Monday, September 12, 2016

What is going on? Mandela Effect? De ja vu?

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Friday this week is the full moon.  This moon is called the Harvest moon.  Do your rituals.

Yesterday marked an anniversary for 9/11.  I hope people took a minute to remember all those lives lost and the way our nation came together.  Where were you?  I was at home in my home daycare greeting parents when the news hit.  Love Bites was playing on the radio and they stopped the song to bring the news.  I went into the living room to turn on the T.V. to watch the plane slam into the tower.  Makes me wonder if today we are any safer than back then.  What has been done to up the security of America?  Alright, enough I won't get started.

Today we are going to talk Deja vu and the Mandela Effect.  I don't actually know great deal about these subjects so here is some basic 101 stuff.  I am bringing this up because I have talked to a few healers and psychics in the past month and it seems like we are all having experiences with living an event and at the moment we are living it, the event triggers a memory of already having done this event.
What?  Alright, example from my crazy life.  I was traveling not to long ago.  The morning of the flight home I was packing up my bag in the hotel room and simply put my make up bag into my suitcase and I had this feeling of having done this already at an earlier date.  Same surroundings, Same person with me.  It was like I was watching the event on rewind.  But the thing is I didn't have that Aha! moment later that day thinking "Oh this was a dream I woke up from a few weeks ago".  It didn't have a dream feeling to it.  I remembered it instantly as it happened as something I had already done.

So I talked with some friends.  Then I called friends again this last week when I was out again and had an experience where I knew I had done the tour I was on already.  I know strange right.  Well I started looking into it and a friend suggested reading up on some things.  Here is what I started with.  This blog is to just get you thinking and maybe someone has a theory as to what is going on. If you do please contact me I'd love to hear it.

DejaVu:  The feeling that you have already experienced something that is actually happening for the first time.

Mandela Effect:  This is as I understand when a number of people have the same memory that could be wrong or where events some how changed and that is why there is a mass "mis-remembering?
Examples would be the death of Mandela did that happen in the 1980's or 2013?  Who remembers Henry the VIII's portrait having him hold a turkey leg?  Are the famous children's books about a bear family the Berenstain Bears or Berenstein Bears?  Which do you remember been correct?

This had theories forming that there could be ways of alternate universes or parallel universes some how slipping into ours. Or more simply we may have slipped into one and back again thus causing the memories to be different or causing you to remember something that you thought happened in a dream or already at a different time.

Here is a link to a Mandela Website I found by Fiona Broome You tube video about Mandela effect.

Pretty interesting.  Check it out.

I am not sure what I think about all this.  I just know I felt strange knowing I had already been there done that.  Other times I've experienced something like that I knew it was from a dream.  From what I understand with talking to other people something is going on with individual memories.

Let me know your thoughts.  Are we time traveling, is it just our brains, or are we slipping into other universes or what?
I will be looking more into this because it's just so interesting even if you don't believe or what your point is on this all.
Have a great week.
 Blessings All,

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