Monday, June 22, 2015

Chalice Wells

Hi All,

Well yesterday was an amazing day!  Summer Solstice.  How did you celebrate?

So I was set to do a blog about the Glastonbury Abby but I’ve changed my mind and in the spirit of Summer Solstice let’s talk gardens and the Chalice Wells.

If you ever go to Glastonbury, I recommend a book called The Isle of Avalon Sacred Mysteries of Arthur and Glastonbury by Nicholas R Mann.  There is so much background in this book it’s awesome to know the histories and stories behind some of the sites.

The Chalice Wells are home to both the Red and the White Springs.  Both are said to have healing properties.  It is a very popular holy site in Britian.  The springs have stories dating back to Joseph of Arimathea bringing the body of Christ over for burial and the cup of the last supper.

The white spring is located at the bottom of Chalice Hill.  The red is located in the gardens.  

My day of being introduced to the gardens started off with a walkway of flowers that lead to the entry way.  Here you paid a small fee to get in and you could buy bottles for the spring water if you wanted to take it home.  I figured I had to be on a plane so I didn’t take any with me.

I am going to let my photos speak for themselves and let you walk as I did through the garden.  I cannot say how amazing the earth energy was here in the garden and I paid more attention to the energy then I did the history of the springs or the springs themselves.  I found a small grove to sit in.  There was a bench with ivy which I connected to ivy pretty heavily while there so it became my favorite place.  While at the garden’s I was introduced to a high priestess, she and I became pretty fast friends.  The funny thing is I ended up running into her at the Wonky Broomstick while shopping with Rob.  We all ended up laughing and telling stories there so loudly that people in the ally were stopping to look in at us.  You can find the wonky broomstick online at  lovely ladies there. 

I wanted to mention that I am starting a Nemeton group in the fall.  I have limited spaces so if you are interested please email me at  My goal with this group would be for like minds to get together and practice the healing energy with this system and see where it goes.

Ok on with the pictures.  See if you can connect to any of the energies in the photos by calling on them.  

Have an amazing week!

Blessings All,

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