Monday, December 12, 2016

Last Blog of the Year

Hi All,
I have so much going on around the holidays that this is going to be the last blog until after New Years.

Dates to get you to 2017:
 Tuesday this week it the Full Moon.  Do your rituals.
YUCK!  Monday the 19th Mercury goes into retrograde until January 8th!  UH. 
December 21st is Winter Solstice/Yule
December 22nd Thursday Celtic Tree Month of Elder ends
December 24th Christmas Eve Celtic Tree Month of Birch begins
December 25th  Christmas Day and Hanukkah begins.
December 29th is the New Moon
January 1 New Years!

Reading of the Week:

This week I used Healing with the Fairies Deck.

Look Inside Yourself:  All that you seek is found within yourself.  Spend time in meditation or quiet time so that you can listen to your inner voice that will help you find your answers.

Financial Flow:  Your finances will be moving up a level.  All your hard work manifesting has paid off.

Parenting and Children:  By drawing this card you are asked to fess up to any hurt feelings with a family member and make it right.  If you are the one hurt speak your truth so you can heal.

Trust Your Intuition:  The hardest thing is to trust your gut feeling sometimes.  But this card is telling you to do just that.  Now is not the time to ignore your gut feelings, your nagging inner voice or however your intuition gets you to pay attention.  Act on what you are being told or guided to do.

Raise Your Standards:  You are worth so much more and deserve so much more than you are currently living or doing.  Raise the bar.  Manifest what it is you desire in your life and you shall not be disappointed.  

That is it for this week and this year.  Thank you all for an amazing year with Mystic Monday.  I am currently working with the group, some students and a re-write of the book.  
Stay tuned to find out what the new year will bring.
Happy Holidays!  Merry Christmas! Happy Yule! Happy New Year!
Blessings All see you back in 2017!

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