Nemeton Energy System

In 2010 I was called to bring forward the old ways of intuitive energy work with Mother Earth energies at the source.  I was guided to use energies borrowed from the trees, plants and stones I knew from my childhood and explorations in nature.  Trees and flowers from my childhood in the U.P. of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin were first to present.  I called upon my friend Vicky MacLean to help me with research, herbs and ideas to bring forth a way of teaching this new energy system.  I was guided to use a Druid and Norse twist on this new system to make it simple to call upon.  The Goddess Nemetona is at the heart of this system connecting to all those who seek assistance within this sacred energy.

Nemeton Energy System will introduce you to the energies of trees, herbs, flowers and some stones that will assist you in your intuitive energy work and sessions.  I have included methods of how to clear your energy and send energy to those you work with.  You will also learn clearing methods and how to set up stone grids that will assist you in your sessions.
If you have a connection with and enjoy being out in nature this is the system for you. 

Sessions can be done in 30 minutes or as long as an hour.  Sessions can be done via distance at your convenience or in-person.  Please note in-person appointments are limited.

Classes can be taken in person or via distance.  Each student will receive a manual, an attunement to the energies and ongoing support by Wendy.  Students are welcome to join our Facebook group at

Please email me about setting up your class or your distance learning.

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