Monday, June 27, 2016

Ghost Investigations

Hi All,
There is nothing special coming up for dates this week.  So we will jump right in and start with what happened on our ghost investigation of some islands on the Chippewa Flowage.    My friend Tony was kind enough to get a pontoon for the adventure and be our guide to the three islands we went to.  I should say that I grew up taking family trips to the flowage as a kid but never really went that far from our side of the chain of lakes.  Tony took us to the other side of the chain and introduced us to some beginning history of the area that I would love to explore a little more.

Our day started at the R & R Bayveiw Resort to have an amazing breakfast cooked by Tony's wife.  Highly recommend stopping there for breakfast if you are in the Hayward area, you won't be disappointed but make sure you are very hungry as it will be hard to finish your plate. :) 
After a huge breakfast we all ventured off to the pontoon and set out on the flowage to the first island.  Ghost Island. 

Once on Ghost Island, I felt a lot of earth energy.  More of the fairy energy and nature spirits here.  I didn't really feel or have any interaction with any earth bound spirits.  Now that's not to say there is or isn't any there.  I was only on the island a brief time.  I do have voice recordings to go through yet as well.

The next island on our stop was Graveyard Island.  Again I apologize for the lack of history about the island.  So from what I understand Graveyard island was once a burial ground for the are tribe.  When the flowage wasn't there it was once a hill and from what little I know they exhumed the graves.  Now you CANNOT go on the island and there are signs posted but you can be in the water just off shore.  We respected the area and stayed close to the boat.  But I had to take a step up onto the island just to get a feel of what could have been there.  I would love to find the person in charge and get permission to go out and learn the history of the island and look around. 
When we got close to the island I had this feeling of someone watching us.  I felt like there were a few people (men) watching us pull up to shore and they kept pacing the shore line.  We beached the pontoon and walked in the water so I could snap pictures.  I did step on the island for a few seconds and I honestly couldn't stay on it if I wanted to, as my chest got real heavy like someone was pushing all the air out of my lungs so I couldn't breathe.  Once I stepped back into the water, breathing was normal and I felt fine.  I wanted to test it out so I did step one more time on the island and again could not breathe as soon as my feet were both on soil.  So back into the water I went and stayed.  The entire time, which wasn't too long that we were out around the island, I couldn't shake the feeling that we were being watched.

Again, please respect the land and the signs posted.  Get permission to be on the property if you want to go out on the island.

Our last stop was Darrow Island.  Very peaceful.  We stayed close to the boat but I was able to find a area under some trees which I felt some more nature energies.  On this island I also felt like we were being watched.  I wasn't able to pick up on any earth bound spirits but again my time was limited so that doesn't mean there aren't any there.  I look forward to going back and spending more time there.

My dragonfly hitch hiker.

All and all we had a great time going out with awesome friends.  We even saw some bald eagles.
Have an amazing week everyone.
Blessings All,

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