Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thriller Thursday

Message from the Great Aunt

Hi All,

This New Years Eve I spent the night hanging with a friend who owns a pub that was haunted and yet has a ghost that comees  and goes now.
What?  How could a place be haunted and now not but ghost come and go?
Years ago when I was worked with a paranormal team I met my friend while investigating her pub.Then the place was extreamly haunted.  There were more than a frew earthbound ghost walking around the place.  
A few months ago she called wanting help with clearing the place.  We talked about healing the building and she came up with a plan to clear the building and change the energy.  When I returned after our talk I could feel a difference in the energy of the place.  There were no more of the original ghost in the building.   My friend had invited all the ghost who wanted to cross over and the others who didn't want to cross where told they cold not longer stay.  

While we were sitting and talking I noticed the ghost of a cowboy walk from the corner of the door area back along the hall and stopped to hang out in the hallway near the restrooms.  When I asked my friend about him she said she had felt him in and out for a few days and wasn't sure why he was hanging out.  I believe he is just hanging out for a bit  since the energy in the place has shifted.  He was there again during New Years Eve but he wouldn't come close he just hung out in the hallway.  I am not sure what he wants or how long he will stay but he is not threat so he's welcome to just be.

That night I ended up talking with crossed over loved ones that my friend had never met.  Now that was something different.  Usually when I communicate with crossed over loved ones they are spirits that the person who I am working with knew them in life.  This weekend was different.  One of the two spirits I was in touch with my friend had not known in life.  The great aunt that was giving messages passed before my friend was born.  I channeled things from her about the family that I could have never known, yet my friend confirmed all I relayed because she knew how to do what I was telling her.  I guess this begins a new chapter for me.  

Well I guess this wasn't really a thriller.

I am teaching a Crystals for Healing Class on the 13th of January from 7 to 8pm.  It will be held at the Enchanted Boutique.  Please call 651-600-3769.  You can also book readings and reiki sessions at teh boutique with me.  Space for class is limited.  

Have a great rest of the week and weekend.
Blessings All,

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