Monday, December 5, 2016

Reading of the Week

Hi All,

There are no dates this week to discuss.

Reading for the Week:

This week I figured we would change things up a bit and use the Fairies Deck.

Visualization:  Visualization is a tool of manifestation.  The fairies ask you to spend a few minutes a day visualizing yourself happy, healthy and living in abundance.

Trust Your Intuition:  This card is telling you to pay attention to your gut feelings.  If you feel you need to be somewhere or if you have the urge to call someone.  Follow that guidance and do so.

Problem Resolved:   A problem you have been working on is coming to terms.  You will soon have feelings that the issue has been healed that the universe has worked out the solution.

Kick Up Your Heals:  This is a time for celebration.

Body Movement:  In short get off the couch and out of your routine and move your body.  Do some cardio, life some weights, take a yoga or dance class.

So this week another pretty positive reading.  All about learning to trust your higher-self and the universe or higher power.

The Monday before Christmas will be the last Mysic Monday until after the holidays.

Have a great week.
Blessings All,

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