Monday, January 12, 2015

Let's talk Love

Hi All,

I have a blog to challenge your thinking today. Let’s talk about Love and returning to the spiritual beings we are. It sounds deep and it may even go there but, again this is just to challenge and get you moving in whatever direction it takes you.

We have talked about the other-side and my experience with communicating with the other-side. From all my experiences with readings for clients over the years and talking to their crossed over loved ones, the main message that comes across is that of unconditional love. 

We all have our spiritual support team that can look different ways depending on your spiritual upbringing. It can include Ascended Masters, Angels, Spirit Guides in human and or animal form, Gods and Goddesses, and so on. All however, have unconditional love in common. You will never be left alone know matter what it is you do. Your team will always offer you love and support. 

Crossed over loved ones have had in common the message that the other-side is all unconditional love. That love comes from the Source or God/Goddess you believe in. We need to remember this world we live in is a learning place and is not our soul’s true home. Our true home and state of being is with God and in love on the other-side. 

Another thing I have recently learned is, your soul group here on Earth that come into this life with you and your twin flame or soul mate help you with your lessons and keeping on track for learning love, giving and receiving, learning to love through forgiveness and banishing our fears through love. I am not saying everyone is here to learn just love. You have made your life chart on the other-side with your team as to what lessons you are going to learn to evolve your soul. But it seems to me that love is an underlying thing we are all moving towards learning and the different types of love there are.
Now since it’s a new year I have been doing research on myself and what can I use as tools to help me through this lesson of seeing situations and dealing with situations with love and coming from a heart energy instead of a heated emotional place or place of anger, which serves nothing.

Once again I have this nagging feeling to start reading A Course in Miracles since so many of my friends and fellow healers have read it. I’ve started this many times without success of getting through it, but I will try again because I am being nagged by a feeling there is something within it I need.

I have recently purchased “A Year of Miracles” by Marianne Williamson. This book has been a fresh look daily at how to bring love into your life and become closer to God or the Source. This book is wonderful and I look forward to picking it up daily.

So for this week I hope all that gets you thinking. Check out Mystic Monday’s Facebook page as I will be posting some articles there that should get you thinking more. Also, be one of our first 20 followers here on the new blog page and you could win a free 30 minute reading with me!

Until next week,
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