Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ghost in Public Places

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Today I want to talk about Ghost in Public Places.
I bring this up because I work in a public building with a history.  The property I work on was a Catholic church complete with convent, rectory and school.  So I go between two buildings, convent and school building on campus all day.  Both are haunted.

This week I was at work late with most of the staff as we had a training after work.  I couldn't help but notice a shift in the air in the corner of the room we were in and wishing I had a camera to see what would come up on the photo.  I did try to tune in and did see the outline of a woman start to appear.  She had her hair up and a long dress on.  The dress had a high colar up around her neck.  Now the building is from the early 1900's so this doesn't shock me at all.  Then as I stood in the door way to the room listening to the lecture being given I could hear and feel the crabby janitor.  I was standing after all in what was one of his spaces.  The woman next to me could feel him as well as she is in tune to what I can feel or put out when I work some Reiki energy on some of the rooms.

I can say that in the building I work in the most I did put down a flashlight to ask questions quickly one night and not only did it go off for yes answers but all the pipes in the building started making noise when I asked if there was anyone in the building that wanted to communicate.  When I stopped questions the pipes and building go real quiet.  I would love to do a full blown investigation some day on sight.

Our other building also has a history of things going missing only to turn up in plain sight.  We also have the ghos tof a black cat that slinks around the desk in the office.  I haven't officially investigated the buildings to collect evidence but too many things have gone on for the place not to have a few ghost.  In this building where things go missing, there is sometimes an old man, a child and a few of the old nuns that pop in and out.

Well there is a great question.  For the old man. the boy and the nuns I believe they just like being around the people we have on staff.  The nuns watch over not only all of us in the building, but the buildings and the property.  They aren't harmful so there is no reason for me to ask them to leave.  I also believe that these spirits have already crossed over and just choose to pop in and out to watch over all of us they are not stuck or residual energy.
Now in the school building not the case.  Sometimes I feel like the ghost there are there to watch over the property but I don't feel like they actually like us around.  I feel like in some areas of the building we are not welcome at all.  However, even in these areas of unwanted feelings I have never been harmed.  Maybe a warning headache or a quick I feel like I am going to be sick.

In general, ghost will haunt a public place because they need energy to manifest and do things.  What better place to feed off energy then a building full of people.  Plus they also stay in places they loved when they were alive or around people they loved.

Once the weather warms up here in the north I hope to be on the road and have some great new ghost stories from around Wisconsin with some history and post photos and voice recordings as to my findings.
Please feel free to email me with any ideas for topics or share your stories.
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