Monday, January 25, 2016


Hi All,

I hope everyone had a great week.  Let's jump in and get some dates out of the way.

Monday the 25th Mercury is out of retrograde!  Wooohooo!

Friday the 29th I will be teaching a Past Lives class at the Enchanted Boutique from 7 to 9pm.  We will be discussing past lives and how they can affect this lifetime and then we will do a meditation to regress to a life time. Bring a note book to take notes as to what you uncover in your regression.

Every third Sunday of the month I am hosting meetings at my house for those of like minds that want to share what they know and learn a bit.  This last meeting we worked on meeting our spirit guides.

Ok so this last week did any of you feel he energy shifting?  We had 5 planets in line and a full moon. The Celtic Tree month of Rowan began on Thursday as well. To top it all off  today of course our friend Mercury is on the move.  Lots of things went on that could effect you in many ways.  Just something to think about if you haven't been feeling yourself.

Today we are going to talk about dreams.  This last week as I have been talking to other healers and intuitives we have all experienced some kind of lucid or vivid dreams starting about Wednesday.  My thinking is they are some how related to all the energy that's been going on in the universe but I'm not sure.

If you are having dreams that you are remembering and they are strange I suggest getting a book about dreams and keeping a dream journal to analyse your dreams and figure out what it is your mind is working through.  This is a topic we could write on for days and have many different discussions on and my intent today is just to introduce you to what may cause vivid dreams and get you thinking about it.

When I was doing some research on vivid and lucid dreams I found that many different sources explained the two the same way.  So this was kind of confusing.  However what I did find is that a lucid dream was defined as one in which you are controlling your dream self and all that surrounds that self in your dream. In lucid dreams you are aware you are dreaming.

 Vivid dreams tended to be described more as a dream that is so real you are not really sure if you are awake or dreaming.  Vivid dreams tend to happen more around life changing events such as a move, job change or being pregnant.  These dreams can also be brought on by the food you eat, such as a spicy meal.  Vitamin B6 can also be a cause for vivid dreams as well as herbal supplements such as Valerian root andChamomile.

However, my vivid dreams this week occured around the time the five planets were in line and also the night of the full moon.  For me that is strange because the full moon doesn't really bring on any strange dreams for me.  So that lead me to believe that maybe the energy with all these things going on in the universe could be the reason for the dreams.  I don't know if I believe the spicy food thing for bringing on vivid dreams.  Maybe I have a hard time believing this because I sleep so sound I don't remember dreams most of the time so when I do remember one and see it in color and can describe it in detail there has to be a different reason for it.  It has to mean something I guess in my mind.  I mean we are told that dreams are the way your mind works through your experiences.  The vivid dreams that I had were similar in theme.  When I looked them up the meaning was a new beginning.  Interesting since this is a new year.

So that is the topic this week to get you thinking a little.  There is a great amount of information out there to help you discover the meanings of your dreams.  I typed dreams into google and a bunch of sites on what meanings are and dream dictionaries came up.  So it's not that hard to research your dreams for free without purchasing a book.

Have an amazing week this week.

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