a twin. What the heck is a twin flame? This is someone that is believed to be your soul’s other half. Twin flame relationships are supposed to be the most difficult because for the twins to stay together once they have found each other, they must release all their emotional baggage. Is it, I wonder, okay for one twin to walk away because when the two come together the same situations are played out every time they meet and are in each other’s lives for a brief time. But, then I read something interesting that challenged my thinking on twin flames and the belief in them. If your soul splits apart to create a twin and you two live separate lives, some at different incarnations and some you’re together on earth at the same time, then wouldn’t you be like twins and each of you having your own soul much like when babies are born of one egg that splits. Instead of living to help evolve each other with your different experiences that evolve your shared soul, you would be separate individuals and not of one soul but of what is now two individuals?

Confused?  Join the club!

So is there just one person out there to be in love with? Is it just like the fairy tales and Prince Charming comes in and the two of you ride off and live happy? That is not for me to tell you, it is for you to figure out. 

I have been busy reading and studying ideas on how to live happy and work through the emotional baggage. It is not easy or a quick process. It’s all one day at a time and loving yourself.

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Blessings All,

Monday, February 2, 2015

Clearing your Chakras

Hi All,

Today is Imbolc.  Happy Imbolc and Imbolc blessings all!  Imbolc is also called St. Brigid’s Day and Candlemas.  The day marks the halfway point between winter solstice and spring equinox.   It’s a time of bringing in the light and waking up from the long dark days of winter.  

Tuesday is the Full Moon.  This means it’s time to use the moon energy to manifest things into your life.  

This week I said we would talk about charkas in keeping with the topic of how to clear our energy.  There are 7 major chakras within the human aura.  They start at the top of the head and go to the end of your spine or the reproductive area of the body.  The crown chakra is at the very top of your head, then the third eye, the throat is next and then the heart, navel and sacral and then the root.

To keep them healthy you need to meditate on keeping them clear and spinning at their normal speed.  When your chakras get stuck, or spinning slower or faster than normal you become out of balance.  Stress and life events can also alter the chakras and their health.  During meditation you can take a look at your chakras and see how healthy they are or if they need work.  By using white light from the Divine or universe you can clean a chakra and set it spinning at its normal speed to maintain balance through your aura.  You can also take a look at your aura and see if it is a healthy bubble around you or if there are cracks or tears that need fixing.

Dorreen Virtue had a CD out called “Chakra Clearing”.  This CD will walk you through all your chakras and how to clean them up.  I use it ever so often to help me focus. 

Now if you want a book to help walk you through each chakra and the meaning of the chakra and how the chakra helps you in areas of your life then you should check out “The Book of Chakras: Discover the Hidden Forces within You” by Ambika Wauters.

Now if you are a little more experienced with energy work and meditation you can channel Reiki energy to your chakras and your aura with self –treatments to help maintain the health of your energy.  It doesn’t need to be a half hour or hour session you can start with a simple 5 minutes a day.

Have an amazing week and Blessings All,