Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thirller Thursday Graveyards and Cemeteries

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Today we are going to cover some strange things about graveyards vs cemeteries.  Is there a difference?  I mean people use the two words and interchange them all the time.  There is a saying All cemeteries are graveyards but graveyards aren't cemeteries.  What?

Close your eyes and picture a cemetery.  What do you come up with?  For me a cemetery is light, organized, has trees and shrubs.  I was in a cemetery in Upper Michigan I believe it was Ahmeek, we had stopped to see a friends relative.  The fence was painted white and the gates open and inviting.  The roads well cared for between the rows of graves.  Some of the graves had solar lights.  I remember one that had solar lights, a bench with a photo and a stuffed animal all around it.  This cemetery was not only peaceful but it had a very light feeling about it and was calm.

Cemetery a place where humans bury the dead.  A cemetery has landscape and is well taken care of.  It also is peaceful and the graves are all kept up and looking nice.  The living often decorate a loved one's grave with flowers, lights, photos, toys and other items that may be of importance.  The graves are in some kind of order.  Cemeteries are also located away from a church.

Now let's do the same for a graveyard.  Close your eyes and picture a graveyard.  For me it's not the total opposite maybe because I've hung out in a few.  For me a graveyard has a sense of history.  The graves are older, detailed.  Many have angels or carvings.  There are trees but maybe not well kept.  The lawn may not be as manicured and there are very few graves with decorations or flowers.  However, for me they aren't always creepy. And there is a church with in walking distance.

Graveyard a place near a church where humans bury the dead.  There is no organization to the graves and many may be within family plots.  The place most likely is not well cared for and may look like time as forgotten it. There may be a main road in but no roads around graves to park.  Some of the graveyards I've been to look classic horror story spooky, some have a heavy feeling to them, others peaceful.

There was once a story about a cemetery or graveyard being haunted by a ghost who's job was to watch over the graves and the ghost couldn't rest until another took over the role.
I have also hear from a few people in the paranormal field that ghost do not hang out in cemeteries as there is no energy there for them to use to manifest.  However, I believe differently.  I think there is a ghost that watches over the graves or several that guard the sacred grounds.  I have felt ghost at a graveyard and in a cemetery.  I have been made sick by ghost in a cemetery and I have been pushed and pulled in a cemetery by a ghost. So saying a cemetery or graveyard doesn't have ghosts activity just doesn't sit right with me.  I don't always credit my orb photos as ghost when out in graveyards or cemeteries as I am outside and there are bugs that could be causing orbs in the photos.

 I was on a ghost and grave tour and we were told by the guide that in Victorian times graves had angles on them so that the deceased had a full time mourner.  A story was also past on that in the Victorian era families would gather on Sundays for picnics in cemeteries and graveyards to visit the graves and remember the dead.  If you research gravestone carvings you can find out a lot of great historical information that can tell you a great deal about the person buried with an elaborate gravestone. is a link I found that has interesting symbols for tombstones.

Again too much to get into with one blog.  But something to get you thinking.
Have an amazing rest of the week.
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