Monday, September 26, 2016

Celtic Month of Ivy.

Hi All,
This Friday is the New Moon.  So do your new moon rituals.  Friday is also the beginning of the Celtic Month Ivy.  My favorite plant.

Ivy is Gort in the Ogham alphabet.  The month of Ivy runs from September 30th to October 27th.  When we think of Ivy what is it that the plant does.  Ivy connects trees.  It wanders where it wishes.   So during this month of Ivy, think about what Ivy does and how it would relate to you're life.  This month is a great time to release all the negative in your life and push forward with the positive that you are blessed with.

I was going to talk about protection but that just seemed boring.  However we should talk about Halloween since it's coming up.  Many people will be seeking out thrills and chills.  Ghost tours are popping up and Ghost walks.  This is  a time when the veil between the worlds thin out.  When this happens it's easy for the other side to communicate with us.  If you are going on ghost tours you should wear some kind of protection.  At the very least ask your guides and  or angels to help keep you protected as you are out and about exploring these tours.

This weekend I was finally able to add protein back into my diet.  I have held my weight steady now the last 5 days.  The think I am most impressed with is I'm not bloated.  I think it may be because I have cut wheat out of the list of food I eat.  The last 11 days I've only eaten fruits and veggies.  I have added chicken and eggs back into the foods I can eat.  I can now start working out again.  Which is great because I miss my workouts.  The weather here has been raining most days so I haven't even been able to walk.  It will be interesting to see if this week I lose anymore weight as I start working out again.

Meditation.  Mediation is something everyone should get in the habit of doing.  I have slipped from my daily practice with life being busy.  It's time to retake that and balance things out.  This week everyday I'm going to take at least 5 minutes a day to center my breathing and grounding to start.  Then I my goal is to build on this and actually meditate for a few minutes at a time.  This my plan to get back into the swing of things.  Once you build mediation practice then you there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

Have a great week All.
Blessings All,

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