Monday, February 29, 2016

The End of Toxic Relationships/ New Love

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I'm not sure where this blog will take us today.  There aren't really any dates to cover this week so let's just get started.

Last week we talked about toxic relationships and people.  I had another experience this week of letting go of someone who fit most of the criteria for a toxic person.  I will say it takes a lot of strength to let one such a person go, especailly when that person becomes scary.  The experience I had the person in question turned on me within 2 hours.  At first very compliant with my request and actually wished me well and happiness.  Within a few hours the person was pledging to prove how sorry he was and wanting to prove it to me in a public way.  Little did I know that ment on socail media.  I hope now it is all done and the person truely leaves me alone.

Again my experience is not a physcial one.  I hope if you know of someone in this type of situation you encurage her or him to get out.  Lend them your support and strength.

As a reiki master and a intuitive I send healing energy when I end up thinking of the situation.  I figure asking the angels to heal the both of us doesn't hurt and can only help.

Moving forward.  New Love.

The only advise I can give is work on yourself.  Work to clear your karma, look at your past lives and learn from them.  Learn from the situation you just went through.  Spend time in meditaiton and or prayer.  The more you work on yourself the better you will be, the stronger you will get.  I have spent years meditating, manifesting and getting on various healers tables to be worked on.  I think this may be my year.  I have found happiness in my own company and I know that is one of the first steps.  I hope I have learned the signs of people who are not for my highest good.  It's been a hard lesson on walking away from some, it's a funny think how you can feel connected to one who is wrong for you and not give up until the bitter end.  Karma and past lives can make you feel a strong connection that may not be real.

When you are not looking and the universe sees you are ready love will get dumped in your lap.
Have a great week all,
Blessings All,

Sunday, February 28, 2016


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Working on a rewrite of Mystic Monday the book.
Busy, Busy.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


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As always let's get some dates out of the way.
Thursday the 18th is the start of the Celtic Tree Month of Ash.

Saturday the 20th Becca Borowske and I will be at the Enchanted Boutique teaching an Healthy Oils class and then I will be teaching Healing Your Energy with Stones and Crystals.  Call 651-600-3769 to reserve your spot.  Class cost $26 dollars each.

Today I write the blog and it's Valentine's Day.   I always write on Sunday as I post the blog for Monday.
So let's talk about Love.  As we all know there are many types of love.  Up until about two years or so ago I believed in a soul mate love so let's start there and explore other options.

Keeping it simple Love defined by Merriam- Webster is 1. A strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties.  2. Attraction based on sexual desire:affection  and tenderness felt by lovers. 3.Affection based on admiration or common interest.

Soul Mates:  This is the person you deem as "The One".  The person who you are attracted to immediately and you feel connected to on many levels.  Your soul recognizes this person and you may feel like you know this person but you don't know why or how.
Soul mate relationship can be intense and hard to let go of because of the intense feelings.
Soul mates can be anyone not just a love interest.  It can be a friend or family member as well as a lover.  Most of the time this person is someone you have shared many life times with or have a soul contract with.

Then I was introduced to the Twin Flame relationship.  Basically how I understand it your Twin Flame was one who has the other half of your soul.  When your soul was created it was split into two halves and your Twin Flame is the one with the other half of your soul.  These relationships are extremely intense and more so that a soul mate.  From what I have researched these relationships bring out our best and worst and for a Twin Flame relationship to work both parties have to have worked through all their good, bad and ugly lessons and be truly ready for the other.  Many times we meet out Twin Flame but cannot stay together because our karma and lessons aren't balanced or work through.  From what I've researched when you are successful with your Twin Flame it is almost always your last life time on this planet.

Love at First Sight.  Well this one is difficult because it's all on what you believe.  I believe in this. I mean if you believe in soul mates and what not then why not.  I mean you see the one and just know it.  Your soul is recognizing that person on some level right?

I know more deep stuff.  It is up to you to believe it or not.  But it will get you thinking.
So my friends I leave you with thoughts of love.  I could go many ways with this blog today but I want to keep it facts and let you think and form your own opinions. 
I look at every relationship as a lesson.  When it end what have I learned?  What do I need to change in myself?  
Until next week.  
Blessings All,

Monday, February 22, 2016

Toxic Relationships: We know they are bad but...

Hi All,
Today's subject came to me as I was reviewing a relationship I had been in and looking at a new one and going wait a minute this guy is displaying a few characteristics.  As always before we dive in let's knock out a few dates.

Today is the full moon.  I know it's been looking like it's 100 percent full all weekend but it's today.
Get out your paper and burn your intentions.

Other than that there isn't much going on out there this week.
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Any of my services can be done at your home so please just email me and ask.

Alright, grab your coffee, pop or whatever and settle in this might get long.

Toxic or Abusive Relationships.

First I want to say I'm no expert and I have no background in this other than personal experience which has been mild.  My experience has been verbal and emotional and never became physical where I was hit or worse.  With that said if you are in a relationship one of these relationships I encourage you to take your power back and get out of it as fast as you can.
I will say while I was researching this topic on Saturday night many of the characteristics between the two were so similar that I just labeled it as toxic or abusive because to me that are interchangeable.

Here we go.
Red flags your person displays.  Now I want to also put this out there.  This doesn't always mean a romantic relationship, this can be a friend or someone you trust or a family member.  But because my experience has been romantic that's the view I'm using.

The top red flag I found for an abuser are:  The person pushes for a quick involvement.  (instant relationship)  There is jealousy.  What I mean by this is not only does the person want all of your time when he/she can have it but when he/she is not with you they want to know everything about your day.  Who you were with, was the person you were with a threat to them as in, is the person you were spending time with someone that could possibly take you away from them.  This can get real strange.  Your toxic person may ask questions pertaining to the sex of a coworker you talk about if you haven't mentioned a name. I've had this happen.  This person becomes controlling.  Tries to tell you how things should be done in your relationship which then leads to cutting you off from your support people.  Yes this happens.  The person you are in a relationship with becomes so involved with you they start to tell you what you can and cannot talk about with your friends.  

Now I understand a relationship is between me and my guy but if my guy is doing things that make me go hummmm.....I want to be sure I'm looking at the hummm...the right way and bounce this off of my trusted girlfriends.  Now, I have a bonus because my girlfriends are all intuitives.  I will say I don't always listen to the red flag and then find myself in a hole lot of trouble.  But we will get into the why in a little bit.

More red flags:  blames you or other's for his or her situations or experiences.  Never takes responsibility for himself or herself.  Makes you feel like crap in the process because you actually feel sorry for the person until you see the light or as I like to say the rose color glasses come off.
The person is easily insulted and goes off on why they have been wronged or think that they have been wronged.  They may have mood swings.  Ok here is a dangerous one playful forceful sex.  Yeah, if the person gets rough with you in bed and you're not into that and your partner knows it there is an issue.  
Verbal abuse and emotional abuse...This is where you are never able to do anything right. Example:  This can be as little as you have a night out with your friends and then the next day you are told he hates when you go out because you sleep late recovering from the night out and there are things you need to get done around the house or with the children if you have children.  So then you stop going out with friends because the double edged sword of I want you to have your friends and fun but then the reality of I hate when you are out because you can't function the next day gets old so you just don't fight it.  And then your friends just slowly go away and he has successfully isolated you.  This can also happen with family.  The person may make what you think are valid excuses for not having the two of you at family events or holidays.
It was after my relationship with a emotionally abusive person that my mom came up to me after she had read an article in a women's magazine and said I never knew, had I, I would have tired hard to get you out.  
The extremes: cruel to children and animals.  Has a past of abuse.

Ok now that we got all that out there let's talk about what do you do.
Here's my first answer.  Listen to your gut.  Your inner voice.  What is it telling you?  Then bounce things off your friends and listen and take in all they are saying.  They will see the red flags before you do.  Again your rose colored glasses might be on.  Mine were for a long time and my girlfriends had to about beat me over the head.

The push and pull of this relationship can really be intense.  The energy connection between you two can be so strong it's hard to see clearly what it is that is going on .  

So why do we stay in these kinds of relationships.  We all have our reasons.  I know that sounds like such a cop out but it's true.  We all have things we need to go through and at the time if you are so connected to this person or if you know someone that is going through it, you can't get out of it until you are ready.  The straw that breaks the camels back has to happen before you make a move.

Now I have had a few red flags with a guy.  Did I run?  No.  And you're all like, WHAT?  Well there was a strong connection.  When he was around it was all good.  He did all the right things and when he was gone, there was another skirt to chase because we were not in the same area.  Then he would come back because he knew he could and I would pick him up and dust him off and get him thinking straight about himself and he would talk about us giving it a try and off he'd go with me being hopeful and then I'd get the call that he was off with someone else again.  In the process I couldn't see past the "love" I had for him and therefor couldn't see the way he was really treating me.  Plus I believe there was a bunch of past lives holding us connected and a life contract. All of which I've hoped I've worked on and have healed through Reiki and regressions work.  I know what I should do if he should do if he comes back in, but, there is always a but right.
A new one did come in, and the universe has a way of testing you to make sure you've learned the lesson and are truly ready to move on.  I say this because I'm saw some of the same behavior.  I saw the jealous side, the controlling side, the quick rush to be with me and the flags.  My friends were like girl you'd better and I did.  

I truly believe now what friends have been telling me for years.  You really need to be happy with yourself  and the right one will fall into your lap.  Use your alone time to trust the universe that it will all work out in it's time.  It's hard to do but really work on yourself and self love so you can stand in your power and keep your power.  Many times we give our power away and do not realize we've done it.  It's not selfish to stand up for yourself.  If the person you are with is truly your person, they would never treat you horrible or make you feel horrible.  I mean OK you're going to have fights now and then or not see eye to eye on something but you will never feel like you have to change to be with that person.

I am hoping one person that reads this finds the strength to leave a toxic or abusive relationship.  You are worth so much more than what you are receiving within this type of relationship.  You are worth love and much more so stand up and take your power back.  It may take a while but it's OK.  You will see and learn from what you are going through.

Many Blessing All,

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Classes this weekend.

Hi All,
Follow the link below to sign up for classes this weekend at the Enchanted Boutique in White Bear Lake, MN.  I will be teaching with Becca and then a class on healing with crystals after the healthy oils class.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Year of the Monkey and Lessons. New Year Outlook

Happy Mystic Monday!
Lots of things going on this week so let's get started.

Monday-Today- New Moon.  Get your list going.
Chinese New Year.  It's the year of the Monkey
The Chinese New Year is based on the lunar calendar.  This year will be a year of challenge and change.  It will also be a year of great opprotunity.  Great shifts will also be happening.  I hope this new year beings great blessings for you all.



I think that covers all the dates this week.

We have been talking about new age bullies.  Let's talk lessons since that can come up.  Lessons we plan for ourselves can be easy or very difficult taking years to finally get it or even life times.  The one think I think I finally learned is to let go.  I can't not control everything in my life and I need to be paritent with the outcome of what plan has been put in place.
Happiness is created from within.  That can mean a lot of different things.  But truely to be happy you have to be happy with being alone with yourself.  Once you are happy in your own space and self than can you share your happy with someone.  It's taken  me a long time to learn that lesson.  Now I'm waiting for the right one to come in and share happy and maybe enahnce it as well. 

I've brought up lessons because your lesson is yours to learn.  Other people around you might be able to see your lesson and even tell you but until you really get it yourself you will not hear them to make the change you need to actually get it.  It's yours after all.  Again this could take years or life times.  At times you may think ok this is the last time I am doing this with this person and low and behold they enter your life and you let them back in for whatever reason and the cycle begins.  Guess the lesson wasn't over.  But is it far to say then you're at fault and you had this crappy thing happen because your thoughs created it.  Well look at it like this  what have you actually learned?  Do you feel like you are done?  That's a loaded question that you need to answer when you are not angry over the situation. Because when you are fresh healing from the situation you're like yep I'm truely done.  Then the situation comes in again for you to deal and do you get it right and shut the door or leave the door cracked?  It's taken me 4 years of a cycle with a person for me to finally get it.  I can now look at the person and say "God I loved you, and now I just wish you happiness and that you find yourself, because nobody else can give you love or make you happy until you do for yourself."  I can look at this person without anger at myself or at him.  When you can look at your situation and be totally good you've gotten it and you're ready to move on.
Never get down on yourself or let someone get down on your for it taking as long as it did.  I think of it as this way now.  I went through those four years in repeat because I wasn't getting it and the person who was to come in and meet me wasn't ready to yet.  So even though right after I looked back with anger and was like OMG I wasted how many years loving this person unconditionally, now I can look back on it and say OK I had a contact with this person to love and I learned blah blah but most important I wasn't wasting my time because I was getting to a place I needed to be in for another door to open.  Four years ago, that door wasn't even an option.  Does that make any sense?
I hope so.

So yeah you do kinda of create a situation because you planned it on the otherside for yourself to learn. However, sometimes crap just happens and we deal from it an learn.  We may not know why we are dealing with it at the time but you will.  Then eventually you look back after you've healed and you're like yeah OK that was not smart of me because of a,b, c and what not.  Or yeah he was really not a good person because I can see now how I was being treated.  It's different when the rose color glasses come off and you look back and see the patterns you were stuck in.

With that, I hope I've left you with something to think about. No worries you'll get what you are supposed to in the time you are supposed to.  Your good friends will never tell you it's your fault , yes they will get sick of listening but continue to do so and they will roll their eyes because you are telling them the same tale for the 100 time as you let it happen again but they will support you and understand.  

Have an amazing week.
Blessings All,

Thursday, February 4, 2016

New Age Bullies Part 2.

So I posted this to my tumblr as well. Here's the address: New Age Bullies Pt. 2
New Age Bullies Pt. 2
I wrote a part one here if you’d like to go back and view it or the graphic I posted. New Age Bullies Part 2! These next posts won’t be as long as the first one bec...
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I wrote a part one here if you’d like to go back and view it or the graphic I posted.
New Age Bullies Part 2!
These next posts won’t be as long as the first one because many of the same points will be reiterated probably each time, though different stories and such.
Point 2: If you encounter someone/something aggressive/violent, it’s because it’s in YOU (mirror theory).
First off: no.  Just. No. Once again this is victim blaming. It’s incredibly damaging to a person to tell them that they deserve all negative things that happen to them.  Did you get robbed because you’re really a thief deep down? Did you notice that one of your friends is very jealous; does it mean you’re also very jealous? Your partner is very vocal when they’re angry; does this mean you also have anger you need to work through? You were attacked walking down the street; are you also likely to attack someone?
Think about all of the scenarios in your life where someone, in one way or another, told you it was ultimately your fault. How awful did you feel? Did you question everything afterwards as to whether or not you caused it or felt you deserved it. Think about someone who is in an abusive relationship of any kind. To tell someone they deserve it is probably the least bit of advice ever. Spend your energy on trying to find a way to leave this situation rather than giving them reasons to stay! Telling someone they caused this abuse is likely to make them think they can fix it. Some people are just not good people. That doesn’t mean that you deserve to be treated poorly. If they genuinely want to make changes, and have asked for help, then please do help them. You cannot make the changes for them.
I talked about Tracy in my last post. They would often make me feel like most of the ‘negative’ emotional stuff I was going through was my fault. I was attempting to get an energetic healing business launched while also working my 40-hour work week. I was exhausted all the time. Unsurprisingly, that business didn’t grow much. I had no extra energy to put into it. There’s no denying that. I was also in a very unsupportive environment. I was told I wasn’t emotionally in a place where I wanted new clients (not true). I was told I needed to do more, but all attempts were critiqued in a negative and unhelpful manner. I was struggling, true, but the lack of support I received from Tracy opened a space where I felt I couldn’t do anything right (this flowed into our friendship outside of the office). I couldn’t write blog posts without having a near panic attack or in tears because I was so tired, and I felt it was the worst thing I’ve ever written. I felt that no matter what I would try it would be because I just deserved to not have new clients. I felt like I was an awful practitioner. Maybe I just wasn’t that good. Maybe I just can’t succeed in a business I really love. Maybe I’m just meant to stay at a job because I’m just a horrible person.
While it’s true that my obvious burning out was effecting my ability to put new energy into this new business venture, I was constantly told that my attempts wouldn’t amount to anything. If Tracy didn’t hate any attempts I made, it was met with ways to “make it better” or with a hesitant “I guess you could do that” or “wow! You’re actually doing something!” How condescending is that? Stop it people.
All in all, you can’t control what people are like or the things that they do. On a spiritual aspect, we’re told that we’re put into situations that are “learning experiences” for us to experience. God is just testing you. You’re only given as much as you can handle. Well, aren’t you learning about things that you don’t want to happen again? While I do believe that we are put in situations to learn from, but not to the extent that I should be treated like shit just so I can experience a spiritual awakening. It doesn’t mean that I don’t deserve the support I need to make it through this experience. It doesn’t mean that I can control other people and what they do let alone deserve it.  People need support from those close to them. People tell you stressful and painful experiences in a vulnerable place. Just listen. Acknowledge something painful happened. Don’t try to analyze why any of it happened. Listen with an open heart. That will go much further than anything else you can say or do.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Some Imbolc and Things that Make You Go Hummmmmm........

Hi All,
We are going to pick up a little to day some of the Bullying topic and discuss but in a different way as I had a really good conversation this weekend with my Reiki Master who has gone through some pretty bad relationship things and does some of the situations could be looked at by a practitioner and fit into that practitioner saying things like "Hey, your negative thoughts attracted this."  You get what you put out." If you would think more positively about a man a positive man would find you, what are you doing to attract this negative one."  So today we are going to look at things that make you go hummm....


February 2 is Imbolc.  The celebration of the Goddess returning to he maiden after being in the crone stage.  It's that mid time between Winter and Spring Equinox.  It is also a celebration of light and spring, a time of rebirth.

Imbolc is a time of Rebirth and the Goddess Brigid.  She is the Goddess of Poetry, Healing, Smithcraft, and Midwifery.  It is about light and fertility.

This day is also Candlemas or the Christian  Festival of Lights.  This two was a marking point of going from winter to spring.  It is the end of the 40 days of purification for Mary.  This day marks the Presentation of Jesus Christ in the Temple.  This is a day when all candles were brought to mass and blessed.

I know these are just little snips of what these days are about but I encourage you to look them up if you are interested.

Friday night I was on the phone with my Reiki Master and we covered a few things that I thought wold be interesting to introduce here and hopefully it will make you go hummmm.... and really start thinking about some things and making changes.
(this is where you may want to get pop or coffee and settle down because this might get a little long.)

Entity:  Ok I found some really strange websites out there to describe what fit into my definition of an entity so that I could merge information to give you something more accurate.
So in my experience and entity is some invisible being that attaches to a person.  Could be a dead person from their current life, could be something else all together.  Could be an elemental, or something from other dimensions such as a alternate reality.  Which is a new concept to me.
So what I found for definitions are pretty close....

Entity is a living breathing being.  It may very well exist on a different plane or in a different reality than ours. It is alive.  (

Entity:  Non physical energy parasite with some consciousness of it's own.  It attaches to your subtle energy body just as a physical parasite does.  Some symptoms range from physical aches and pains to spirit possessions. (

How do you pick one up or let one take over?  Well your energy has to be low or you may even be at a point in your life where you just give up and then you become taken over.  And now let's jump into what I've come across this weekend and it will better explain things.

So I'm on the phone and many topics come up but one came up of a vortex, demons and entities.  Oh my!  Yes all in one conversation.  Crazy right.  well here we go.
I'm not even sure where to start with this so we'll start at entities and then we might have a few different blogs to cover all this.

As a Reiki Master (energy healer) when working on people you come in contact with a lot of strange things.  Past life attachments, crossed over loved ones, energy from their living space, and the list goes on.  But I have, at my low points of worry and going through rough times, had to pull off entities and have had them pulled off of me.  So what attracts them.  Well, when you are happy and in a good place in your life your energy vibrates higher.  Lower vibrating things cannot attach because they can't raise to your vibration.  When you are at a low it give a window of opportunity for lower energies to attach and then ride your energy as a sort of high when you work at coming out of your low.  This gives them energy to feed off of .  Right now I am hearing they detach as your vibrations rise because they themselves can't sustain the energy required to rise up with you.  So they get their jolt and then detach waiting for your next low to start the cycle over again.

Now, if a person is at a low in their life and ready to check out an entity could take over.  This is where things got confusing for me.  My friend had a guy she met out west. Ok let's give them names so this is less confusing.  Well say Sam and Gina.  So Gina calls long story short.  She met Sam and fell in love with him but as the relationship went on she could see Sam change and she actually saw it in his eyes.  (no shocker there as the eyes are the window to the soul right?)  So she has this amazing connection with the Sam she fell in love with.  Then she sees a change and she helps this Sam through things with money and living.  Now Gina is an energy worker as well. So keep in mind she vibrates pretty high and has a lot of protection up around her always.  Sam however, is able to get through that protection as he is connected to her emotionally and she him.  Well Sam was on his way to checking out when he met Gina.  He was at a low and being that his energy was low and the area he was living in a few different entities were able to attach and actually take over his body.  Gina saw this in his eyes as he wasn't himself.  Now like many of us Gina loves the energy in her house.  But she has an different energy in the house because she has a vortex in the home.  Now this has never caused an issue until Sam started spending more time in the house.  She started seeing shadows with human form, and just really heavy energy.  The energy in the home was affecting everyone.  Her son became more angry with her over the weeks that went by.  Once Gina and I talked and she was able to get a few different opinions from friends she made the choice to be done with Sam.  Months went by and things were still going on in the house and with the moods of her and her son.  She was still seeing things in the house which had me baffled as I said she has strong protection up.  But then it started to unfold as we talked.  The entity and whatever big bad it was working for used the vortex in the house as a portal for other big bads to feed off of her energy. Now I've never heard this with a case of the living, but I have heard of energy grids and how haunted places can be used to trap earthbounds with a Shepard spirit and used as a battery so to speak for a big bad to feed off of.  This is what has happening in the house.
We ended up talking about how to protect the vortex and other ideas of how to combat these things that were using her energy. We talked about setting up protection around the vortex to only let in things for the family's highest good.  We talked about moving the vortex to the outside of the house so that she could throw up protection around the house so that the entities could not get in.

I'm not sure which she will try.

So why the long story.  All this stuff happened not because she was thinking negative things or putting out to the universe that she wanted this to happen.  She didn't create this by not doing something right or by manifesting negative.  It was simply the guy she was with wasn't really present and the bad energy attached to him found a way to use his connection to her to use her as it's food source for energy.  Again she is a high vibrating person as she is an Reiki Master, pagan and someone that vibrates high. It could have been part of her contract to learn this to help others get out of the situation.  She is a healer and sometimes we have to go through things the universe will throw us in our clients.  But if you apply what Becca was talking about you could see how some practitioners could turn this into a "well she created it" thing.  And this is where I'm getting you to think about all this.  Could bad things happen to good people just because?  I mean while you are going though it and seek help is it the time for someone to say well you created this or your going through this because.....  Everything happens for a reason but what if that reason isn't known until much later so why should anyone make you feel guilty or judge you for it.  In the end it's yours to own and how you go through it is up to you.

There is your food for thought this week.  I hope everyone has a wonder start to February.
Blessings All,