About Wendy


Wendy Jackson Author of Mystic Monday.

  • Graduate from the University of Wisconsin Stout with a Bachelor's Degree in Human Development and Family Studies
  • Holds a Masters of Science in Holistic Studies
  • Certified Reiki Master and Past Life Regressions practitioner
  • Ordained Healing Minister with Sacred Heart Ministry
  • Channeled Nemeton Energy System with the assistance of Vicky MacLean, a fellow Reiki Master and Nemeton Energy Practitioner.

My Story
As a child I could sence earth bound spirits.  I also had the ability to heal animals of illness through prayer.  In college I began to study on my own and experiment with the energies of crystals.  Later after having children I fought through a rough time with postpartum depression.  I was not found of being on medication and sought out alternative methods to cope and heal.  That is when a friend referred me to a Reiki practitioner and I had my first session to help my pull through postpartum.  I became a student of Reiki and noticed my childhood abilities reemerging.  I studied many different forms of energy work and practiced to gain back that I had turned off as a child.  

Today I am able to communicate with a client's spirit guides and crossed over loved ones that may have information or a message for the client.  I hae become a Reiki Master and have channeled a new form of intuitive energy system to assist one in maintaining wellness, the Nemeton Energy System.  A few years ago I was asked by author Savannah Rayne to write a blog for her Monday spot and that is how Mystic Monday came about.  After a few years of the blog Savannah and I compiled some of the blog into a book, Mystic Monday.

I am always happy to help peple with Reiki sessions or with an intuitive reading session.  I am open to teaching individuals Reiki or small groups of people.   If you are seeking to dwevelop your intuition please contact me with any questions as I am willing to teach and mentor.


Wendy can be emailed at intuitivewendy@gmail.com  

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