Monday, March 7, 2016

Energy Medicine, Donna Eden and Karma Clearing

Hi All, 

This week I have a bit to share on healing yourself and some ways of getting that done.
Dates first:
Tuesday the 8th is the new moon.  Don't forget to do your ritual and burn your list of intentions.  
Sunday the 13th is Daylight Savings time.  We lose and hour of sleep.  Yuck, I hate that.

Over the last few weeks I've been doing a great deal of working on my energy and self.  I've learned and been introduced to some new ideas that I'd like to share and maybe someone else can benefit from them.

I was introduced to two amazing woman.  The first is an energy worker who works with the body's energy with acupressure and meridians.  I started seeing her because I was having trouble sleeping and with shoulder pain.  The thing I was first impressed with is she was an RN and this current shift into healing with energy was a passion in which she had over three years of classes and clock hours with clients as part of her education for her energy practice. 

 At the end of every 1.5 hour session I have homework I have to do with my body's energy.  If you are going to find a energy medicine practitioner then get in the mind frame for homework.  The self work you will be doing will help your sessions go smoother and may lessen the number of sessions you may need.  Home work is usually tapping or rubbing a spot on the body for a few seconds or a minute.  These spots may be acupressure points.  I have also had to hold acupressure points.  All of this is has been releasing pain and helping my organs to function properly by balancing my energy and releasing blocks.

During a session she uses forms of muscle testing to check with the body a to what the body need.   She checks my aura and chakras.  She uses different ways such as a pendulum but mostly muscle testing.  I will say after three sessions the shoulder pain is gone.

This is the book my practitioner has and this the base for all her class work.

Karma Clearing:
This is another self help in energy work I have been introduced to in the last few weeks.  A friend of mine suggested I try a karma clearing.  What the heck is that?  We all have past lives right?  When we are living life we are making choices that affect not only ourselves but the people we are with at that time.  The harm or good done during those choices creates karma.  When we go through out lives we have karma to balance, debts to be paid and pieces of our energy we need to take back or find from places or people that we shared lives with.  Many of the people we share karma with are souls from our sould group on the other side.  

For the group of women I talk and work with, we all believe in sould mates and twin flames.  We believe that most of our "partners" are men we've been with in past lives.  We've all done a lot of pat live regressions that allows us to go back and discover a lifetime and look at a life with a person and heal our self and the other from harmful things we both may have done in that past life.  The belief is by doing this then the karma is balanced and the relationship in this life becomes better or healed.  

The woman I had a distance session is from MN.  I had a phone appointment the first day of a 10 day karma clearing.  Our phone session she took down names of people that I had past relationships with in this life and thought I'd have karma debts or karma to balance with.  
I will say I started experiencing a change in my energy 2 hours after our phone session.  Every day for 10 days before noon, I would experience some kind of physical symptoms from headaches to sleep problems.  During the 10 days I didn't have to do anything but let her do her work.  I will say with one person's name I gave her, I went through some rough emotional days that were connected to that person.  He and I had a few lifetimes together.  I think there might be some more karma to clear between us so I can't wait until my check in day.  

So now my 10 days are done and I'm into a stabilizing period.  During this time my energy will be called back from where ever it has been left over the year and lifetimes.  I have another check in appointment to make sure all the karma has been released and if not I have more work to do.  It has been an interesting experience.

If you are interested in either practitioner please drop me an email.
I will be in Hayward April 2nd for an Expo.  More information to come .
I will be in Eau Claire on April 30 for the Spring Psychic Fair.

Blessings All,

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