Monday, January 4, 2016

Deja Vu

Hi All,
I hope everyone had an amazing start to the new year.  I spent it with a friend and we wrote out our intentions for the new year and everything we wanted to let go and leave behind in the old year. Then we burned it all.

Let's go over some dates for this week and then get started on the subject of Deja Vu.

Tuesday the 5th watch out Mercury goes into retrograde again until January 25th.

Wednesday the 6th is twelfth night.  Make sure to take down your Christmas decorations before this night.  If they are left up it is bad luck for the new year.

Saturday the 9th is the New Moon.  Friendly your ritual.

January 13th I am at the Enchanted Boutique teaching a Crystals for Healing class.  Class runs from 7 to 8pm and is $26.  Space is limited so please call 651-600-3769 to reserve your space.  I will be using the book Mystic Monday as an outline for this class.  Books can be purchased on Amazon or the Enchanted Boutique.

Deja Vu
This subject is a hard one to research from any point of view(spiritual, science or otherwise).
I thought I would bring this up to get you all thinking because I had an experience this weekend.  So let's start by going over some simple things and then taking it from there.

The definition of deja vu is simple.  It's a french word meaning "already seen".  It is often used to describe the strange feeling of being somewhere for the first time and yet feeling like you've already been there or done that.  

Here is an example then I have questions.
      You have a dream and you may or may not remember it.  Then you go somewhere or see someone and during the experience something triggers the memory of the dream or a feeling you've already done this or met this person.  
Let me clear this up with my recent expereince.  This weekend I was driving home from being out of town and a truck kicked up a stone that chipped my windshield.  I didn't want the chip to spread and cause the expense of a new windshield so the next moring I called to have it repaired.  I took the car to the garage and met the man who was the glass repair person.  He was very nice and we talked collector cars as he made the repair.  When he asked me to get in the car while he stood outside of the car so he could show me the repair that's when it happened.  I was sitting in the drivers seat looking out the windshield at the small chip left in the glass and I remembered seeing the garage and the event play out before.  In the next second I remembered a dream or a thought of the same event.  

I began researching this feeling again because this weekend is atleast the fourth time in my life it has occured.  I was shocked to find information that was pretty all over the board.  Some information explained deja vu as something that happened in the brain.  Other articles I read had deja vu explained as part of a soul remembering .  A type of if you chart your life you give yourself place markers so to speak in life to let yourself know you are on the path.  Talking to a friend today she suggested maybe it is part of the string theory.  So there are a fw things to look into.

I was once told in college when it happend that when you sleep your soul travels. It moves back and forth through time and space.  When you feel a deja vu experience it is actually your body and soul in the physical catching up to the point where the soul travels when your physical body is asleep.
This would explain for me why the deja vu experience always triggers a dream I had whether it is a dream when I am asleep or a daydream situation.

Now I have also read and been told to pay attention to the situation you were in when deja vu ocurred as there is a message there somewhere.  

Could it be a past life connection?  Could it be your soul traveling?  Is it your higher self trying to leave you clues to being on your path or is it trying to tell you something?

I have no answers for you only questions as I do not fully understand the deja vu experience.
Have an amazing week.
Blessings All,

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