Monday, October 17, 2016

Folsom House Museum

Hi All,

This week was pretty busy for me.  Did everyone see the super moon on Saturday?  I so didn't remember it when I booked Becca and I at the Folsom House.  

Cards for the Week
I have changed decks once again and these are my Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.  I don't really use this deck much.  Something drew me to it today.
So card one is the Breaking Free card.  This card is about leaving any habits, patterns that you may be suck in or areas in your life you are not truly happy in.  Take the leap of faith and just get out of the hamster wheel.  
Be Honest with Yourself.  Is this truly what you would like in your life?  Time for a list of pros and cons.  It will only work if you are honest.
Raising Your Standards.  You have learned what it is you do not like or wish to have in your life.  Now it's time to raise the bar to attract what it is you would like to achieve or have come into your life.
Financial Flow.  This says you are tapped into the universal abundance.
Letting Go.  Stop trying to solve a problem or make a situation work.  Let it go and it will turn out as it should.  

I hope these card readings for the week are helping you get guidance for what could come your way.

Folsom House
Last week I put up some photos of Folsom House in Taylors Falls, MN.  Becca and I were invited back by Chad who runs the place to have a private session with the house and the ghost that are there. Here are some photos from this Saturday night.  We were also invited back for an late night early morning investigation as Chad has told us the place becomes more active as the night turns early morning. 
Now I do have a voice recorder I have yet to listen to so I hope I can figure out how to share what is on there if I find any evidence as I work my way through the recordings.
So here are some photos.  I will say we had flashlight interactions in the downstairs parlor and we had pendulum and card interactions upstairs in one of the bedrooms.  Oddly enough it was the bedroom that the hallway door, which creeps out Chad, opens to.

 Hallway leading up to the bedroom where we had activity with the pedulum and cards.   This hallway and door creeps out the manager of the property.  He feels like there is always someone standing there.

We started at 5pm.  This is a photo of the side of the house.  Look in the left window. 

These two photos were taken downstairs just off of the dining room.  I can't put my finger on what it is about the back corner but I felt like someone was sitting there the entire time watching us.
We did not get any activity in this room with the flashlight.

I will say there were areas all over the house where I was cold or felt a breeze. I was assured there was no way that could happen as the house was a museum and had temperature control and we were also told there is never any dust.  Keep that in mind as we look at orb photos.

 Card spread done with Becca.  She shuffled the cards every time she pulled one from the deck.  This is what came up.  I will try to upload the recording of this later this week.  In this room we did get the name Anne.  We believe she was an older woman connected to the family of the house.  Possibly a great aunt to the family.  In this room there was a new beginning with a couple who were newly weds.
This is the attic.  Now I did use a flash but there is a small orb in the lower middle of the post.  There is a lot of reflection going on off the metal duct work.

 This is the parlor two rooms.  In this area we had the most activity.  If you look right above the flame there is a small orb.  Now this could be from the flame however I've never seen something like this before.
 There is an orb on the ceiling in this room.  Right above the piano.  Now the window in the back became a focal point for us.  We have a picture of a man standing between the window and the table.
Again these two rooms gave us the most activity.  We had great flashlight interactions.  They didn't like women using swear words so we kept our language clean.  When we ask if it was because we were women the light went on for yes.

There is an orb on the top of the window.  On the white line above the second rectangle of glass.  I think I deleted the photo of the man....dang it!

Well that is all I have.  So more in December from this house.  We have been invited back for a wee hours stay.  

So here is video from after being at Folsom House.  We headed to the local bar.  Some bar we were at the last weekend and had discussed a video show of Two Drunk Psychics.  Now just know that we are never drunk when we work and we only have one drink after.  I am a huge believer that alcohol will lower your vibrations and allow anything to come at you and attempt to communicate so I do not drink while I read or do any metaphysical events.  After I only have one because alcohol can be a little stronger after doing energy work.  But the title sounded fun and really one drink is pretty good for relaxing after.
We have a video from after the visit that I will post as soon as I can figure out how to get it to download.  

No dates that are interesting this week.
Have an amazing week All,  I will try to get any EVPs uploaded this week
Blessings All,

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