Monday, March 14, 2016

St. Patrick's Day, The Color Green, and Alder.

Hi All,
Well this week we have 2 days to mark.
Thursday the 17th is St. Patrick's Day.
Friday the 18th Celtic Tree Month of Alder begins.
Let's discuss these two days and we are going to throw in the color green and what it is associated with.

St. Patrick's Day!
Now I work in St. Paul, MN and let me just say that people are insane over St. Patrick's day in St. Paul.  I would love to experience it since I've been to Minneapolis on St. Patrick's Day.  But it won't be until it occurs on a weekend.

I took these tid bits from which has some great videos to watch on St. Patrick.
St. Patrick wasn't Irish....what?  He was English and an aristocrat.  Patrick was taken by Irish raiders and served as a shepherder for 6 years.  When he made it back to his family he went off to become a preist.  After becoming a priest St. Patrick had a vision telling him to return to Ireland.  He did so as a Chirsitan Missionary.  He worked his way through Ireland teaching people about the Holy Trinity with the help of a shamrock.  After his death it wasn't until the 18 century that people began wearing shamrocks on March 17 the day St. Patrick died.  The shamrock fad turned into a wearing green tradition.  St. Patrick grew into a myth and legend.   It is said that he chased all the snakes out of Ireland.  Now this has been a reference as to converting the Pagans to Chirsitians.  But one only really knows.  There is so much that surrounds St. Patrick it is hard to uncover the truth.
Famous St. Patrick's Day parade traditions started in the USA.
From childhood I remember we were told to wear green and sang songs about wearing green for the Irish.  We were also allowed to pinch our friends that were not wearing green.  To do St. Patrick justice please go to


Green is associated with the heart chakra.  This charka is about love, loving yourself and loving others.  Green is a balancing and calming color.  It helps to balance our energy . I Green is also about hope, growth, abundance and money.  Sone of the negative of green are jelousy and envy.
Green is also the color that helps us connect with nature.  For me green is very calming and grounding.  It helps me to relax by thinking about nature.  When I think green I see grass and trees this then connects me to mother earth.

Celtic Month of Alder:

I have taken information on Alder from Voice of the Trees by Mickie Mueller.  This is one of my favorite card decks to work with.  I love it.

This blessed tree speaks to you of your own inner wisdom as well as taking the advice of a sage.  This is the time to be open. ( inner voice, guides, signs)  You will find the answers you need from within.    If you are making desisions at this time, make them based on widom instead of emotion.
Alder is associated with the letter F in the Ogham.  Alder loves moist soil and can be found near a river or lake.  The wood ha a red color to it.  It also is water resistant so it was a great choice to make buckets out of.  The celtic people also used it to make shields.

Next week we will start a series of  a basic understanding of the Aura and Chakras.  
Have an awesome week.  Be safe if you go out to celebrate St. Patrick's day.  
Blessings All,

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