Thursday, April 13, 2017

Star People

Hi All,

Hayward this last weekend was interesting.  I was doing a Reiki session on a woman and it turned out to be super interesting.  When I closed my eyes and used my third eye to tune into her energy and guides, her energy was a bright white, the brightest I've experienced.  Than as I "looked" over directly in front of me stood only what I can describe as an alien being.  He had an oval head and long fingers and I knew he was her guide.  I heard "She is a Star person".  Know I have read about star people incarnating on our planet into human form just as many of us have incarnated life after life here. However, I have never run across anyone and really to me the idea was a little far fetched.  ( I know right) 

According to Doreen Virtue's Earth Angle book, which by the way was the first place I had read about different incarnations and beings that incarnate here on Earth, Star people are on Earth to spread kindness and do so by not being noticed  for it as they do not like to call attention to themselves.  These people come from all over the universe.  Earth as you know is one of the hardest planets one can incarnate to.   The lessons here can be the hardest we write for ourselves.    i

So this week's blog not a lot of information but something I wanted to share because things we do not know of really are out there.  Sometimes we are lucky enough to be shown them just to remind us to believe. 

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