Monday, January 15, 2018


Hi All,
We are talking about bettering ourselves for the new year and today the topic is Affirmations.

An affirmation is a positive statement that will help to create a positive change in your life. 

Say you want to lose weight.  Instead of telling yourself "I need to lose 10 pounds", try "My body is a fat burning machine."  Or "It is a safe time for my fat cells to release fat that is stored and no longer serves my body."  If you are trying to bring in more of something you can say " I am surrounded by the abundance of the universe which supplies me with ..." 

Another way to make affirmations more powerful is to hook them with I am grateful for (state what you are grateful for). 

Have you created your vision board yet?  As you look at it every morning, say an affirmation that goes with each picture you have on it.  This will help you match the vibration of what it is you would like to manifest into your life.

Another short blog but something just to get your creative juices flowing to bring more positive into your life and to help you heal and move forward.

Anything that no longer serves you, let it go.  The past is past and you can't fix it, so bless the lessons you learned from it, forgive and move forward.

I am setting up new space in Hudson, WI and will be taking appointments soon.  I am at the Dancing Dragonfly winery in two weekends.  As soon as I hear from them details, I will pass them on.

Blessings All,

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Hi All,
I had a good question come in and wanted to share it.\
How do you protect yourself from a family member's negative energy or a friend's negative energy that is directed towards you?
Well there are a few things you can do.  You can protect yourself in general.

 Put up a bubble of white light around yourself to deflect any negative energy from the person.  If you can give the bubble the intent to protect you using the name of the person even better.  Going off this you can also visualize a circle of mirrors around yourself, reflective side out to bounce back the energy to the person that is sending it.

If random thoughts or feelings of the person come at you through out the day, you can create a bubble of white light put the person inside it and then release it the person to the angels asking the angels to heal the person for their highest good.

Wear protective stones with the intent that they protect you from so and so's energy.
Cut your energy cords frequently during the day.

Self Reflect on this.  Mediate.  Why do you believe the person is sending negative energy your way?  Are you fighting?  Can you mend the relationship?  What can you change in yourself to change how the person feels about you?
Some believe when we have negative feelings towards someone it is because they reflect back to us something we do not like in ourselves so that needs to be looked at.'

These are just a few things you can do.
Please feel free to share or comment on Mystic Monday's Facebook page or post comments here. 
How are the vision boards coming?  Mine is coming together.  Now I need to print photos and put it where I will see it every day.  I am using poster board.

Have a great week.
Blessings All,

Monday, January 8, 2018

New Year and New You

Hi All,
Happy New Year! 

Let's go over some dates and then get right into a short blog.  Please start to follow the Mystic Monday Facebook page as I do post little things here and there. 

Jan. Dates:
This week is pretty calm.
The 15th is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
The 16th is the New Moon.
The 21st Celtic Tree month of Rowan begins.

How many of you made New Years Resolutions?  Notice any more traffic at the gym?  We all use a new year to strive to do better or be better but what makes it stick?  What makes us give up?

This is the year to take control of whatever it is you need to.  For some of us it's goals in career, or our personal goals for fitness, or love whatever it is this is the year!  So how to stick to it.
Manifest it.  Stay with me we are going to apply some pretty simple things but it does require homework and about 5 minutes a day.

First, focus on a goal.  What is it you would like to do this year? 
Next is homework.  Go out and get supplies or maybe do it on the computer and print it out but make a vision board.  Yes, I know it sounds hoky but do it.  Put on your tag board, or cork board or print out everything you wish to accomplish this year.  If it is a trimmer body then find a fitness picture you like and stick it up there.  The house you dream of, put it up there.  A full calendar of clients, yep, put it up there.

Now here is the catch, every day spend 5 minutes with the board.  See yourself as you look reaching your fitness goal, see the house you are walking into and imagine the inside of it.  What does it look like, the floor space?  New job?  What do you do in your day?  What does your new career look like?  See it.  Maybe in the morning you take 5 with your morning cup of coffee and look at it and daydream about it. 
Focus on the feelings you get when you are thinking about your goals.  Then ask the universe to help you get there.  How does it get better then this?  How do I get to that? 
That is the homework.

Keep your energy clear.  Start meditation or prayer.  Clear yourself daily.  Cut your energy cords. 

Again today's blog short and simple but we are going to keep going with self improvement and goals this year.  So get that board done.  I'll do mine.  Feel free to post photos of your boards.  The more people you talk to and share your dreams with the more you will attract the energy to you to match your dreams.  Think about what you'd like, slap up the photo, spend time with it daydreaming about it.  See yourself as you already have it. 

Good Luck.  More next Week.

I am looking into office space.  I will make an announcement as that happens.  I have also joined the New Richmond Chamber of Commerce.  I am happy to be working with them and I am excited to see where things lead this year.

Blessings All,

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Hi All,
This is the last show I will be doing for myself to launch this biz.  I will be selling online and at expos.
Here are the deals right now.  My show number is 46137. Enter that number at check out and I will enter your name in a drawing for a free mascara.  If you book off my show I will enter you into a drawing for a free bath and shower gel.  This is a WI based company and I love the products.

Mystic Monday will be back in January 2018.
Blessings All,

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Yuck Energies....

Hi All, 

Here is what we are dealing with:

I don't know about all of you but I can tell Mercury is in Retrograde.  My cellphone and car hate each other and they both have joined forces against me.  Does this sound familiar?  Well the good news is it is done by the holidays.  December 22, or 23.  So hang in there.  Most of the things effected are electronics and anything dealing with communications.  Hence the phone.

So best advice, clear your energy as much as you can.  Don't buy any new electronics or phones until after Christmas and this is over.
Blessings All,

Friday, December 8, 2017


Hi All,
I have some L'BRI PURE n' NATURAL Specials.
I am hosting an online show for this month.  At check out all you do is add show number 46137.  When you order by the 20th you will be put in a drawing for a chance to win a full size BLACK Mascara!

Book a show for January.  It can be a online show, home party or catalog show and when you close it I will send you a full size Body Wash as an extra hostess gift!
At check out  please type 46137. Please email, message me or call me to book a show if you cannot schedule online.

January the blog will take a new twist with Self improvement.
Blessings All,

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Happy December!

Hi All,
Let's jump into dates because there is a lot going on.

Sunday Night was a Super Moon. Did you feel the energy?  Because Mercury also went retrograde.  Yep, Happy Joy!

Wednesday the 13th is the beginning of Hanukkah.  It ends the 20th.
Monday the 18th is the New Moon.
Thursday the 21st is Winter Solstice/Yule

December 24th Christmas Eve and the 25th is Christmas.  Merry Christmas!
December 24th is also the beginning of the Celtic Month of Birch.

Kwanzaa is the 26th of December.  Happy Kwanzaa!

This month a lot of things going on. 
Things to celebrate and rituals to do.  

With all the Holidays going on this month it is important to keep your energy healthy and protected.  So cut your cords several times a day and smudge yourself at least nightly.  It wouldn't be a bad idea to wear protective stones and do daily energy work on yourself or medications to keep your energy clear.

Review:  Protective stones fall into the colors of black or dark stones.  Onyx or Smokey Quartz, etc..  Your birthstone is also a protection stone unique to your birth month. So if you have it wear it.

Smudging:  This is a technique where you burn sage leaves or palo santo wood and fan the smoke over your body.  Light your sage and get it burning pretty good then blow it out so there is a good smoke stream.  Then fan the smoke up over your body and over your head.  Do this several times to clear your energy.

Remember when you are interacting with people you are sending out energy cords plugging into them and they are doing the same to you.  Through out the day clear yourself of these cords.

I am not sure where the new year is going to take me with the blog.  It has been real hard to devote time to writing and then trying to put together a few outlines for books I want to work on, plus life in general.  In 2018, I hope to have an office in New Richmond, WI.  I am also booking expos I will be at 2 in March and 2 in April so far.  Those will post on the facebook Mystic Monday page, here and on my new website at

I am also busy with L'BRI PURE n' NATURAL please see my website  
There are monthly hostess specials and product specials.  I will try to update the specials on my facebook page Wendy's L'BRI VIPs.

So there is where you can find me when I am not writing here.

I think I will keep writing here to once or twice a month as it is hard to write every week.

Have an amazing week.
Blessings All,

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Next Week.

Hi All,
I am busy writing manuals and putting together a schedule of expos for 2018.
Mystic Monday will be back next Monday.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

New Stuff

Hi All,
Sorry I have been busy with family and will be through Thanksgiving weekend so not much time to write.
I was busy this weekend revamping the website and business cards.  You can see the new website at or

Email me and let me know what you think.

Thanksgiving is Thursday this week.  Wow!  That came up quick.
Black Friday.  If you risk your life going out shopping, I hope you all get what you are looking for and everyone is safe.
Saturday is the beginning of Celtic Tree Month of Elder.

Have a great week.
Blessings All,

Monday, November 13, 2017

Chakras and Clearning Your Energy

Hi All,

Today's topic comes by request. Before we get started here are some dates.

Saturday the 18th is the New Moon.  Remember to do your ritual.

Your body is made up of many different energy layers and centers.  Your aura has about 7 layers and your body has many different chakras but we always focus on the main 7 that run down the center of the front of the body.

Energy workers always work on the body from head to toe so let's start at the head.
The Crown chakra is purple or white. I tend to go with white as it's main purpose is to keep us connected with spirit or our source.  Stones that I will sometimes to grid the body for the crown charka are clear quartz or moonstone.

The third eye is located in the middle of your forhead.  For me I see this one as purple instead of the indigo as listed up on top.  The third eye is where all of our psychic abilities are manifested.  Your intuition.  Meditation is the biggest thing you can do to workout this part of your brain.  I use amathyst for a stone here and place it right on the third eye.

The throat chakra is next down the line.  The color for this chakra is blue.  I like working with bluelace agate for this area.  This is the center for your voice and speaking your truth.  Standing up for yourself if you will.

The hear chakra is next and can be green or pink.  So here I use malachite or rose quartz when using stones.  This is your heart center.  Love, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness all stem from here.

Sacral Chakra is next  it is yellow and I like to use citrene here. This is where your emotions come in.  It is also about pleasure and happiness.

The solar plexus is next.  Located just below your belly.   Orange in color.  I like to use carnealian stone here.
This is where you power and confidence is.

Then last the root.  Red in color. I use garnet or any black grounding stones here.  This is the chakra that keeps you grounded to Mother Earth.

So this is a basic 101 of the chakras.  Balancing and keeping them clean is another topic.

Everyone has there own ways to clear and block the chakras.  Reiki practitioners channel reiki to the chakras using symbols to clear them.  Intuitive healers may use the universal white light and stones to clear and balance them.  Some healers use smudging and stones.  It's all up to you and what feels right.  Keep your intent for your highest good and you won't go wrong. You can also ask Archangel Raphael for help.  He is the healing angel. Your guides will also assist you with clearing and balancing but you have to ask.  Remember you have free will so they can't just do it without permission from you.

Meditation will clear and balance your chakras.  You simply visualize the chakras one at a time.  Look at each spinning ball and see if you see any dull spots.  Then wipe it clean.  Then look to see if it is spinning as it should.  If not simply spin it like you would a top to set it right again.  In Mystic Monday the book I include a few meditations.  

You can also use sage or palo santo wood to smudge yourself and clear out your energy.

I am booking readings and Reiki sessions for this Saturday.  My afternoon is filling up.  Morning is open.

I am hoping to have an office space in 2018.  Currently the space is being worked on.
I am also working on scheduling more expos.  I will post as dates are scheduled.

I am hosting an online show with L'BRI PURE n' NATURAL
Go to  at the checkout before payment enter show number 45311
when you order I will enter your name in a drawing for a free hand and body lotion.  
Help me plus, out and get a chance to win!

I am now a consultant for L'BRI PURE n' NATURAL.  I Love this Skin Care line.  It is all Aloe based and is amazing.  My website is  check it out.  Free samples of the skin care are offered you pay the shipping.  The sample set will last you at least 2 weeks if not 3.  Mine did.  

The expo at 29 Pines was a huge SUCCESS!!  I enjoyed being there among friends and meeting new people plus connecting with a few I've meet over the years.  I love doing these expos.
Most of the time I do a good mix of readings and Reiki.  This time it was mostly Reiki sessions.  I really am blessed to be able to do this work.
I am currently working on a new business name and website.  

Have an amazing week and Blessings All,