Monday, August 29, 2016

Stuff Going On!

Hi All,
Lots of stuff going on this week to talk about.

Tuesday the 30th our favorite time Mercury goes into retrograde.  Happy Joy!  What does this mean?
During this period of time anything that can go wrong with technology can.  Mercury rules communications.  It is not a great time to run out and buy a new computer or cellphone or what have you.  Communication with people maybe off.  People my misunderstand the point you are trying to make.  Think about all the ways you communicate or express yourself.  Mercury can also effect travel.  This is usually the time when stuff happens and I tell a friend and then I'm informed that Mercury is in retro.  It's like a Friday the 13th day only last for up to 3 weeks.

Thursday is the New Moon phase.  What's that mean?  Well it's time to close the door and walk away from things that are not working.  Release everything in your life that needs to go because it is not serving your highest good.  I will be using this time to self reflect.  I am also kicking around the idea of working on the shadow self and understanding the dark areas of well me.

Friday is the beginning of the Celtic Tree Month of Vine.
This is a time of year for taking time to celebrate or enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Which this time of year in old ways is what was going on. Think of it back in the days when we harvested our own food and we all in our own depended on our plot of land to feed us and give us our basic needs of food, clothing and shelter.  This would be the time of year we would be celebrating the harvest we have done and the harvest we have yet to do.  What is it a vine does?  Within a vines life it grows upward through out the year and when it is ready it produces fruit that ripens.  We ourselves grow throughout the year.  I'm talking our self growth as we experience and learn what life gives us.  Most of the spring and summer when it is warm we are pretty active.  Fall can also be a active time but in the winter as the days are very short we turn inward.  This is our time of year in which we look at what has come to pass, what we have learned and then really celebrate those experiences.  You made it though experience you may have not thought possible.
So I encourage you to really look at the cycle a vine goes through and look back at this year and see what cycle you have gone through.  Then celebrate it. :)

I really for today do not have a topic to talk about as I am home with my cat bugging me to pay attention to her as I've been gone all weekend.  I am however, working on a plan of self evaluation.  As everyone out there is busy with life I am also, teenage boys, work, boyfriend, his boys our time without boys and how to fit in just me time to balance my energy from all of it.  I am sure there are many of you in the same boat.  Your job takes up the majority of the day.  If you are like me and you have a longer drive time than the entire day is your job.  Then you come home to your house and or your house and children.  I am reaching a point where I have gotten out of the habit of daily meditation and I am taking the steps to get back into it.  I need some self time during the say and when I don't get it I feel cranky.  I need to get back into some good Reiki or self energy habits of cutting cords more throughout the day, Clearing myself at night with a smudging session or white light session.  I also need to as I said meditate more.

So I guess here is homework for us all.  This week I want you to pick a time to find 5 minutes to meditate and write down your experience with it.  I am also challenging you and myself to clear out our energy at least twice a day.  That should be easy to do.  Next week we will get more difficult.  Let's keep it simple so we continue to build as we together make a change for the better.

Have an amazing week all.
Happy Labor Day next Monday.  Oh well, I guess that means no Mystic Monday next week.  So we will pick it up where we left off the Monday after.
Blessings All,

Monday, August 22, 2016

A Medium on Historic Battlefields...and More.

Hi All,

I want to start out by saying I am very sorry for the frustrations that my iPhone and iPad users are experiencing with trying to get to the blog.  Apparently they are running into being redirected by aggressive ads.  I have no idea why and I have contacted Blogger several times last week and have yet to hear back from them.  My only suggestion is to go to and see if that gets you to the page without ads.  I will keep everyone updated by posting on Mystic Monday Facebook page.

On with the stories:

I didn't have a many ghostly encounters in Gettysburg but that didn't shock to many of my friends.  Since I had stepped into Gettysburg I thought I had enough protection.  I had my hematite necklace on and protection stones in my pocket.  I had a white bubble around me.  I still got smacked by the heavy energy in the town and around.  It started as soon as we visited town.  I came down this a huge headache.  Nothing would help me shake it. Day two I was in town and same thing and a bonus of being house that was turned into  a shop and having an entity follow me around the shop making me queezy and giving me a headache.

Finally, I made my way up to the metaphysical store.  I walked in and talked with the shop owner as I picked out black onyx, black tourmaline and smoky quartz.  When I got to the counter I saw protection bracelets.  I looked at a few and asked the woman what she thought would help best.  I told her what I do and how I was feeling since I had been in town.  She said there is a lot of energy not only from the horrible battle that took place through out town and the area but from the people that come through town.  She also wasn't surprised at what I was feeling.  She suggested the bracelet.  I bought it and did some Nemeton Energy work to it and then put it on.  From the moment I put it on an wore it everywhere I was fine.  No more headaches, the ghost in the shop didn't  bug me as much as when I didn't have it.  So what was the little amazing thing made of....Hematite, Onxy and Amethyst.


Antietam really helped put Gettysburg into perspective to the size of the battle.  If you ever travel to Antietam I highly suggest the CD guided tour for the car.  We started out tour with a 30 minute movie at the Visitor Center.  Then we toured the museum and listened to the guide give his speech as we looked out onto the fields in the observation deck.  After a few questions we were off to the car to start our tour.

All of these photos are of the are called the Sunken Road. 

Sunken Road became Bloody Lane as the Confederate army used this road where their line was.  However, when the Union army came across the fields this road became a trap and the Confederate army was wiped out and pushed back to retreat. 

When we walked down the stairs into the lane a confederate soldier dressed in a cowboy hat and long gray jacket came up by my right side and said as he dipped his head, "Madame this is no place for a lady.  You shouldn't be around all this death and carnage."  He left quickly.  Then a young man, a teenager about 16 years of age, came forward shaking, he told me "I didn't come all this way to die away from my mother.  I didn't think it was going to be like this.  They (the men from my town) told stories of how it would be glorious."  Brad asked me, "which way do you think the Union army came?"  As he was talking to me, another Confederate soldier came up to me and pointed down the road and over the stone wall you see in picture two.  He told me, "The Yanks are coming over the hill.  We are trapped, there is no way out."  He left me in a panic.  Brad and I walked around and
the area became peaceful and quiet.  We then left the area after I had a chance to ground and continued our tour.

So that is the end of this week's blog.  I am sorry to day I didn't have more stories from Gettysburg.  But I did have a great time out there learning history. 
Have an amazing week.
Blessings All,

Monday, August 15, 2016

Gettysburg Night 1 Ghost Tour

Hi All,
I've been to Gettysburg and Antietam in one week and I have a few stories.  Not as many as I thought.  There are many places to book Ghost Tours and go out on an Investigation with a guide and tools on every corner.  We went with one that had high marks on TripAdvisor and did just a walking tour.

This week for dates there is just the full moon on Thursday.  Remember to do your ritual.

I have a few pictures to post and let you come up with what you believe is in the photos.  Let's get started.

We went on the Ghost Tour though Gettysburg.  Our first stop was the Jenny Wade house.  Jenny Wade was the only civilian killed in the war.  She was baking bread in the kitchen of her sister's half of this twin home.  The morning she was killed making bread, the bullet that struck her went through two doors before hitting her in the back.  This house is rumored to be haunted by a little boy.  I walked though the house and didn't feel anything but that doesn't mean much.  This entire town was the battlefield and I had a hard time with the energy in the streets and in and out of buildings. 

Now in this photo behind the light pole is a statue of Jenny.  However I want you to look at the door on the right.  Then look to the left of the door between the door and the window shutter. 
I won't tell you what I see.   I want you to look and make up your mind as to what you see .  If you want email me or leave a comment and I'll let you know what I see.

This bright little orb by the roadside was near the building the town stored damaged personal items from dead soldiers after the battle. 

This is the house they used for storage.  I think at one time this was Mead's headquarters.  I'm not sure though as we had a lot of history thrown at us all week.  If you look in the middle windows on both floors.  The lower one is much more clear.  We were told that the second floor of this house had the most sightings of ghosts walking in and out of view. 

This is the back  yard of the orphanage.  There was a story of a man who was found on the field dead holding a photo of three children.  The photo was put in newspapers and made it's way to NY.  A woman saw the photo and recognized her three children and her husband.  She came to Gettysburg to collect his things and see him buried when she was offered a job as the head of the Orphanage.  Under her care the children were healthy and happy.  People saw them outside playing.  When she married and left one of the teachers took over and the children's health and care declined.  Rumor has it she had a place in the basement where she would chain children to the walls.  She was brought up on charges and eventually she was run out of town.  However, this building is the site of many sightings. 

In this photo there is a bright small orb by the corner of the shed on the green neighbors garage.  This is still the property of the orphanage.  Now if you look at the orb you will see or at least I see a face next to it.  Let me know what you think and leave me a comment.

This orb disappears in the next photo.  However, I feel like it's dust.  I'd say a bug but we really didn't seem to have many bugs in the town of Gettysburg for as late as it was.


This was just night one of our week out in Gettysburg.  We tour the Jenny Wade house and the Wills House where Pres. Lincoln stayed and finished his Gettysburg Address.  We also did a day of the battlefield which I'll share later.  We also did a day out on the battlefield of Antietam where I had three encounters all in one.  I wish I would have had an EVP.

I'll share all that more next week.
Have an awesome week.
Blessings All,

Monday, August 8, 2016

Hi All.
I am in Gettysburg this week. I will be taking the candlelight ghost tour and we have a personal guide bookes to take us through the battle fields.
Next week I should have some great stories to share.
Until then.
Blessings All,

Monday, August 1, 2016

Lughnasadh/Lammas Blessings

Lughnasadh/Lammas Blessings All!

Today is Lughnasadh!
Tuseday is The new moon.
Friday is the beginning of the Celtic Tree Month of Hazel.

Let's talk Lughnasadh.
Lughnasadh is the first of the three harvest festivals.  This festival honors the Celtic Sun god Lugh.
Lammas is the goddess as the grain or harvest mother.
The second festival being Autumn Equinox fest for fruit harvest.  The third, being Samnhain.
This is a time of year when the sun and the earth start to shift to ready for the winter months.  Celebrate the day with the ritual you chose.

Next week Mystic Monday will not post.  I will be on a retreat.

Hazel Tree
This wood is used for the bonfires of Beltane.  It is a tree representing wisdom.  Hazel Tree stands as a guardian between our world and the otherworld.

Keeping it simple.

A friend and I were talking about Wicca and rituals.  I was talking about wanting to learn more Wicca ways and she questioned this because neither one of us fits good into rituals.  I mean, I am all about keeping things simple.  To me the word "ritual" means I have to do something in a certain way.  To me that's just too much memorizing.  Do you need to follow a tradition in order to have a relationship with your God, Goddess or whomever?  Do you need to set up a special altar with tools that represent deities?  I have no idea; these are questions for you.  I meditate to communicate with whoever it is I need guidance from.  This doesn't mean I don't have a ritual.  I do of sorts.  I light a candle, play music that helps me get to a meditative state, I also do a prayer of intent and a thank you.  I keep it that simple.  Do what you want harm none. 

Communicating with the Dead
This week I had an experience with a friend who I was chatting with on-line.  I remember saying to her that he wouldn't get the sign that she was looking for because her loved one was recently crossed over and that he had to go through his life review on the otherside first.  As I was telling her this and explaining charts and how we plot multiple "deaths" ways out,  a man came to stand by my table and began telling me things that were for her.  As we were chatting she confirmed things and got a sign within the information I had given her.  I learned there is no such thing as a proper time to get a sign or not.  If the person is strong enough to give a sign they will.

This week a bit of tidbits of information and not one real theme this week.  I hope to come back in two weeks with some ghost stories!

Until then.  Have an amazing two weeks.
Blessings All,