Monday, January 18, 2016

Raising Vibrations

Hi All,

January 29th I will be hosting a Past Life class at the Enchanted Boutique.  Class will start at 7pm to reserve your spot please call 651-600-3769.  More information will be posted on the Facebook page.

February 20th I will be assisting Becca Borowske in teaching an Essential Oils class at the Enchanted Boutique from 1 to 3pm.  I will then be teaching a Crystals for Healing class from 4 to 5pm at the Enchanted Boutique.  Please call 651-600-3769 to reserve your spot.

I will be keeping up with events, classes and expos on the blog site under the table labeled Events, Classes and Expos.  So to stay informed as to how to book appointments or classes please keep a watch on the website.

This week:
Today is Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday.
Thursday the 21st is the beginning of the Celtic Tree month of Rowan.
Saturday the 23rd is the Full Moon.

Today I had the idea to talk about the Ascended Masters and who they are.  However, I was chatting with a friend and she had some questions about shielding both at home and traveling.  So on that note we will discuss shielding your energy and how to set up safe zones for when you travel.  This blog is more for those of us out there that are sensitive to energy and feelings of those around us.

So let's get started.
The first thing to keep in mind when you are sensitive is you are going to pick up a lot of other people's energy while you are out and about.  You may even pick up earthbound spirits and bring them home.  Here are some things I do to prevent this.

First it's all about intent.  What does that mean?  Well you simply put it out there what it is you want to happen.  I am not tuned into the other side 100 percent of the time.  There is just no way I'd stay sane.  My intent daily is to be able to leave and have a shield up to protect me from communications with those from the other side.  I only tune in at work when I am using Reiki to calm an area down.  Otherwise at work my intent is not to be intune to the other side.  My intent lets my guides know to shield and protect me through out my work hours.

Second, and this is something I need to do more of.  Cut your cords as much as you can.  What are cords?  When you interact daily with people you are putting our energy cords to them and they are putting energy cords into you.  By cutting cords through out the day you will feel lighter and your energy will thank you for it.
To physically cut your cords bundle your energy up at your chakra points as you would if you were making a ponytail.  I bundle mine in both the front of my body and the back.  Then I breath in deeply and raise my hands above my head pointing the fingertips together using my hands as a knife I bring my hands down forcefully over the front of my aura field as I blow out and then breathe in and bring my hands up again over my head to breath out and do the same to the back of my aura.  The cords will be at a circle at your feet.  Simply step out of them and they will dissipate back to mother earth.

Third, It's time to vamp up your energy and the energy in your space.  Regular meditation and self Reiki treatments if you are a Reiki practitioner are great ways to raise your own energy vibrations. Getting yourself in to a practitioner to work on your energy is a great way to keep your vibrations up as well.  I have a hard time working on myself so I trade services with friends to work on my energy for me.  Releasing anything that has attached or working on a chakra that may need help.
Crystals and stones are another tool I use to help keep my energy protected and boosted.  I wear stones as pendants and pick my stones as to what it is I am need work or help with.  I also wear rings and earrings with gemstones that will assist me with whatever it is I may need.  Mostly, I stick to putting stones in my pockets and wearing them as pendants.

Around the house I place crystals in the rooms I'm in the most.  This helps to clean my energy and chill me out.  My house, I have used a protection spell (intent) around and sealed it with blessed sea salt and lavender.

Now at work you can keep clear quartz in your office or at your desk.  Give the crystal the intent that you would like it to repel negative energy.  If you have an office to yourself you can program 4 crystals and put them in the corners to protect your space.  I also use a clearing oil that I keep handy to put on my hands and then rub my aura down to clear it as I cut cords when I really need it.

You can also use a visualization to clear your space.  Start with seeing a small orb of white divine light.  As you grow the orb bigger see and feel it push out all lower vibrations and energy that is not for your highest good.  Grow your orb until it pushes out of your office and is around the building you are in.  This will cleanse everything with in the space of the building.

Shield yourself.  Put a bubble of white light around yourself and give it the intent that it is to let in only that which is for your highest good.

Traveling?  Hotel rooms?  Yuck!  Sprays are a wonderful thing.  You can buy white sage in a spray form to spray around your hotel room to clear out the negative energy.  You can also use the divine white light orb meditation.  Candles or oil diffusers of lavender and other scents that raise vibrations can also be used to clear your hotel room.  Again you can use 4 crystals in the corner to help keep the space protected while you are there in residence.

Remember your intent is everything and it is very powerful.  Christopher Penczak has an awesome book called the Witch's Shield that I find very helpful.

Have a great week!
Blessings All,

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