Monday, March 21, 2016

Hi All,
Happy Ostara!  Spring Equinox was yesterday.
Wednesday  is the storm moon.  Full moon. High night for manifesting so create your list of what you would like to come into your life and burn it to release your intentions to the universe.

I will be at this event in Hayward.  Stop in and say hi.  I'll be doing Reiki and Readings.  Expo price of $20.  Book future sessions for discounted prices at the expo.

Back to Basics

As a Reiki practitioner and Energy worker, I work with the body's Aura and Chakras.  But really what is a chakra and what does it do?  I wanted to dig into this a bit and really do a great job at presenting some useful information and help you understand what your chakras can do for you to help you maintain wellness.

This week we are going to look at the first chakra the Root Chakra or Base Chakra.
The root chakra is located at the base of the spine.  The color is red. It's the slowest moving of the chakras.  The function of this chakra is to keep you grounded and connected to mother earth. It's also the chakra that helps you with survival.   When the root chakra is balanced and healthy it draws the earth energy up through the feet and channels it up through the spine.  You may feel that everything is good in your life when this chakra is open and balanced.  You have money, a roof over your head, food on the table and you feel pretty good about yourself and your life.

When this chakra is out of balance you can feel tired.  You may experience weight gain.  Because this chakra is at the base of the spine it can manifest in reproductive problems and bladder or intestinal problems.  

While reading on the is chakra through a few different sources I found it interesting to learn that the root chakra keeps us connected to past life memories and ancestral memories or traumas that leave emotional imprints on your energy from our parents, grandparents and so on.  Another thing I found out is through this chakra we form bonds or exchange energy with the root chakra of the people we have sexual relations with.  So if you are having a hard time getting over someone you were in a relationship with it may be that your root chakras still have some energy cords together.

You can use a pendulum to check your chakra if you are not able to feel your body's energy.  If you hold a pendulum above the chakra is should spin in a circle pretty strongly if the chakra is open and balances.  If the pendulum circles slow or not at all then you will need to meditate and look at the chakra to clean the chakra and set it spinning.  Once you feel you have cleared the block then you can check it again with the pendulum.  If you are a energy worker you can simply channel white light or reiki to the chakra to open it up and clear it.  

Meditation:  See a red wheel spinning at the base of your spine.  Look at it.  What does it look like? Is is bright or is is dull?  Does it look pretty clear or does it have dirty spots on it?  See a bright white light of the Divine come down and set a spark of light in the chakra.  Move the white light inside the chakra around scrubbing the chakra clean and energizing it a sit neeeds.  When you feel the light is done send it blessings and thank you for its assistance.  Now look at your red chakra again.  Do you see a difference?  You may need to ground yourself after this meditation to release any feelings of floating or not being connected.  Holding a black stone will help you ground.  You can do a meditation where you imagine yourself as a tree with your body being the truck and your feet becoming your roots digging deep into mother earth as you are tall.  Your arms and hands become branches stretching up to the sky.  Now send your energy down through your roots to mother earth.  Let her drawn the energy out and take it away.  If you are feeling a little unbalanced from this you can then draw her red energy put through your roots up your trunk and through your branches to the universe.

Once you've done this meditation you can double check your chakra with your pendulum.  Or if you can feel energy use your hands and check the energy by hovering your hands over the area and feeling the flow of energy there.  I can't tell you what it feels like because everyone feels energy different.  

When I use a stone to help clear a chakra, I put the stone right on the body over the chakra and leave it there as long as I feel it needs to be.  Sometimes the stones will release themselves by sliding off the body on their own.

This week I through a bit of information out there but really it is the tip of the iceberg of what is out there.  I encourage you to read and practice on yourself and friends or family to fully get in touch with the chakras and their energy.  Next week we will throw in a little of the Aura with the 2nd chakra.

Have an amazing week.
Blessings All,

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