Sunday, November 19, 2017

New Stuff

Hi All,
Sorry I have been busy with family and will be through Thanksgiving weekend so not much time to write.
I was busy this weekend revamping the website and business cards.  You can see the new website at or

Email me and let me know what you think.

Thanksgiving is Thursday this week.  Wow!  That came up quick.
Black Friday.  If you risk your life going out shopping, I hope you all get what you are looking for and everyone is safe.
Saturday is the beginning of Celtic Tree Month of Elder.

Have a great week.
Blessings All,

Monday, November 13, 2017

Chakras and Clearning Your Energy

Hi All,

Today's topic comes by request. Before we get started here are some dates.

Saturday the 18th is the New Moon.  Remember to do your ritual.

Your body is made up of many different energy layers and centers.  Your aura has about 7 layers and your body has many different chakras but we always focus on the main 7 that run down the center of the front of the body.

Energy workers always work on the body from head to toe so let's start at the head.
The Crown chakra is purple or white. I tend to go with white as it's main purpose is to keep us connected with spirit or our source.  Stones that I will sometimes to grid the body for the crown charka are clear quartz or moonstone.

The third eye is located in the middle of your forhead.  For me I see this one as purple instead of the indigo as listed up on top.  The third eye is where all of our psychic abilities are manifested.  Your intuition.  Meditation is the biggest thing you can do to workout this part of your brain.  I use amathyst for a stone here and place it right on the third eye.

The throat chakra is next down the line.  The color for this chakra is blue.  I like working with bluelace agate for this area.  This is the center for your voice and speaking your truth.  Standing up for yourself if you will.

The hear chakra is next and can be green or pink.  So here I use malachite or rose quartz when using stones.  This is your heart center.  Love, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness all stem from here.

Sacral Chakra is next  it is yellow and I like to use citrene here. This is where your emotions come in.  It is also about pleasure and happiness.

The solar plexus is next.  Located just below your belly.   Orange in color.  I like to use carnealian stone here.
This is where you power and confidence is.

Then last the root.  Red in color. I use garnet or any black grounding stones here.  This is the chakra that keeps you grounded to Mother Earth.

So this is a basic 101 of the chakras.  Balancing and keeping them clean is another topic.

Everyone has there own ways to clear and block the chakras.  Reiki practitioners channel reiki to the chakras using symbols to clear them.  Intuitive healers may use the universal white light and stones to clear and balance them.  Some healers use smudging and stones.  It's all up to you and what feels right.  Keep your intent for your highest good and you won't go wrong. You can also ask Archangel Raphael for help.  He is the healing angel. Your guides will also assist you with clearing and balancing but you have to ask.  Remember you have free will so they can't just do it without permission from you.

Meditation will clear and balance your chakras.  You simply visualize the chakras one at a time.  Look at each spinning ball and see if you see any dull spots.  Then wipe it clean.  Then look to see if it is spinning as it should.  If not simply spin it like you would a top to set it right again.  In Mystic Monday the book I include a few meditations.  

You can also use sage or palo santo wood to smudge yourself and clear out your energy.

I am booking readings and Reiki sessions for this Saturday.  My afternoon is filling up.  Morning is open.

I am hoping to have an office space in 2018.  Currently the space is being worked on.
I am also working on scheduling more expos.  I will post as dates are scheduled.

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The expo at 29 Pines was a huge SUCCESS!!  I enjoyed being there among friends and meeting new people plus connecting with a few I've meet over the years.  I love doing these expos.
Most of the time I do a good mix of readings and Reiki.  This time it was mostly Reiki sessions.  I really am blessed to be able to do this work.
I am currently working on a new business name and website.  

Have an amazing week and Blessings All,


Sunday, November 5, 2017

Saturday 29 Pines

Hi All,
I will be posting Mystic Monday twice a month so I can do a topic justice.

Dates this Week:
Veterans Day is Saturday

Saturday Nov. 11 I will be at 29 Pines in Eau Claire, WI.    I will be offering Reiki sessions, Readings and L'BRI PURE n' NATURAL products.

Here are some of our great products that can be ordered on my website.
There are also free samples on the website that you can have shipped to your home.  You pay just a small amount for shipping.  
If you have questions please call me.

Looking for what readers want.  Have a topic?  Let me know and I'll see what I can do to cover it.

Have an amazing week!
Blessings All,

Monday, October 30, 2017

Welcome Back! And our topic is Death.....

Hi All,

Welcome Back!  This weekend's events inspired me to write a return.  Also just to put this out there if you have topics or subjects you'd like discussed please email me as I am not only back to writing here I will be writing a new series of books with topics that vary on the subject of Energy Work, Reiki and perhaps some tools used such as Crystals and how to use them.

Sunday was the first day of Reed in the Celtic Tree Calendar.

Halloween is Tuesday!  The death of the old year and start of the new.  As you all know on this day the veil drops and spirits can come through a lot easier than on a normal day of the year.  Be warned weird things can happen on Halloween.  This would be a great time to prepare a small ritual of honoring those who have passed and putting to rest any old, stale energy that no longer serves you.

Today's topic is brought on by having had to attend a funeral of a distant cousin, one whom I didn't know, who this past week was tragically taken from her family way to early… or was she?  Now with that opening statement don't get angry just breathe and read on.

In 2002 my life changed when I was introduced to Reiki.  My childhood abilities started to return and I have spent years reading, studying and practicing to regain them.  What does this have to do with our topic?  Tons.  Since then I have stopped looking at death the way "normal" people do.  I still see the tragic, the aging, the whatever reason it is that causes a person to die.  However, I also question it, look at it as a beginning and not an ending, and for me it's a shift in reality.

What the hell is she talking about?  Well let me explain.  I have been communicating with crossed over loved ones and ghost-souls that have not crossed over and are stuck here for one reason or another.  Here is what I have learned over the years and what I have recently learned through a reading I did a few weeks ago.

A few years ago I did a blog on death and what it was like for suicides as I had thought and read about, as described by other mediums.  A few weeks ago I did a very public reading for a client whose crossed over loved one was a “suicide” when he was alive on this side.   The crossed over loved one stated that he had done what he had done because it was written in his chart as a way out.  See, we can write ourselves many death points in a life chart and chose at that time to take or not take it.  Ever have a close call car crash?  How about an out of body experience or any other near death?  He had written in his life chart a very difficult life and chose this point to exit.  However, the good in his exit was this.  His untimely exit was a lesson for his crossed over loved one's soul.  Now I can't make all of this story public, but I can say that at this point it was a turning point and learning experience of the client as the event was made in their contracts to help her soul evolve.

So my opinion of suicide has changed greatly. I use to think that a suicide soul would be wrapped in love, taken by their guides to review their life and then get sent back ASAP to repeat the lesson they were supposed to learn but took an out instead. I still believe this can happen for some.  I also believe that some cross over and choose to stay there and live a happy life on the other side until we are all reunited again.

A few years back a college friend of mine was murdered.  I was angry, I went through all the “what if's”.  Then I read a book about the other side, I believe it was written by Sylvia Brown, who I take with a grain of salt but what she had said made sense to me.  In the book it stated something like, souls who are murdered choose this death because they are highly evolved souls and are choosing this to teach a great lesson for the souls they contracted with in this life time.  Through this violent death, the souls of the group they incarnated with will then be helped more rapidly to reach the next level of evolving and becoming closer to The Source.  (God, Goddess, whoever you believe in)

For me this gives comfort in this choice made in the out the person chose.  It is also a way to help the person's soul who did the unthinkable act.  So for the family that reads this, I offer this comfort.  I also know that you will be one day see her when you cross over.  She will be there to greet you and help you do what it is you need to when the time comes. 

Now I can get into an entire book about what about this death or that death....Bottom line is this.  Death is not an ending but a shift in location.  One is no longer physically present in our world but they are here when you need them.
So talk to them, call on them and then the trick is to quiet your mind so you can hear them or be open minded enough to recognize a sign they could put in your way so you know they are listening.

Have an amazing week all.  Happy Halloween and a blessed Spiritual New Year!

Blessings All,

Monday, July 24, 2017

Good bye!

Mystic Monday has been a part of me for several years.  I've written the book and every week up until this summer I've written pretty much weekly for the blog.  All good things come to an end and such does this.  I am moving forward with some things I am learning and practicing.  With these experiences there is a new book in the works.  The next level of Mystic Monday.
Mystic Monday will still be sold on Amazon and you can get an autographed copy at Expos.
The Blog page will be redone to a new webpage with updates and expo dates.

Mystic Monday's facebook page will be taken down as well.

Blessings All.

Monday, July 17, 2017

What am I doing?

Hi All,
What am I doing?  I have no clue.  LOL.  I am busy researching the Goddess Nemetona and working with Tree energy.
We are back from out visit to Williamsburg, VA and Jamestown along with a trip to Yorktown.  I must say the energy was very different.  Most ghost seemed to be attached to items that were on display at the places we stopped.
The only interesting "ghost" photo I have from our trip is from the George Wythe house.  George Wythe was the tutor and friend of Thomas Jefferson.  His house was used by George Washington as a headquarters in 1781 as he planned the battle of Yorktown.  George Wythe was also the first Virginian to sign the Declaration of Independence.
Here is the photo.  Look in the Mirror to on the left side of the photo.

The pictures below were of the plantation home on our resort.

This was the house plantation home that our resort was built around.  The Powhatan Plantation.  I couldn't find any history on this house to confirm what I was picking up on.  I did find that there was once a fire in the home during the Civil War.

I walked into this home and was feeling a little ill.  As I walked around the home nothing popped out in the photos but I felt the presence of a small girl, light brown curly hair.  She was about 6 or 7.  She didn't say much just walked from room to room.  In the dinning area I felt the presence of a slave.  She didn't talk just watched as I walked through out the house.

Most of the places we toured we were not allowed to take photos.

That is all I have for this week.  As I am working on some research and working with some energies for healing and channeling.

More to come on that...
Blessings All,

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


HI All,
Please check out the Mystic Monday Facebook page for update photos.  The internet I have access to is very poor so when I can I will upload photos and things to facebook.  Next week I hope to have a journal post of what I experienced along our historic journey in our Nation's first settlements.
Blessings All,

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Summer Solstice

Hi All,
Let's start with dates:
June 21 is Summer Solstice/Litha

June 23 is the New Moon.

I wanted to write a blog about the Summer Solstice but it has been done and click here to visit it.  This one was pretty good and summed everything up.

Friday is the New Moon.  Don't forget to do your ritual.  If you are new to energy work then journal how you feel on this day and other energy days of the Wheel of the Year.

The first thing you should do when you start energy working or opening up your abilities you should buy a journal or a notebook so that you can write your experiences.  There is no right or wrong to what you should write.  Write your symptoms on power days.  Write how you feel after meditations, what you saw, what you used to raise your vibrations.  If you read your own cards everyday or do divination of sorts you should write your readings down  so you can see patterns in your readings and learn from them.  The is no end to what you write and keep track of in your journal.

So this week go and find a journal.

Next weekend I am at a private home reading party.

Blessings All,

Monday, June 12, 2017


Hi All,
I wanted to take this blog back to kind of a 101 level.  I have had some basic questions come up from people lately and I thought I wonder how many people read this an may not really feel like it is for them because they may not be at a level or have what it is we are talking about for the week or so.
I know now that I have been posting more here and there so I will try to do better and post more.  I have a few things booked for the summer and a few places I want to get to that would make good blog reading.

So let's get started.  Dates:
Flag Day is June 14th and Father's Day is Sunday.

Figuring out your path when you have an idea that you may have something more than the "average Joe".  I was going to use normal but really what is normal?
I an speak from experience only with the abilities of being a medium and a healer and how  that came into my life.  But it has to be just as confusing for anyone else who may have a different ability going on.  The other thing to remember is that times have changed a lot in the last 20 to 30 years.  When I was growing up topics that I put out there here on the blog were  not talked about.  Children who could describe a person who wasn't there to an adult had imaginary friends.  Fear of the dark was because it was a childhood norm not because there was actually something in the room that came to visit once in a while.

So today let's go there back to the beginning for some of us and for others just starting maybe a starting point.

Recently I had the question asked, "How do I know what I should be doing?  I feel like I have something but I'm not sure what to do?"  My answer: Listen to your gut.  Yep your instinct of what it is you are looking to open up and use. Listen to it.  It's not wrong and if you have a reading to seek help and what you hear doesn't really fit, don't write it off totally, put it on the back burner and go with your gut first.  Second, don't get frustrated.  We all have different abilities and levels that we are born with.  I like to tell people "We all are born with abilities, just like we can all learn to play football, we all can learn and practice but we all may never be the level of a pro like Aaron Rogers." We all have abilities from birth some are programed more with DNA that makes it easier for them to access and use those abilities and some need practice.  Don't give up.

How to listen to your gut.  What is it that is nagging you?  Do you have the pull of healing?  Do you hear, see, feel or just know things to find out that you are right about what information you had. Are you super sensitive to energy around you or other people's feelings?

My first suggestion would be to start reading about what it is you are pulled to.  There are a lot of great books out there and websites that can help you figure it out.  Look for classes in your area from local metaphysical stores.  Sitting in on an hour or two class can help you figure out if it is for you or not.  One think I have learned is to listen to the universe.  Sometimes what I think I need to learn is something that may not be on my path so then when I try to get to a class or an event from a group I can never make it there because the dates just don't line up in my schedule.
Get information from different sources.  When I started Reiki I read on the traditional path of practicing but I am not one to follow the A, B, C approach and go with what I am guided to do.  So more non traditional works of reading were more for me.  So I read things from Wiccan authors that wrote about healing, I talked with like minded practitioners to see what or how others were using energy work.

The only wrong way to do something is if you are not doing it for your highest good or the highest good of your client.  What you put out will circle back to you so always work for the highest good.

I am having a difficult time keeping this general and not going off into directions so please if you have questions or need some direction email me and I will point you in a direction if I can.

Have a great week.
Blessings All,

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Walk Ins

Hi All,
I have been wanting to write this but life just got in the way.

A few weeks ago I was doing a reading for a friend when the topic of a walk in came up via the person I was channeling.  I am by no means an expert on this subject.  I just wanted to present the little information I have so that you can think it over and maybe it will click for someone reading this.

What is a walk in?  Well this is going to get kinda hairy explaining so I will try to keep it simple.  Soul 1 let's call this soul Bobby.  Soul 2 we are going to name John.  So Bobby dies and instead of crossing over sticks around to watch over family and friends.  He isn't ready to cross over fully for whatever his reasons and he is attached to one person who is still alive.  He pops in and out of her life and checks on her.  He is around making sure she is safe.  Eventually that isn't enough and Bobby thinks about stepping into another body because he really wants to be part of the life he left behind. This is where John comes in.  John has a "near death".  Let's say John was out swimming and gets in over his head and can't make it to shore.  In the second it takes for John to decide he is done and this is an exit point in his chart that he can take and does, Bobby enters Johns body as John's body is dead for a few seconds as John exits.

Ok you still with me here.  Now Bobby is in Johns body.  John's friends are able to revive him but he has this memory loss or fog and can't remember anything or them.  He is taken to the hospital looked over and is fine yet he has some memory loss.  Bobby, the soul in the body, doesn't remember anything from his life that he died from or why he wants to be here.  He is having problems figuring out what he is doing.  He can't remember anything and the people around him are strange and yet he has some memories of this John life as the body's cellular memory is trying to help him remember the life he is currently in.  Time goes by and John aka Bobby never really seems to feel like he fits into his life.  From what I understand this can go on or something like and event can change that and make everything click for Bobby so that he remembers things.  He may start having vivid dreams of this life in his own Bobby body.  He may walk into places that Bobby would have frequented and experience a De javu.  The point is Bobby as John has come into John's body so that he wouldn't have to wait the entire process of  being born and growing up again.  He came in to figure out how to fit back into his unfinished business.

Now I can't tell you how it ends because I've never know this to happen personally.  I can tell you during a reading this idea came up with the spirit I was channeling to my client and that this spirit was already crossed over.  So there was some way on the other side he was charting with the guides of another soul already alive so he could do this.  I don't know when or how this will work out if it does.

I would love to hear stories of any one's experiences with this.
That is my thought for this week.
I am looking at a few trips this summer to blog about with photos.  I have a few parties booked as well.
If you want to book a party or a session please email.  I am looking at getting a business line so hopefully I will have a phone number soon.
Blessings All,