Monday, June 15, 2015

Glastonbury & The Tor

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Let’s get dates out of the way and start talking Glastonbury and finding ones power and power places in the Earth. I hope I can do justice with history bits and pieces. I hope you enjoy the stories and the pictures.

Tuesday is the New Moon so cut those cords and ties! Burn the list of the things that are weighing on your energy and draining you and move forward. I will be : )


Glastonbury is a very interesting history filled place. The Glastonbury Thorn, The Tor, Glastonbury Abby, The Chalice Wells and the list can go on and on. My adventure even has a meeting with a High Priestess who became a fast friend and I can’t speak highly of her enough. 

Where to begin? I guess we’ll begin with town and work our way to the Tor. Glastonbury is amazing! The energy of the place is of awesome peace and calmness. We stayed at Moonstone Cottage, which was walking distance to everything. Across the street they were working on the grounds of Glastonbury Abby stables. I didn’t get a look at the inside of the building, but the outside was amazing enough for a barn. The town buildings are full of history, which we will get to as the blog continues at a later date. Walking the shops is an experience everyone should have. All the shop keepers are friendly and helpful. Be careful though because you could learn some history as you shop. Most of the stores are what we would call new age or Wicca. Crystal shops, jewelry shops, candles, supplies, bookstores and incense. I was a kid in a candy store every time I walked in a new shop. I will say the places where we went to have tea, there is one across from the Abby that has amazing hot chocolate with whip cream piled high and a stick of chocolate. Yum! Next to it a pastie shop. My inner Yooper child was loving it all. 

The Tor

The Tor you can’t miss when you come into Glastonbury. It is believed to be the Island of Avalon. Once in its long history it was the sight of the Monastery of St. Michael. The monastery was built somewhere around the 700’s or earlier and lasted until Henry the VII went through England and basically ripped down all the churches and lands loyal to the Holy Roman Church and the Pope. There are stories and legends associating it with King Arthur. St. Michael’s Tower is still standing on the Tor. Now from what I was told there is a zodiac around the Tor that you can see from up top. The roads and landscape make out all 12 signs. There is also in the distance of the land layout the goddess with the Tor being her heart chakra. It has also been said this is a fairy hill. A place where you can connect with the fairy world and earth energies. Well there was an abundance of rabbits around and sheep do graze along the hill as well. There were only rabbits the one night we went up. 

Rob and I started our walk up the Tor early in the morning. We walked up one side and down the other. At the tower the view was amazing. We could watch clouds roll in and out and almost got caught in a storm. The energy up on top wasn’t what I was expecting as the place felt pretty normal. So here is where I stop talking and let the pictures tell the story. 

Until next week and more about Glastonbury, have an amazing week!

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