Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thirller Thursday...

Hi All,
I am thinking about giving up Thriller Thursday until spring when I can get outside again and do some investigating and have real stories with real photos from sites. I am at a place where I have posted over the years with Mystic Monday most of my personal encounters with ghosts when I'm out and about or when I was working with a team.

Today I wanted to write something that sounded cool, Superstitions but it seems like a huge topic to cover in one blog.

So today I am going to just give some personal advise to those of you out there that would like to get into investigating without being psychic.  

Always respect the space.  If you think it's haunted or not, always be respectful.  A ghost is a person without a body who had moved on to energy form and has not crossed over.  How would you like strange people to walk into your personal space and not matter what your history is start yelling at you and calling you names and threatening you just to get you to make noise or do something to prove you are there?  I can honestly say the worst that has happened to me on an investigation has been feelings of not being wanted there and when that happens I leave the group and go hang out somewhere until friends are finished with their work or tour.  When I walk into a place that is haunted I usually announce to the building that I am here and this is what I do.  If there is someone present that would like to talk to me then you can please do so by blah blah....  I spell out what I expect and what my rules are.  I do not yell, I do not demand, and I do not like being touched.  

Make sure you have batteries and back up batteries.  A ghost will drain what energy they can in order to communicate so keep back ups.

When taking pictures of an area take a few in a row within seconds of each other.  This way when you go over the photos you can prove or disprove what you were looking at.  Night vision cameras are nice and some are inexpensive.

Get yourself good sound software.  When using a voice recorder it is hard to sometimes hear an EVP. You want good headphones and software for going through your evidence after you have left the sight.

You may want something like an EMF detector or a spirit box.  I find the more tools you have to communicate with sometimes makes for better evidence.  Because all ghost have different energy levels what is easy for one to manipulate may not be for another.  So for this reason you may want a few different tools to communicate with you.

Flashlights are a must.  I've used mine not only to find my way but as a way to communicate by having the ghost turn the light on and off for yes and no.  Some investigators may say this isn't always reliable but for me if I'm speaking out loud what I am being shown in a vision and the light goes off to confirm what I am saying that's proof enough for me.

Same as for if I'm in a group and I say something that I am getting information from a resident ghost and all the sudden all the equipment goes off that's confirmation that I'm on the right track or getting the information correctly.

Always take someone with you.  You never know what you're getting into so having someone with is always good.

Always dress in layers and wear comfortable shoes.  I wear hiking boots because I always seem to be cold.  So I wear a tank top with a sweater then a jacket depending on the season.  

These are just a few tips.  Oh I always take a journal to write down what I am being told when I walk through a place without the group or tools.  I go in cold with no knowledge of the area and then review my notes with my guide for the night after our quiet walk through.

Have a great week all,

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