Thursday, March 10, 2016


Hi All,
I thought I'd ask a question today because it came up in a session.

We know about energy cords and that we plug cords into people that we come into contact with and they plug into us if we allow it.  Sometimes we don't know we've allowed it.  So it's important to cut cords frequently.

But here is something new to ponder.  So if I have strong energy cords with a person and those cords were bundled and protected so that the person who connected could not use them again why would you do that?  Why wouldn't you just sever the cords and burn the ends or something like that or ask the angels to take care of them?

Well here is what I learned.  By bundling them and protecting them from the person that created them or you helped to create them with, you are not pulling them out and leaving space for that person to reconnect with more cords.  And I guess you could protect the space where the old cord was but would it be as effective as leaving the cord making it null and void if you would?


Someone said well we are all energy and our energy is connected so as energy can you truly sever a cord.

Just thought I'd through that out and see if anyone had thoughts or ideas.
Hope you are all having a great week.
Blessings All,

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