Sunday, April 30, 2017

Happy May Day! Happy Beltane!

Hi All,
The layout of this is so not cooperating with me today so I apologize if it looks funny.

Today if course is Beltane so find some time to get your ritual in. 
Friday is Cinco de Mayo.  Party to start the weekend.

This weekend I was at and expo and met some amazing people.
There was a theme going on this weekend with the people I say and it all pointed to working on our lessons to move on so that we can evolve spiritually and work through out well, crap.  lol.
It is never our place to judge what other people are going through.  Although I understand and am guilty of doing so because we are all human after all and it is what we do.  I had one person come to my table this weekend who taught me that lesson.  She was a very strong woman learning the lesson of self love and how to love unconditionally in a very difficult situation.  She was doing amazing work on herself and the person she is going through life with at this point and time.  I was in awe of her courage, strength and determination. 

Lesson number 2 came over and we both had our eyes open to unconditional love with healing work for the soul and past life self past life healing work.  A very difficult lesson to learn to fill a past life self up with love when the person may not be so lovable. 

So what does this all mean?  Why did I share? 
We are all here to master our lessons and from my work with people their crossed over loves ones the messages from the otherside are always about unconditional love.  The one thing we need to make peace with is that love comes from our source our higher power.  We have to first accept that and then accept that we need to love ourselves and have respect for ourselves first before we can have love for others.  These steps are not always easy to learn and sometime we may have gotten it only to forget it.  We can so this with working on ourselves through meditation or prayer, reading books, articles and going to classes that a line with what it is we would like to gain. 
It is for you to figure out what the best way is for you to get your home work here done.  Ask for help when you need it.  Your spirit team is always with you to guide you and give you the support you need or help you find someone to help you on your way.

I am currently booking parties for the summer, June is petty full and July is limited.  Please email or call soon for information or booking a date.  I will also be posting email or fb messaging prices for asking questions and getting a reading through that avenue.  I am also taking on Reiki students if you are interested in learning Reiki please drop me a line.  Keep checking out the facebook page and the blog site for information to what is being offered and when.

I am also working on the rewrite of Mystic Monday the book so I will keep you posted.
Good luck.
Blessings All,

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