Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What is a Medium?

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What the heck am I doing on a Wednesday? Well getting back to basics!
We are going to go over what a Medium or psychic is and how we get our information. Then we are going to start talking how you can build your skills and listen to your guides.

So what is a Medium? To me a medium and psychic are interchangeable. Psychic though tends to get me some nasty looks because of the bad press in the 80’s and 90’s with psychic networks and scams. A medium is someone who receives information from the other side via spirit guides. Okay, those are in my words and not an official definition.

How does one get information? Well information comes across from Spirit via guides or angels or crossed over loved ones. It can come in the form of hearing a voice, a feeling of just knowing the information, a feeling, a vision which could be a picture or a mini movie, or a smell. There have been times for me when touch comes into play. This happens when I’m out on an paranormal investigation and I feel a light touch and get information from that, most of the time it’s a feeling that accompanies a touch (for me anyway).

Cards and other tools for divination purposes do not need to be used to get a reading. Most of the time when I use Angel cards it’s not for me as much as they are for you to see. I may ask you to share information but I never pry for information. If you don’t believe in what I do or aren’t invested in the reading I will sometimes be able to tell as your guides will tell mine you’re not into what’s going on. This has happened to me more than once. I’ve seen a wall in front of a client and I’ve had to say “I’m sorry I can’t read for you because what I am seeing is a big brick wall which to me means…”  I’ve also had one person’s guide sit in front of the client and shake his head “No” as I heard the words “Bull Shit.”  The client was dragged to a party with a friend who wanted a reading and the client herself did the reading to be supportive to her friend, but thought that I was full of it. It’s okay.

When I read Angel cards I will have you pick 5 cards after you shuffle the deck and think of a question you’d like direction with. I will not ask for the question until we have gone through your cards and have discussed the information I have been given. During readings I usually get information via visions or hearing it. 

Now, if we are doing a healing session that’s different; I may get a vision here or there. Most of the information when I am healing comes from just knowing or hearing.
Hearing information was a hard skill for me to learn to trust because you hear your own voice in your mind. So then your ego plays the game of “you’re making it up and you don’t know what you’re talking about”. However, a medium friend of mine taught me this. “Always speak what spirit tells you and do not judge it because it’s not your information to own. It’s for your client.”  It’s a hard thing to do because you’re wondering if the person you are with is going to look at you like you are crazy and you have no clue if you are right without their feedback. This is a big trust thing.

I will say it’s okay to doubt the information but still speak it because no matter how crazy you think it is, your client will understand it.

Okay, now how are you going to build this skill of getting information? Can you?  Yes you can because we are all born with the ability to do this. It’s a skill just like riding a bike or throwing a football. Some of us are better than others but we can all do it.

The first step is practice. Keep it simple. Ask questions of your guides for information. Things like, okay I have this list of things to do what order should I do them in? Then do them the way you are guided to do even if it has you running across town and back. Why? Because maybe you’ll meet someone you haven’t seen in years.

How do you know your guides? Meditation and asking them to show themselves to you and then don’t be afraid to ask questions to confirm for you to build a trust. There is an awesome book on how to that helped me get to know my guides and establish that bond. I highly recommend reading and doing the exercises in the book “How to Meet and Work with Spirit Guides” By Ted Andrews. It’s not an expensive book and it is one you will keep as a reference and go back to when needed. I have had my copy for years and love it.

So there is a little basic information to get you going this week.

Have an amazing week and Blessings,

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