Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Wells Cathedral

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Thanks for catching Mystic Monday on a Tuesday! I’m sorry I had to hold it back a day but I was out of town and just could not get it written in time.

So let’s get started with dates to remember:

June 10thWednesday the Celtic Tree Month of Oak begins. Oak energy is amazing as it will help provide you strength to get through anything you are facing. Call on oak to help hold you up.

June 14th  ~ is Flag day. So Sunday fly Old Glory with American Pride.
Today we are going to go to the end of my trip but then next week come back to the middle. Why?  Well there was so much going on in the middle that I want to do justice to it and make sure I get it all straight just in case one day you may want to visit yourself.

Wells Cathedral 

This beautiful cathedral is located in Wells, Somerset. It is the seat of the Bishop of Bath and Wells. This amazing place dates back to the 1100’s. Now I did not get to visit the Bishop’s places so that will be another visit. 

My friend Rob and I joined a small tour group. There was one other couple with us and some more joined in as we walked through, but the group never grew any bigger than maybe 6. I can’t tell you too much background of the place because the minute we sat in our small wooden chairs I got hit with spirit energy. We were in the very beginning of the church. To my right side and standing by a pillar I could see a peasant man come into view. Well, because we were with other people I ignored him. He then tried to get my attention by making the air shimmer where he was and I couldn’t help but look and see a middle aged man. He had his head and body covered with a cloak of brown but it was worn out. There were some frays and holes stitched up in it. He was hunched over a cane and his nose was large like W.C. Fields. I turned back to the group and started to listen to what the lady was telling us about the area where we were sitting when a wave of nausea came over me and I felt so sick I thought I’d lose it right there. I turned to Rob and he said “you okay?”  “No”, was my quick reply. I felt sick and tried hard to just breathe through it. Finally I looked at him and said, “I need to get up and walk. You can stay here.” 

So I got up and excused myself from our small group. Walking over to my left and to a different pillar I walked around it so the group couldn’t see me. But I could hear the lady ask Rob if I was okay. So I stayed behind the pillar for a bit and the man came over to me. I asked him if he knew he was supposed to be crossed over into the light and he said “yes” but he was afraid of the way he looked and didn’t want to cross. I said well that’s okay but you know on the other-side you are surrounded by love and you become healthy again, plus you get to be reunited with all your loved ones. I looked at him and said, “I’ m going to ask that an angel appear and talk with you and then if you want you can go with the angel.” Well, he was hesitant with that but I asked and I could see a ray of sunlight enter the area where we were standing. And then the sick feeling lifted and he was gone. I could feel a peace come over the area where I was. So now I have to go back to the group. 

I slowly and quietly made my way back to my seat and sat down. Rob leaned over and asked if I was okay now and I said yes. The guide then asked if I was okay. “Yes” I told her “I’m fine now thanks.” I didn’t know Rob had told her anything but that I was not feeling well. We then walked through the cathedral. Every time I walked away from the group to get pictures the lady would ask me if I was okay. “Yes” was always my response followed by “thanks”. I didn’t notice the way people started to look at me every time she asked but looking back everyone got quiet when she asked and looked at me. When she excused the group for a prayer Rob and I met up with our other friends. 

Vicky wanted me to take a look in a booth for families to sit in. She felt a presence there of a woman who had lost her child in medieval times. I stepped into the area and sure enough there was a woman in a dark skirt and shirt. She had a scarf on her head. She was lying in a ball on the floor crying. She was mourning her husband, son, and baby. Her village had been attacked and all were killed but her. The men came in and killed all the fighting men, then took only the boys and slaughtered them before their mothers. I walked around and around a circle as I saw everything she was saying unfold. I then kneeled down to her and said, “There should be a light, can you see it?” She nodded. I said, “Your husband and boys should be stepping out any second now… do you see them?” Her face lit up and she stood up and left. Again I felt a peace and calmness to the air around us. I looked at Vicky and she nodded at me that the woman was gone.

When we went to leave I finally asked Rob what he had told the tour guide lady. He said, “I told her you were psychic and there was a ghost that wanted your attention real bad because he had to speak with you.”  I said, “Gee thanks. When you smell burning as you leave, no worries it will be me at a stake out front.”  We’re in a church. Hello. He was like, “Well what should I have told her?”  We just laughed.

Well there is another ghost encounter from England. More next week!

Until then have a great week.


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