Monday, July 25, 2016

Be the Change (Perception)

Hi All,
Let's jump right into the topic this week.
I was talking to two friends this weekend and we got onto the subject of Perception.

Let's go straight to good old Merriam-Webster:  Perception:  The way you think about or understand someone or something.  The ability to understand or notice something easily. 
Full Definitions
A result of perceiving: Observation.  A mental image.
Obsolete: Consciousness
Awareness of the elements of environment through physical sensation.
Physical sensation interpreted in the light of experience.
A quick, acute and intuitive cognition: appreciation
A capacity for comprehension

OK so the conversation we had involved the way you see a situation or lesson with the glass being half full or half empty.
When you are going through life's lessons it may be very hard to see the positive until you've gone through what it is you are going through.  It could take years.   My friend said something very powerful about perception as we were talking.  Perception can be very empowering or very destructive. Which is true.
So then I was pondering things while having my morning coffee and thought about a blog that included the Golden Rule, The Witch's Reed and the Reiki Principles and how they would tie into this.

Think about these three pictures and the messages they carry.    Where am I going with this?  Am I going to tell you that you need to be positive 100 percent of the time and to not acknowledge your negative feelings?  No I'm not.
Is a situation always negative if it always feels negative?  If you perceive it to be then yes. But what if you looked at it with the "grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" eyes?
Say your job is just full of negative.  You've been working longer hours, maybe there is a negative person you're dealing with on a daily basis.  But let's look at that and see it for the good.  Are the longer hours you're working temporary?  If so then great, you know there is a way out of that stress.  Is the person that is negative someone you have to deal with for hours a day or do you see the person here and there?  This is an eye opener for me as well because I've fallen into the everyday life of letting the stress get to me and I'm out of balance between my personal and professional life.  I can feel that I'm out of balance in both as it's carrying over into both.  Today is a new day for us all to start thinking about being the change.

Here is where we be the change.  In life we change has to start with ourselves.  The only person you are able to control is you.  Now self-reflection and change is never easy so there is homework.  Find a notebook you can use as a journal.  
Now let's take a situation like the job and spin it to change.
Think about when you first started, how did you feel?  What did you like about where it is you work? List all the Pros of why you like your job.  Next list all the ways your life is going good because of your job.  When that is done make a cons list.  What is it that you do not like?  What needs to change?  
For me in my job I deal with a lot of energy from moods.  I am also a person who can easily take on someone's cheerful mood or someone’s frustrated mood quick.  Now I know what I need to do to change this and I know I have not been good at doing this, so the next 21 days I am going to fall back on my Reiki training and clean my energy and make the change in myself to be more aware of taking on other people's energy.  
What does that change look like?  Well if we look at the Reiki Principles let's do so realistically to apply them to life in general to be the change you need for you.

Today I will not be angry.  It's alright to be angry.  Acknowledge it and then deal with it.  You might have to keep a lid on your anger but you can still deal with it as it comes.  What is making you angry? If it is a coworker can you gently call him or her out on it?  Maybe you just ask the angels or guides for help releasing the anger and take a few clearing, calming, breaths before moving on.  When you have time go to the bathroom and cut your cords from the situation or person causing it. (I need to practice this more) Remember, people are putting energy cords to you when they come into contact with you throughout the day so you need to cut those cords.  When you release the cords your energy will increase and you will feel better. Lighter.  So acknowledge your anger, bless it and move on for the day. I know easier said than done.  Sometimes I just need to vent the anger so I talk to someone I know is a safe person who will not spread my vent as gossip.

Just for today I will not worry.  Again let it go.  Easier said than done but when you put out worry to the universe the universe manifests more worry back to you.  So figure out the worry and what is the cause and then look at it and make a change if you can.  If you can't because say it is a loved one's health, breathe.  Take a minute or two away from that.  Go within yourself and just breathe.  Focus on you for a bit because it is alright to take care of you so you can take care of the loved one who is going through whatever health issue it is.  
Again acknowledge it and move forward.  Moving forward might be something as simple as brainstorming ways to make a change or to get rid of what it is that is causing the worry.  It is alright for you to take yourself or your energy back from someone.  There is an entire blog in itself.

Just for today I will be grateful.   Think of all the things in your life you have and are blessed with. Your life. Your health. Your children.  Your family.  A roof over your head.  Your job.  All the things that you have to live your life.  Then once you've reflected on this look at how amazing you are.  All the blessings you have.  Focus on what is.

Just for today I will do my work honestly.  Do you do your work honestly?  Do you show up on time and ready for work?  What does do your work honestly mean to you?  This one is all you.  Everyone has a different work ethic.  I was raised to always be to work on time and be there every day that I'm not sick.  We earn our paychecks we are not entitled to them.  Do you follow your company's policies?  This would be another thing to look at when you are talking honesty in the work place.
How do you make your co-workers feel?  Do you gossip?

Today I will be kind to every living thing.  Do I even need to explain or apply this?  Don't kick the dog.  In a trying situation maybe reflect after it on did you handle that good or could you have done something different.  I think of heated situations I am in on a day to day bases and I can do it differently if I can let my temporary anger not take control.  Something to work on. 

I threw a lot at you today.  Things to think about.  Reiki Principles or none.  I think the focus is more on how can you take what you believe in to help you make the change.  The Reiki Principles for me were a good example because writing them out gave me the reflection time to apply more positive changes I can make.

August 8th there will be no Mystic Monday and possibly the 15th as well.  But we will see about the 15th I might have some amazing ghost stories to tell.  Check out the Mystic Monday Facebook page for updates and I will try to quick post here too as those dates get closer.

Have an amazing week everyone.  Good luck with your homework.
Blessings All,

Monday, July 18, 2016

Happy Mystic Monday! Vampires, Cloud Busting, Time Stopping and More...

Hi All,
This week we are going to explore a few things you can accomplish or just play with as you are working with the energy that connects everything that is on our planet and in our universe.

Now I'm going to put a disclaimer and say to remember harm none and so mote it be.  If you do negative then negative will come back to you.  Just keep that in mind.

Dates this Week:
Tuesday the 18th is the Full Moon!  Use the moons energy at it's peak to help you with manifesting or bringing projects or things into fulfillment.  Time to go out to your fire pit and burn your intentions of what you would like to bring into your life.

This week I've had some request about this and that.  So here it is.
Cloud Busting

Picture this if you can.  You are outside on a warm day.  You have a blanket and spread it out on the lawn or by your favorite lake and lay down on your back looking up at the sky.  The wind is blowing just a little to provide a cool breeze on this comfortable day.  You look up to the sky and see fluffy white clouds passing you by at a crawling speed.  There are big ones and small ones.  It takes you back to your childhood and you start picking out shapes of cars, dogs, dragons, boats and anything else your mind can come up with.  But how about if you could break one up and make the sky blue in it's place.  Simply erase a cloud.  Would you?  Could you?  You can.  Try it.  Start small so you know how your body is going to react if it does and then you know what to look for next time you try.  For me the first time I had a major headache after.
So pick your cloud.  Then I usually stare at the cloud and make my eyes go soft while looking at it like when you do one of those old Magic Eye posters.  Now what I do is look at the cloud and then begin to erase it with my mind like and replace the space with the blue sky.  When looking at a cloud I pull the sky color with my mind to cover the white of the cloud until the cloud is gone.  Another way to do this is use your eyes to look at the area of the cloud you are going to start with to break it up and erase it.  I've used the power symbol with Reiki to help me bust up a cloud before as well but I had to exchange energy with the cloud to break it up and erase it.  You can also imagine a big eraser wiping out the cloud and then replacing the area with sky blue as you erase.  Try it and see what you can do.

Stopping Time:

OK really this is more like bending time so you can make it where ever you are going on time.  When I'm running late and I know I am never going to make it on schedule I use this.  But since I'm always an early person I don't do this too often.  But you can bend time so that you can arrive on time.  I did this once with a friend in the car.  We had gone shopping on our hour break from work and we were stuck in a bit of traffic after we left the shop a little later then we should have to get back on time.  I just focused on the clock and then asked that I arrive back to work at say 1:30 on time.  Then I wrapped the car in a bubble of white light and we continued to drive normal.  My friend was like there is no way we are making it back on time we are going to be so late and she was getting a bit upset with me.  But we pulled into work with a minute to spare.
Now I've also been told to do this you can visualize yourself arriving to your destination on time and you will get there.  Another way I've heard this done is to see your car in a tunnel getting to the place you are gone on time.  The tunnel pulls your car to the end on time and at your destination.
So you can play with that a little too and see which one works for you.


Here I am going to talk a bit about the energy vampire.  This week I did an emergency session for a close friend and I'm going to share a little because it involves an energy vampire that she works with.  In this case the person wasn't just taking her energy the person left nasty energy to continue to take her energy while this person what away from her.  My friend called to tell me she had been real tired and irritable and could figure out why.  She said that one person at work had been wearing on her and she just couldn't shake feeling drained after a few talks with this person.  So as we were talking I was being shown a big snake like creature that was attached to her and feeding on her energy.  I had to do a distance session that night and use several different energy tools to sever it and replace her energy with Reiki to get her feeling better.  The next morning she text me saying she felt lighter and had slept great.  Now it's not easy to get rid of a person like this and breaking the connection can be difficult depending on the length of time and the relationship.
So here are some tricks to help you protect your energy.

Cut your energy cords.  We have gone over this in past blogs.  You can also find out how to do this in Mystic Monday the book.

Carry or wear gemstones or stones that are for protections.

Wrap yourself in a bubble of white light.

Smudge yourself with Palo Santo or Sage and hold the intent to release whoever it is that is attached.

Burn essential oils to help raise and clear the energy in your home and yourself.

Call on Arc Angel Michael.  You can call on AA Michael to cut energy cords that bind you to people but make sure you ask for him to do so in all directions.  Left, right, front, back, top and bottom.  If this is a person you may have shared past lives with it's a good idea to add through all space and time.

If after doing this you still feel the effects of this person, I suggest really taking a look at yourself to make sure that you are the one that is severing and not putting back ties to this person.  Also, I would suggest going to a energy worker such as a healing touch or reiki practitioner to help you with this.  I know I can do some of the work on myself but I can't always feel that I've worked on myself so if I have someone else work on my to remove stuff then I know it's gone, and if it reattaches like some toxic people can, then I know it is more or less me making the re-connection and I have to look at myself for the reason and heal it so I can move forward free from the person.

Have a great week.  If you have ideas for the blog with a topic or a place please email me.
Blessings All,

Monday, July 11, 2016

Mystic Monday
July 11, 2016
Hi All,
Today I'm going to change things up a bit.  We are going to talk about how to read cards.
Okay I know you're like, "What how to read cards in one blog?"  Well Yes, why not!  It might take a little more coffee than the average blog, but yes.  Let's do this.  I am going to pick some cards and show photos and explain the cards so you can see what I am talking about as I go through the reading.

The first deck I ever used was an Angel card deck by Doreen Virtue called "Healing with the Angels" Oracles Cards.  Here is a photo.  I picked this deck to work with first because, well, simply my Reiki Master used them and I liked them.

Sorry that this is sideways.  Before I start I say a prayer of intent.  Then I shuffle the cards as I think of a question I want help with.  I shuffle until I feel like I'm done.  Then I spread them out.  The next thing I do is sensitize my hands buy rubbing them together quickly like they were cold.  Once that is done I hover my hand over the cards and the ones that make my hand tingle is the one I pick.

The next step is turning the cards over and looking at the spread once I've picked the number of cards I want.  Usually I pick 5 just because that's my favorite number.  So this spread confirms what I was thinking this morning.  See I'm re-writing the book and I want to take some more classes or do a little more studying in other areas of healing and energy work.   The spread as a whole tells me that it will come in time, study, trust the universe and myself, take a retreat and then out of all of this harmony will come.  So now it's time to break it down then review it.
Card number 1.  Divine Guidance:  Here we see an angel holding her hand up to a heart shaped star. Hearts meaning love.  Stars give guidance.  The angel is a messenger of the Divine.  Now when I look up the card reading the book given with the cards it says, You are being divinely guided right now.  Pay attention to your intuition, visions, knowingness and gut feelings.  It is important you trust and follow this guidance.  Pay attention to the cards next to this card they contain important information for you.  Okay well, this one was the first one in the draw so there is only one card next to it.

Card 2.  Study:  Looking at this card we see a woman who could be an angel as the clouds around her do make out or create wings.  There is a rainbow of knowledge and it is either entering her hands or coming out of her hands.  To me this says spiritual study because there is no picture of books or a school or anything that would say formal education.  So now looking at the book it states, This card validates that this is an important time for you to learn new ideas or skills.  If you are already in school this card encourages you to continue.  Sometimes this is a learning phase in life.  
In relation to the first card Divine Guidance this tells me that I need to trust my intuition on what it is I am going to learn or would like to learn and when to do that.

Card 3.  Trust.  Here we see an angel holding a ball of light.  There is also the sun which reflects into the sea so there are three spheres of light which could represent present, past and future.  It could also be your guides, higher-self and the divine.  Light is whatever it means to you.  Most of the card is done in the color blue which is a communication color.  So trusting the guidance you are hearing or seeing.  When consulting the book, the meaning of this of this card is, To believe in yourself and have faith that God and the angels are with you.  Ask them for help.  Is card is about self trust.  The mistakes you have made have not eroded your true nature.  The angels ask you to trust in God and them  so they can help you trust yourself.

Card 4.  Retreat:  Looking at the card there is an amazing place in nature where an angel is soaking up the energy of the forest or place she is in.  To me means go somewhere.  For me it is spending time out in the forest or on trails in a park the closest I can get to a forest around here.  This is about self reflect by clearing your mind. The book states: You are pushing yourself to hard.  Rest is a part of the natural cycle.  Take time to rest and take that time to focus on your heart's desires.

Last Card.  Harmony.  Life is beautiful.  Everything is in the right place at the right time and life is good.  Okay and now the book says:  A troubling situation has been resolved.  This is about letting go of viewing a situation as troubled and see yourself and others through the eyes of your guardian angels.  Look past the surface and look into the beauty and life that shines within everyone.

As a finale step, I would look at the cards again taking note of cards that may pop out at me.  Then I give a prayer of thank you for the guidance I've been given.  And I usually document the reading in my journal.  This way I can keep track of patterns or things I might be missing.

Now when I am reading for a client I usually hear messages from the clients guides or a crossed over loved one.  The cards give the client something to focus on for me to do the reading.  Do I need the cards to do a reading?  No.  If you and I were to sit and do a reading without cards I could just say a prayer of intent and we would talk and I'd get information to pass to you as we talk.

So there is the steps to how I do a card reading.  Find a deck that you like.  I have several that I chose from depending on mood and the situation.  Then practice.

I thought about talking about saying a bit about all the violence that's been going on in the news but I didn't want to start a soapbox.  I will only say my prayers are with all those who have lost someone in a senseless way.

Have an amazing week everyone.
Blessings All,

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Sorry All!

Hi All,
Hope everyone had a safe and amazing Fourth of July weekend,  Sorry I didn't set anything up to post.  I was out of town with the family.  With that said, Mystic Monday will be back next week.

I have also started to rework Mystic Monday book,  That will take me awhile.  :)
Have a great rest of the week!
Blessings All,