Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thirller Thursday Graveyards and Cemeteries

Hi All,

Today we are going to cover some strange things about graveyards vs cemeteries.  Is there a difference?  I mean people use the two words and interchange them all the time.  There is a saying All cemeteries are graveyards but graveyards aren't cemeteries.  What?

Close your eyes and picture a cemetery.  What do you come up with?  For me a cemetery is light, organized, has trees and shrubs.  I was in a cemetery in Upper Michigan I believe it was Ahmeek, we had stopped to see a friends relative.  The fence was painted white and the gates open and inviting.  The roads well cared for between the rows of graves.  Some of the graves had solar lights.  I remember one that had solar lights, a bench with a photo and a stuffed animal all around it.  This cemetery was not only peaceful but it had a very light feeling about it and was calm.

Cemetery a place where humans bury the dead.  A cemetery has landscape and is well taken care of.  It also is peaceful and the graves are all kept up and looking nice.  The living often decorate a loved one's grave with flowers, lights, photos, toys and other items that may be of importance.  The graves are in some kind of order.  Cemeteries are also located away from a church.

Now let's do the same for a graveyard.  Close your eyes and picture a graveyard.  For me it's not the total opposite maybe because I've hung out in a few.  For me a graveyard has a sense of history.  The graves are older, detailed.  Many have angels or carvings.  There are trees but maybe not well kept.  The lawn may not be as manicured and there are very few graves with decorations or flowers.  However, for me they aren't always creepy. And there is a church with in walking distance.

Graveyard a place near a church where humans bury the dead.  There is no organization to the graves and many may be within family plots.  The place most likely is not well cared for and may look like time as forgotten it. There may be a main road in but no roads around graves to park.  Some of the graveyards I've been to look classic horror story spooky, some have a heavy feeling to them, others peaceful.

There was once a story about a cemetery or graveyard being haunted by a ghost who's job was to watch over the graves and the ghost couldn't rest until another took over the role.
I have also hear from a few people in the paranormal field that ghost do not hang out in cemeteries as there is no energy there for them to use to manifest.  However, I believe differently.  I think there is a ghost that watches over the graves or several that guard the sacred grounds.  I have felt ghost at a graveyard and in a cemetery.  I have been made sick by ghost in a cemetery and I have been pushed and pulled in a cemetery by a ghost. So saying a cemetery or graveyard doesn't have ghosts activity just doesn't sit right with me.  I don't always credit my orb photos as ghost when out in graveyards or cemeteries as I am outside and there are bugs that could be causing orbs in the photos.

 I was on a ghost and grave tour and we were told by the guide that in Victorian times graves had angles on them so that the deceased had a full time mourner.  A story was also past on that in the Victorian era families would gather on Sundays for picnics in cemeteries and graveyards to visit the graves and remember the dead.  If you research gravestone carvings you can find out a lot of great historical information that can tell you a great deal about the person buried with an elaborate gravestone. is a link I found that has interesting symbols for tombstones.

Again too much to get into with one blog.  But something to get you thinking.
Have an amazing rest of the week.
Blessings All,

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Happy Wednesday! New Age Bullying?

Hi All,
Welcome to a special edition of Mystic Monday on a Wednesday.  The following is written by Rebecca Borowske a great friend of mine who is a Reiki Master and a holistic practitioner.

Some people may have seen this post going around Facebook and I would like to highlight how incredibly damaging some of these techniques are to a person. I also realize how controversial some of these points are because they are questioning widely accepted beliefs: You create your world and everything "bad" is because of you. I'll be taking each point individually and talking about some instances that have happened to me where such behavior was exhibited. The last part of 2015 was particularly hard for me: from about March-ish until nearly November I was suffering from a deep depression. I was working too much and burning out hard. I became very internal and introspective. I was in a really bad friendship that I later found to be emotionally manipulative and abusive. I never really thought it was at first because they believed in many of the same things I did. They also did energy work like me. I'll be calling them Tracy. I have no desire to slam them or their business publicly and also don’t wish to identify them as male or female. They are still very active in my local community. I’ll let the universe decide what should or shouldn’t happen to them and their business (it’s not my place to decide).  I'll be using them as an example a lot to give you an idea about the kind of damage such techniques can do to a person.

Let me get something out of the way first: I believe in energy. I believe in karma. I believe that when you have a positive outlook on life, you will see more positive things in your life. I believe in being responsible for your energy. I recognize my beliefs under the pagan umbrella. I have an altar. I use tarot and other divination tools. I even consider myself psychic on most days. I believe that when you ask the universe for help, you will get guidance. I don’t believe in treating people like shit under the guise of a spiritually advanced person.

The first point: If something 'negative' happens to you, it's because you created it.
In the new age community there are strong opinions about the Law of Attraction (aka LoA). The LoA, overly simplified, states that like attracts to like. For example, if I radiate lots of loving energy all the time, I will receive loving energy. I must only produce positive energy and feelings, then I will be able to receive only positive energy and feelings. In the same vein, if you radiate only what are perceived as 'negative' feelings, that it what will be reflected back at you. These emotions include sadness, anger, worthlessness, etc.  I fully believe that it does you an injustice to only fully emerge yourself in positive emotions. If you bury anger, sadness, grief, etc. because you believe it will hurt your chances of having a happy life, it will eventually find a way out. This might turn into depression, rage, anxiety, etc. This also ends up causing a fear of being able to fully be yourself because you're not perfect: you need to be better than you are. The belief is that if you allow yourself to show these 'negative' emotions that you're showing your inability to "rise above" these horrible parts of being human. The funny of this is that many people who move to new age beliefs were raised in a Christian environment, myself included. In the Christian community there is a large fear that if you do not become the perfect human according to guidelines set forth from the Bible and clergy, you will be damning yourself to Hell. This is no different in the New Age community: if you don't raise your awareness and move away from 'negative' emotions, you will lead a life full of sadness, loss, grief, anger, and you'll never know what it's like to live as a fully enlightened being. The other reality is that there's no way to avoid emotions. One day someone you know is going to die. The grief and sadness you will experience is not because you're being a negative person. This is life. Your car didn't die because you're a horrible person. Your car didn't turn on because the battery is dead. These things happen. The food in your fridge didn't go back because of your negative vibes. Your company didn't downsize and you lost your job because you "accidentally" thought something "negative" towards someone who treated you poorly.

So what does this have to do with abuse and bullies in real life situations?
Telling someone that something "negative" happened because of their negativity shows a lack of support as they move through a difficult situation. It also tells this person that they deserve it. It is victim blaming. It might send them into a deeper depression, experience more intense anxiety, etc. It tells them that they shouldn't experience the emotions they are feeling and will stop their emotional process. It destroys relationships and communities. It causes isolation and lack of trust. It may also cause a lack of trust in their own intuition or feelings. This is no different than telling they deserved to be raped or they deserved to be hit (in domestic violence situations) because they caused it. "You made me hit you." This is called gaslighting.

This is what happened to me:
As I stated above, I was going through a deep depression. I have a very difficult time talking about my emotions, especially if I'm in the midst of experiencing them. I won't tell someone I'm drowning in my emotions today, please come talk to me. I had explained this to Tracy. Sometimes I would sit at dinner, nibble a few bites of food, and just stare at my plate. Every time we saw each other Joe would ask how work was. My response was often along the lines of, "it was work," "it sucked," "it was a day," or "it was fine." If I admitted I was having a bad day, Tracy would ask why it was awful. Many of the reasons why I didn't have a good day at work were the same or similar. I would start listing the reasons. After one or two sentences, I could see Tracy stopped listening. Sometimes they   would roll their eyes. I could see they  were too busy focusing on what they wanted to say rather than listening to me. Before I could finish talking about the awful parts of my day they would interrupt me. They would then ask me what was good about my day. They would also tell me that I'm focusing too much on the negative and just drawing more negative towards me. This was why I would have bad days at work or experiencing depression. They would also tell me that if I would quit being so negative, I could get over my depression. Keep in mind that during depression, sometimes people feel like their emotions don't matter, their opinions are invalid, and they're just not worth being around. By telling me that I just need to quit being negative, it was all my fault, and they only wanted to hear about the good parts of my day, they really validated my already low opinion of myself at the time. They were telling me my depression wasn't worth worrying about, they didn't care about me unless I was happy (or "got over" my depression), my day didn't matter unless it was a good day, my feelings weren't important, I'm not good enough to be around unless I found "positive" things to talk about, and that maybe, just maybe, everyone would be better off if I wasn't around. It made me feel like what I was going through wasn't as complicated as I was making it. Maybe I was really causing this. Is this real? Am I making it worse? Is this all in my head? Why am I causing this?
As a result, I was often feel even more low by the end of this 15 minute interaction. I lost my trust in being able to tell Tracy anything. Sometimes I just wanted to vent about how awful my day was because it was on my mind. All I wanted was someone to listen to me and know someone cared enough about my day to acknowledge something as simple as "that sucks." If they couldn't listen to how awful my day was, they didn't deserve to know how great some of my days were. The communication broke down (which I was told later was also my fault) and any chance of having a trusting friendship again was lost. Any progression I had with my depression was stopped and reversed. I was back where I started.
But Tracy was a well-known person in the new age and holistic communities! They wouldn't make me feel so bad purposely, right? Do they know I felt worse when they did that? (He did. I had explained it to them before). They care about me though, right? There was that time they knew I was about to get my period and bought me chocolate. They care…right? Were they right that it was all my fault? What was I doing to cause this? Stop. The short answer is I probably won't ever know if they knew they were being abusive. I can't even be sure that they ever really cared about me. The best bit of advice I heard from my sister was if I had to defend their poor interactions by the few times we had good interactions, there's something wrong. I repeat: If someone acts horribly towards you 100 times, that is not negated by the 2 times they acted sincerely. Just because they call themselves spiritual and enlightened, it does not mean they aren't able to abuse or bully. Just because something "negative" happens to you doesn't mean it's an excuse for someone to treat you like crap. I didn't see how awful Tracy was until someone (mostly my sisters) pointed it out to me. Another point is that Tracy doesn't act like this with only friends. I've seen how their clients hang on their every word. They have convinced the clients that their word is the only right way to fix things, and that they are an expert. They also tell clients the reason something happened is because the client’s energy called for it. The client’s energy caused this bad thing to happen. I am convinced they don't care about their clients; they only care about being the one to "fix" them to feed their need to be worshiped. Luckily for me, they never "fixed" me. All of their attempts failed. I have never been more grateful for this. I have found my support in other people both in and out of the new age community. Friends, family, and co-workers have been amazing in supporting me. All of these wonderful people have been supportive me writing these posts.
Part 2 coming soon to a blog near you.

Monday, January 25, 2016


Hi All,

I hope everyone had a great week.  Let's jump in and get some dates out of the way.

Monday the 25th Mercury is out of retrograde!  Wooohooo!

Friday the 29th I will be teaching a Past Lives class at the Enchanted Boutique from 7 to 9pm.  We will be discussing past lives and how they can affect this lifetime and then we will do a meditation to regress to a life time. Bring a note book to take notes as to what you uncover in your regression.

Every third Sunday of the month I am hosting meetings at my house for those of like minds that want to share what they know and learn a bit.  This last meeting we worked on meeting our spirit guides.

Ok so this last week did any of you feel he energy shifting?  We had 5 planets in line and a full moon. The Celtic Tree month of Rowan began on Thursday as well. To top it all off  today of course our friend Mercury is on the move.  Lots of things went on that could effect you in many ways.  Just something to think about if you haven't been feeling yourself.

Today we are going to talk about dreams.  This last week as I have been talking to other healers and intuitives we have all experienced some kind of lucid or vivid dreams starting about Wednesday.  My thinking is they are some how related to all the energy that's been going on in the universe but I'm not sure.

If you are having dreams that you are remembering and they are strange I suggest getting a book about dreams and keeping a dream journal to analyse your dreams and figure out what it is your mind is working through.  This is a topic we could write on for days and have many different discussions on and my intent today is just to introduce you to what may cause vivid dreams and get you thinking about it.

When I was doing some research on vivid and lucid dreams I found that many different sources explained the two the same way.  So this was kind of confusing.  However what I did find is that a lucid dream was defined as one in which you are controlling your dream self and all that surrounds that self in your dream. In lucid dreams you are aware you are dreaming.

 Vivid dreams tended to be described more as a dream that is so real you are not really sure if you are awake or dreaming.  Vivid dreams tend to happen more around life changing events such as a move, job change or being pregnant.  These dreams can also be brought on by the food you eat, such as a spicy meal.  Vitamin B6 can also be a cause for vivid dreams as well as herbal supplements such as Valerian root andChamomile.

However, my vivid dreams this week occured around the time the five planets were in line and also the night of the full moon.  For me that is strange because the full moon doesn't really bring on any strange dreams for me.  So that lead me to believe that maybe the energy with all these things going on in the universe could be the reason for the dreams.  I don't know if I believe the spicy food thing for bringing on vivid dreams.  Maybe I have a hard time believing this because I sleep so sound I don't remember dreams most of the time so when I do remember one and see it in color and can describe it in detail there has to be a different reason for it.  It has to mean something I guess in my mind.  I mean we are told that dreams are the way your mind works through your experiences.  The vivid dreams that I had were similar in theme.  When I looked them up the meaning was a new beginning.  Interesting since this is a new year.

So that is the topic this week to get you thinking a little.  There is a great amount of information out there to help you discover the meanings of your dreams.  I typed dreams into google and a bunch of sites on what meanings are and dream dictionaries came up.  So it's not that hard to research your dreams for free without purchasing a book.

Have an amazing week this week.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thirller Thursday...

Hi All,
I am thinking about giving up Thriller Thursday until spring when I can get outside again and do some investigating and have real stories with real photos from sites. I am at a place where I have posted over the years with Mystic Monday most of my personal encounters with ghosts when I'm out and about or when I was working with a team.

Today I wanted to write something that sounded cool, Superstitions but it seems like a huge topic to cover in one blog.

So today I am going to just give some personal advise to those of you out there that would like to get into investigating without being psychic.  

Always respect the space.  If you think it's haunted or not, always be respectful.  A ghost is a person without a body who had moved on to energy form and has not crossed over.  How would you like strange people to walk into your personal space and not matter what your history is start yelling at you and calling you names and threatening you just to get you to make noise or do something to prove you are there?  I can honestly say the worst that has happened to me on an investigation has been feelings of not being wanted there and when that happens I leave the group and go hang out somewhere until friends are finished with their work or tour.  When I walk into a place that is haunted I usually announce to the building that I am here and this is what I do.  If there is someone present that would like to talk to me then you can please do so by blah blah....  I spell out what I expect and what my rules are.  I do not yell, I do not demand, and I do not like being touched.  

Make sure you have batteries and back up batteries.  A ghost will drain what energy they can in order to communicate so keep back ups.

When taking pictures of an area take a few in a row within seconds of each other.  This way when you go over the photos you can prove or disprove what you were looking at.  Night vision cameras are nice and some are inexpensive.

Get yourself good sound software.  When using a voice recorder it is hard to sometimes hear an EVP. You want good headphones and software for going through your evidence after you have left the sight.

You may want something like an EMF detector or a spirit box.  I find the more tools you have to communicate with sometimes makes for better evidence.  Because all ghost have different energy levels what is easy for one to manipulate may not be for another.  So for this reason you may want a few different tools to communicate with you.

Flashlights are a must.  I've used mine not only to find my way but as a way to communicate by having the ghost turn the light on and off for yes and no.  Some investigators may say this isn't always reliable but for me if I'm speaking out loud what I am being shown in a vision and the light goes off to confirm what I am saying that's proof enough for me.

Same as for if I'm in a group and I say something that I am getting information from a resident ghost and all the sudden all the equipment goes off that's confirmation that I'm on the right track or getting the information correctly.

Always take someone with you.  You never know what you're getting into so having someone with is always good.

Always dress in layers and wear comfortable shoes.  I wear hiking boots because I always seem to be cold.  So I wear a tank top with a sweater then a jacket depending on the season.  

These are just a few tips.  Oh I always take a journal to write down what I am being told when I walk through a place without the group or tools.  I go in cold with no knowledge of the area and then review my notes with my guide for the night after our quiet walk through.

Have a great week all,

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Coming Soon!

Hi All,
Becca is busy working on her topic for a series of blogs to inform you and get you thinking.  She is writing about New Age Bullies.  Things you are told by some holistic practitioners that could be considered not so positive for your road to wellness.
We are hoping to have the first week ready next Wedensday.  So keep a watchful eye out. :)

Monday, January 18, 2016

Raising Vibrations

Hi All,

January 29th I will be hosting a Past Life class at the Enchanted Boutique.  Class will start at 7pm to reserve your spot please call 651-600-3769.  More information will be posted on the Facebook page.

February 20th I will be assisting Becca Borowske in teaching an Essential Oils class at the Enchanted Boutique from 1 to 3pm.  I will then be teaching a Crystals for Healing class from 4 to 5pm at the Enchanted Boutique.  Please call 651-600-3769 to reserve your spot.

I will be keeping up with events, classes and expos on the blog site under the table labeled Events, Classes and Expos.  So to stay informed as to how to book appointments or classes please keep a watch on the website.

This week:
Today is Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday.
Thursday the 21st is the beginning of the Celtic Tree month of Rowan.
Saturday the 23rd is the Full Moon.

Today I had the idea to talk about the Ascended Masters and who they are.  However, I was chatting with a friend and she had some questions about shielding both at home and traveling.  So on that note we will discuss shielding your energy and how to set up safe zones for when you travel.  This blog is more for those of us out there that are sensitive to energy and feelings of those around us.

So let's get started.
The first thing to keep in mind when you are sensitive is you are going to pick up a lot of other people's energy while you are out and about.  You may even pick up earthbound spirits and bring them home.  Here are some things I do to prevent this.

First it's all about intent.  What does that mean?  Well you simply put it out there what it is you want to happen.  I am not tuned into the other side 100 percent of the time.  There is just no way I'd stay sane.  My intent daily is to be able to leave and have a shield up to protect me from communications with those from the other side.  I only tune in at work when I am using Reiki to calm an area down.  Otherwise at work my intent is not to be intune to the other side.  My intent lets my guides know to shield and protect me through out my work hours.

Second, and this is something I need to do more of.  Cut your cords as much as you can.  What are cords?  When you interact daily with people you are putting our energy cords to them and they are putting energy cords into you.  By cutting cords through out the day you will feel lighter and your energy will thank you for it.
To physically cut your cords bundle your energy up at your chakra points as you would if you were making a ponytail.  I bundle mine in both the front of my body and the back.  Then I breath in deeply and raise my hands above my head pointing the fingertips together using my hands as a knife I bring my hands down forcefully over the front of my aura field as I blow out and then breathe in and bring my hands up again over my head to breath out and do the same to the back of my aura.  The cords will be at a circle at your feet.  Simply step out of them and they will dissipate back to mother earth.

Third, It's time to vamp up your energy and the energy in your space.  Regular meditation and self Reiki treatments if you are a Reiki practitioner are great ways to raise your own energy vibrations. Getting yourself in to a practitioner to work on your energy is a great way to keep your vibrations up as well.  I have a hard time working on myself so I trade services with friends to work on my energy for me.  Releasing anything that has attached or working on a chakra that may need help.
Crystals and stones are another tool I use to help keep my energy protected and boosted.  I wear stones as pendants and pick my stones as to what it is I am need work or help with.  I also wear rings and earrings with gemstones that will assist me with whatever it is I may need.  Mostly, I stick to putting stones in my pockets and wearing them as pendants.

Around the house I place crystals in the rooms I'm in the most.  This helps to clean my energy and chill me out.  My house, I have used a protection spell (intent) around and sealed it with blessed sea salt and lavender.

Now at work you can keep clear quartz in your office or at your desk.  Give the crystal the intent that you would like it to repel negative energy.  If you have an office to yourself you can program 4 crystals and put them in the corners to protect your space.  I also use a clearing oil that I keep handy to put on my hands and then rub my aura down to clear it as I cut cords when I really need it.

You can also use a visualization to clear your space.  Start with seeing a small orb of white divine light.  As you grow the orb bigger see and feel it push out all lower vibrations and energy that is not for your highest good.  Grow your orb until it pushes out of your office and is around the building you are in.  This will cleanse everything with in the space of the building.

Shield yourself.  Put a bubble of white light around yourself and give it the intent that it is to let in only that which is for your highest good.

Traveling?  Hotel rooms?  Yuck!  Sprays are a wonderful thing.  You can buy white sage in a spray form to spray around your hotel room to clear out the negative energy.  You can also use the divine white light orb meditation.  Candles or oil diffusers of lavender and other scents that raise vibrations can also be used to clear your hotel room.  Again you can use 4 crystals in the corner to help keep the space protected while you are there in residence.

Remember your intent is everything and it is very powerful.  Christopher Penczak has an awesome book called the Witch's Shield that I find very helpful.

Have a great week!
Blessings All,

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ghost in Public Places

Hi All,

For date reminders please see Mystic Monday.

Today I want to talk about Ghost in Public Places.
I bring this up because I work in a public building with a history.  The property I work on was a Catholic church complete with convent, rectory and school.  So I go between two buildings, convent and school building on campus all day.  Both are haunted.

This week I was at work late with most of the staff as we had a training after work.  I couldn't help but notice a shift in the air in the corner of the room we were in and wishing I had a camera to see what would come up on the photo.  I did try to tune in and did see the outline of a woman start to appear.  She had her hair up and a long dress on.  The dress had a high colar up around her neck.  Now the building is from the early 1900's so this doesn't shock me at all.  Then as I stood in the door way to the room listening to the lecture being given I could hear and feel the crabby janitor.  I was standing after all in what was one of his spaces.  The woman next to me could feel him as well as she is in tune to what I can feel or put out when I work some Reiki energy on some of the rooms.

I can say that in the building I work in the most I did put down a flashlight to ask questions quickly one night and not only did it go off for yes answers but all the pipes in the building started making noise when I asked if there was anyone in the building that wanted to communicate.  When I stopped questions the pipes and building go real quiet.  I would love to do a full blown investigation some day on sight.

Our other building also has a history of things going missing only to turn up in plain sight.  We also have the ghos tof a black cat that slinks around the desk in the office.  I haven't officially investigated the buildings to collect evidence but too many things have gone on for the place not to have a few ghost.  In this building where things go missing, there is sometimes an old man, a child and a few of the old nuns that pop in and out.

Well there is a great question.  For the old man. the boy and the nuns I believe they just like being around the people we have on staff.  The nuns watch over not only all of us in the building, but the buildings and the property.  They aren't harmful so there is no reason for me to ask them to leave.  I also believe that these spirits have already crossed over and just choose to pop in and out to watch over all of us they are not stuck or residual energy.
Now in the school building not the case.  Sometimes I feel like the ghost there are there to watch over the property but I don't feel like they actually like us around.  I feel like in some areas of the building we are not welcome at all.  However, even in these areas of unwanted feelings I have never been harmed.  Maybe a warning headache or a quick I feel like I am going to be sick.

In general, ghost will haunt a public place because they need energy to manifest and do things.  What better place to feed off energy then a building full of people.  Plus they also stay in places they loved when they were alive or around people they loved.

Once the weather warms up here in the north I hope to be on the road and have some great new ghost stories from around Wisconsin with some history and post photos and voice recordings as to my findings.
Please feel free to email me with any ideas for topics or share your stories.
Blessings All,

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Age Bully

Hi All,
I have a friend who is a Reiki Master of a few different styles working on a series of blogs to put up on Wednesdays about how you could be bullied by your holistic provider or friends.  It's a very interesting concept.
Look for postings soon.

Tonight walk ins are welcome to class as we talk about how to use crystals to enhance and assist in healign your energy.  It will be heald from 7 to 8ish maybe longer at the Enchanted Boutique on the corner of White Bear Ave and County road F in White Bear Lake, MN.  Right up the road from the Maplewood Mall.


Monday, January 11, 2016

Law of Attraction

Hi All,
I am working on some new ideas and topics here for the new year.  I am trying to get some guest bloggers lined up and we will see how that pans out.

Let's get to some dates:
Our lovely little friend Mercury is in Retrograde until the 25th of this month.  Basically during this time communication and technology is effected.  This is a great time for self reflection and dumping any baggage you no longer need.

Wednesday the 13th I will be teaching a Crystals for Healing class at the Enchanted Boutique in White Bear Lake, MN.  Call 651-600-3769 to reserve your spot.  There are a few seats left.  Class should run about an hour might go over.  We will cover how to buy your crystals, what crystals to use on the chakras, how to do a crystal grid, how to program and cleanse your crystals.
Cost of the class is 26 dollars.

January 29th from 7pm to whenever.  I will be teaching a class about Past Lives.  At the end of our discussion I will walk you through a meditation to reveal a past life to you.  Class is scheduled for an hour but may run longer depending on discussions.  Please call the Enchanted Boutique to make your reservation.  651-600-3769.

Today I was going to talk about crystals but I don't want to give away the class on Wednesday night so I want to introduce the topic of the Law of Attraction since it is a new year.  Now today's blog I won't be going into a lot of detail because I would like to get you thinking about this.  The Secret is a good book out there that was popular a few years back about this subject.  For today I just want to keep it simple and introduce the ideas.
So here we go.

Mecury is in retrogade so this is the perfect time to start with self reflection.  Take some time to sit and think what is working in my life and what isn't.  

The law of attraction is pretty simple in itself.  It states likes attract likes.  Whatever it is you are focused on and giving your energy to is what is going to manifest into your life at this time.  So if you are worried you will manifest more worry.  The law of attraction is neither good or bad it is what you put out there.  If you put out harmful stuff that will come back to you.  If you put out positive, positive will come back to you.

So to practice this you need to become aware of your thoughts.  This is where I am always trying to get away from using the word want when manifesting because want means to desire or wish for something, to be without something, to need something.  I pulled this right out of the Merrian-Webster Dictionary.  So if you want something you do not have it, therefore if you are telling the universe you want you are telling the universe you have a lack of and the universe will respond by saying "yes you do have a lack of and you will continue to have a lack of"  because the universe will only give you want it is you are focused on.  You will attract only what you are focused on.

Some tools to help you with the law of attraction are visualizing and affirmations.
Visualizing isn't always easy.  You need to meditate on what it is you'd like your life to be like and hold that vision for a few minutes each day putting it out there to the universe.  You can physically do this by having a vision poster or board. To make one you simply cut out pictures of your goals for your life and put them up on tag board in a place where you can see them to focus on it daily.  This will help you to get you  thinking in a positive way and attract the life you would like to manifest.

Affirmations are positive statements you say to yourself.  You can do this in the mirror or during meditations.  You would say something like "Today is going to be a great day." or "I am seeking the man/woman who is seeking me."  "I am open to love in my life and I give love freely." 
There is no end to the positive statements you can come up with.  

So for this week I'd like you to just self reflect on what is working and what is not working in your life and what you would do to change it.  What are you putting out to the universe that is coming back to you?

Have an amazing week.
Blessings All.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thriller Thursday

Message from the Great Aunt

Hi All,

This New Years Eve I spent the night hanging with a friend who owns a pub that was haunted and yet has a ghost that comees  and goes now.
What?  How could a place be haunted and now not but ghost come and go?
Years ago when I was worked with a paranormal team I met my friend while investigating her pub.Then the place was extreamly haunted.  There were more than a frew earthbound ghost walking around the place.  
A few months ago she called wanting help with clearing the place.  We talked about healing the building and she came up with a plan to clear the building and change the energy.  When I returned after our talk I could feel a difference in the energy of the place.  There were no more of the original ghost in the building.   My friend had invited all the ghost who wanted to cross over and the others who didn't want to cross where told they cold not longer stay.  

While we were sitting and talking I noticed the ghost of a cowboy walk from the corner of the door area back along the hall and stopped to hang out in the hallway near the restrooms.  When I asked my friend about him she said she had felt him in and out for a few days and wasn't sure why he was hanging out.  I believe he is just hanging out for a bit  since the energy in the place has shifted.  He was there again during New Years Eve but he wouldn't come close he just hung out in the hallway.  I am not sure what he wants or how long he will stay but he is not threat so he's welcome to just be.

That night I ended up talking with crossed over loved ones that my friend had never met.  Now that was something different.  Usually when I communicate with crossed over loved ones they are spirits that the person who I am working with knew them in life.  This weekend was different.  One of the two spirits I was in touch with my friend had not known in life.  The great aunt that was giving messages passed before my friend was born.  I channeled things from her about the family that I could have never known, yet my friend confirmed all I relayed because she knew how to do what I was telling her.  I guess this begins a new chapter for me.  

Well I guess this wasn't really a thriller.

I am teaching a Crystals for Healing Class on the 13th of January from 7 to 8pm.  It will be held at the Enchanted Boutique.  Please call 651-600-3769.  You can also book readings and reiki sessions at teh boutique with me.  Space for class is limited.  

Have a great rest of the week and weekend.
Blessings All,

Monday, January 4, 2016

Deja Vu

Hi All,
I hope everyone had an amazing start to the new year.  I spent it with a friend and we wrote out our intentions for the new year and everything we wanted to let go and leave behind in the old year. Then we burned it all.

Let's go over some dates for this week and then get started on the subject of Deja Vu.

Tuesday the 5th watch out Mercury goes into retrograde again until January 25th.

Wednesday the 6th is twelfth night.  Make sure to take down your Christmas decorations before this night.  If they are left up it is bad luck for the new year.

Saturday the 9th is the New Moon.  Friendly your ritual.

January 13th I am at the Enchanted Boutique teaching a Crystals for Healing class.  Class runs from 7 to 8pm and is $26.  Space is limited so please call 651-600-3769 to reserve your space.  I will be using the book Mystic Monday as an outline for this class.  Books can be purchased on Amazon or the Enchanted Boutique.

Deja Vu
This subject is a hard one to research from any point of view(spiritual, science or otherwise).
I thought I would bring this up to get you all thinking because I had an experience this weekend.  So let's start by going over some simple things and then taking it from there.

The definition of deja vu is simple.  It's a french word meaning "already seen".  It is often used to describe the strange feeling of being somewhere for the first time and yet feeling like you've already been there or done that.  

Here is an example then I have questions.
      You have a dream and you may or may not remember it.  Then you go somewhere or see someone and during the experience something triggers the memory of the dream or a feeling you've already done this or met this person.  
Let me clear this up with my recent expereince.  This weekend I was driving home from being out of town and a truck kicked up a stone that chipped my windshield.  I didn't want the chip to spread and cause the expense of a new windshield so the next moring I called to have it repaired.  I took the car to the garage and met the man who was the glass repair person.  He was very nice and we talked collector cars as he made the repair.  When he asked me to get in the car while he stood outside of the car so he could show me the repair that's when it happened.  I was sitting in the drivers seat looking out the windshield at the small chip left in the glass and I remembered seeing the garage and the event play out before.  In the next second I remembered a dream or a thought of the same event.  

I began researching this feeling again because this weekend is atleast the fourth time in my life it has occured.  I was shocked to find information that was pretty all over the board.  Some information explained deja vu as something that happened in the brain.  Other articles I read had deja vu explained as part of a soul remembering .  A type of if you chart your life you give yourself place markers so to speak in life to let yourself know you are on the path.  Talking to a friend today she suggested maybe it is part of the string theory.  So there are a fw things to look into.

I was once told in college when it happend that when you sleep your soul travels. It moves back and forth through time and space.  When you feel a deja vu experience it is actually your body and soul in the physical catching up to the point where the soul travels when your physical body is asleep.
This would explain for me why the deja vu experience always triggers a dream I had whether it is a dream when I am asleep or a daydream situation.

Now I have also read and been told to pay attention to the situation you were in when deja vu ocurred as there is a message there somewhere.  

Could it be a past life connection?  Could it be your soul traveling?  Is it your higher self trying to leave you clues to being on your path or is it trying to tell you something?

I have no answers for you only questions as I do not fully understand the deja vu experience.
Have an amazing week.
Blessings All,