Monday, June 13, 2016

Pet Healings

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I wanted to start with a date.  June 14, 1777 the day America adopted our flag.  June 14th is flag day and falls on Tuesday.  This link will give you some great tidbits about flag day.

Next Monday is Summer Solstice.  Time to start thinking of how to celebrate that day!  More on that next Monday.

Pet Reiki and Energy Healings

You know we take care of ourselves and our energy but did you ever stop to think of your pet's energy and how that can affect his or her health?

When I first became attuned to Reiki level l and ll, I was married and we had two dogs.  One a black lab and one a boarder collie.  As I was going through nightly and doing self treatments I noticed the lab would come into the room when she heard my meditation music playing.  A few nights went by and she ended up laying half in my lap to soak up the Reiki energy that I was channeling for myself.  I figured since she was so open to the energy why not hover my hands over her and let the energy flow and pretty soon I was guided to pull energy out of her and push energy just as I would working on a client.  She became my energy  Now, my border collie, not so much.  She to this day doesn't seem to care for Reiki.  She will stay around when I'm working self sessions but really shows no interest what-so-ever.  If I beam Reiki to her she will get up and walk out of the room.

Now, I will be honest I haven't worked on animals as much as I could.  The opportunity of working Reiki with animals has not presented its self to me.

If you are going to work with a pet introduce the pet to the idea of Reiki or energy healing first.  This can be done with you doing self treatments as you sit on the floor or in an area the pet can access you easily.  I started with a simple body scan and then stopped at a blocked area and channeled energy and when that was accepted, tried a full body session with my hands over my dog as I would a client.

Another technique you can try is beaming.  Beaming energy is pretty simple.  You can do this by sitting with your palms up and just opening the flow of energy to the room or you can actually point your palms to the area you want the energy to flow to.  So if your pet is laying in the corner of the room you can face your palms toward the dog and visualize Reiki leaving your hands and entering your pet through the crown chakra and traveling down the body and leaving through the feet and into mother earth.

Now, you can get pretty into this if your animal cooperates and you can even use stone grids and channel energy as your pet lays there and just accepts it.  It all depends on your pet.

For fish, I would draw Reiki symbols into the water or hold my hands above the water to channel energy to the fish directly.  Hey don't laugh, goldfish like energy too!

I have not yet worked much with cats.  My little girl as been attuned to level l.  She is in the check-it-out stage when I am meditating or doing a self treatment.

So experiment with your animals.  I have also learned I can read an animals energy with a photo and do a distance healing as well.  You can also ask your pet's guides for help and go that route if need be. I have been working with my border collie via my guides and she's been OK with this.

Plants can benefit as well.  I Reiki the water I use for my plants.  When I pot plants I Reiki a stone that stays in the soil and I Reiki the pot the plant will call home. I also keep crystals around and they seem to like the oils I burn.

So I guess the theme for today is treat the living things around you as you would yourself.  If your pets accept energy such as healing touch, aromatherapy, Reiki and such, why not use it.

If you have questions on how to get started drop me an email and I'd be glad to get you pointed in the right direction.

Next weekend I will be in Hayward on a Ghost Investigation adventure.

Until then have an amazing week.
Blessings All,

PS here are some links to some great information on pet chakras.

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