Monday, February 6, 2017

Things for thought....

Hi All,
Today I will knock out the  normal lay out but I want to also put some stuff out there just for you to think about.

Here is a video I think is worth every one's attention.  Loved what Matt had to say. Click here for the Youtube link.  Matt Kahn "The End of the Old Paradigm".  It's about taking power back, what we are manifesting as a planet, our lessons and how to get out of Hell.  Great watch I don't want to give it away.

I have so many things going on.  This month I will be taking the next two Monday's off as I will be traveling.

Melaleuca is an amazing company my sister in law introduced me to.  I am reading up and learning new things about the products and the company.  If you are interested in becoming a customer please email me at  and I can get you information.  I can say I love the vitamins and the essential oils.  The skin care is great as well.  I would recommend their cleanser, toner and eye cream.  The workout bars Access are great for pre workout energy boost and fat burning.  Click here to go to the website.

I have some expos coming up in March and April.  I have them posted here on the blog pages.
Hope to see some of you there.

I am taking on distant students if you are interested in learning Reiki from me but not in the area.  Please email me.

Every 3rd Sunday night of the month we have a Mystic Monday group meeting.  If you are interested please email.  I will post the next date on the site so people can be updated and plan ahead.

OK let's get started.
Dates This Week:

Friday the 10th is the full moon.

Reading for the Week:

This week I chose a different deck of cards.  This week we are using the Ascended Masters Deck from Doreen Virtue.
When I shuffle the cards I am asking for the guidance for all who read this.

Purification:  Something about the situation needs purification.  Could be your motives or intent.  Look at your motives or intentions for the situation and make sure they hold no fear.  Fear will taint the out come.
This card could also be talking about your life style.  Look at the food food you are eating or the products you are using around your house or say even your skin care.

Yes:  Keep a positive mind set as all the door are opening for you right now.

Find the Blessing in Your Current Situation:
When you find a blessing in your situation you open the energy to more positive outcomes.  Every situation is a learning experience.  This card tells you there is a blessing that is going unrecognized in your current situation.

Detach from Drama:  This card tells us to step back and do not get caught up in the drama around us.  This is in the world around us ( the news) to our daily lives (friends and family).  I am practicing this by reminding people on my Facebook that I am not engaging in any politic talk and do not care to see it.  Detach, Detach, Detach.

Freedom:  Walk away from restrictions.  You have the freedom to walk away.  Your soul is crying out for freedom.

So there you go All.  Detox, Keep positive, find the Blessing, DETACH, and Freedom.

I will see you all back in a few weeks.
Have an amazing week all.

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