Sunday, June 18, 2017

Summer Solstice

Hi All,
Let's start with dates:
June 21 is Summer Solstice/Litha

June 23 is the New Moon.

I wanted to write a blog about the Summer Solstice but it has been done and click here to visit it.  This one was pretty good and summed everything up.

Friday is the New Moon.  Don't forget to do your ritual.  If you are new to energy work then journal how you feel on this day and other energy days of the Wheel of the Year.

The first thing you should do when you start energy working or opening up your abilities you should buy a journal or a notebook so that you can write your experiences.  There is no right or wrong to what you should write.  Write your symptoms on power days.  Write how you feel after meditations, what you saw, what you used to raise your vibrations.  If you read your own cards everyday or do divination of sorts you should write your readings down  so you can see patterns in your readings and learn from them.  The is no end to what you write and keep track of in your journal.

So this week go and find a journal.

Next weekend I am at a private home reading party.

Blessings All,

Monday, June 12, 2017


Hi All,
I wanted to take this blog back to kind of a 101 level.  I have had some basic questions come up from people lately and I thought I wonder how many people read this an may not really feel like it is for them because they may not be at a level or have what it is we are talking about for the week or so.
I know now that I have been posting more here and there so I will try to do better and post more.  I have a few things booked for the summer and a few places I want to get to that would make good blog reading.

So let's get started.  Dates:
Flag Day is June 14th and Father's Day is Sunday.

Figuring out your path when you have an idea that you may have something more than the "average Joe".  I was going to use normal but really what is normal?
I an speak from experience only with the abilities of being a medium and a healer and how  that came into my life.  But it has to be just as confusing for anyone else who may have a different ability going on.  The other thing to remember is that times have changed a lot in the last 20 to 30 years.  When I was growing up topics that I put out there here on the blog were  not talked about.  Children who could describe a person who wasn't there to an adult had imaginary friends.  Fear of the dark was because it was a childhood norm not because there was actually something in the room that came to visit once in a while.

So today let's go there back to the beginning for some of us and for others just starting maybe a starting point.

Recently I had the question asked, "How do I know what I should be doing?  I feel like I have something but I'm not sure what to do?"  My answer: Listen to your gut.  Yep your instinct of what it is you are looking to open up and use. Listen to it.  It's not wrong and if you have a reading to seek help and what you hear doesn't really fit, don't write it off totally, put it on the back burner and go with your gut first.  Second, don't get frustrated.  We all have different abilities and levels that we are born with.  I like to tell people "We all are born with abilities, just like we can all learn to play football, we all can learn and practice but we all may never be the level of a pro like Aaron Rogers." We all have abilities from birth some are programed more with DNA that makes it easier for them to access and use those abilities and some need practice.  Don't give up.

How to listen to your gut.  What is it that is nagging you?  Do you have the pull of healing?  Do you hear, see, feel or just know things to find out that you are right about what information you had. Are you super sensitive to energy around you or other people's feelings?

My first suggestion would be to start reading about what it is you are pulled to.  There are a lot of great books out there and websites that can help you figure it out.  Look for classes in your area from local metaphysical stores.  Sitting in on an hour or two class can help you figure out if it is for you or not.  One think I have learned is to listen to the universe.  Sometimes what I think I need to learn is something that may not be on my path so then when I try to get to a class or an event from a group I can never make it there because the dates just don't line up in my schedule.
Get information from different sources.  When I started Reiki I read on the traditional path of practicing but I am not one to follow the A, B, C approach and go with what I am guided to do.  So more non traditional works of reading were more for me.  So I read things from Wiccan authors that wrote about healing, I talked with like minded practitioners to see what or how others were using energy work.

The only wrong way to do something is if you are not doing it for your highest good or the highest good of your client.  What you put out will circle back to you so always work for the highest good.

I am having a difficult time keeping this general and not going off into directions so please if you have questions or need some direction email me and I will point you in a direction if I can.

Have a great week.
Blessings All,